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How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Are you struggling to increase your conversion and website traffic, but your site lags in the search option? No more worries, as we are here to evade all these mega publishers and then achieve the results in the shortest time possible. If you need a solution, find it in our article on how to find Long Tail Keywords.

For a very long time, many people have simply been banging around the term Long Tail Keywords. While it is hard to rank using competitive phrases, especially when you have a new website, things can be simpler sometimes when you understand what it takes.

With the commitment and having a goal, then couple it with the use of the less competitive long-tail keyword, you can have the answer. When working on an article for your site, the taxonomy in the keyword must comprise narrow and broad terms.

Before we proceed, the SEO strategy matters for the marketing, and you must understand that here, Long Tail keywords also matter. More on how to use it in the next section.

Otherwise, our article today will take you through how to find the Long Tail Keywords and use them in the niche marketing campaign. Keep reading along and find out, but first of all, we need to define the Long Tail Keywords and what it comprises.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords

If you are ready to beat the mega publishers and attain the result, you need to start by understanding what the Long Tail Keywords are. Therefore, the Long Tail Keywords is a phrase that specifically targets a particular issue. In simple terms, these are specific search queries with a low search volume in most cases.

Even though these words are less often used, they count for an extensive search percentage to a website when put together. For instance, when you go to the google search and type in a sneaker, it will give you a different search than searching for ‘ the top 320 sneaker sites in 2022’, which will be more specific to the search queries. That is what we intend to cover today in our article.

Going back, the long tail phrase was first used to describe a specific phenomenon where the niche products such as amazon accounted for when it comes to the best seller of the long tail. In reality, it refers to the tail, for instance, of a kangaroo that appears at the end of a curve where the head of a kangaroo represents a broader topic like sneakers. In contrast, the tail goes to the specific variety of the longer keywords.

In short, the Long Tail Keywords consist of more words as opposed to the general words. It is not about the phrase but what we are trying to put across is the search volumes. When you achieve higher search volume, you need to use the lower keyword variation with specific intent.

To this far, you must be asking why to use the Long Tail Keywords. Let us find out.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords overview

There are plenty of reasons why you need Long Tail Keywords. The first thing you need to understand is that keywords and traffic are not the principal critical factor in the search volumes. To make it clear, let us go through the main reason why you need the Long Tail Keywords:

  • Reduced Competition

Reduced competition

Ranking on the website using the short terms keywords is challenging. But when it comes to the long tail keywords. This is because the Long Tail Keywords are less competitive. Specific keywords have enormous competition, which needs your time and effort to beat the leaders on the market.

However, with the long tail keywords like the top 25 famous TikToker then, you will have a more robust and higher chance of ranking higher on the google search. This does not just save you time but also money.

Because of the stiff competition with the short tail keywords, it becomes challenging to rank where only the highest authority site can sue them to rank on the google search page.

  • High Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

The research indicates that conversion using Long Tail Keywords is roughly 2.5 times higher than the conversion with short tail keywords. This is because when people search on google with a specific phrase, it indicates that they know exactly what they are looking for. This means they will likely decide and purchase from the targeted site.

The Long keywords increase conversion because this reflects the person’s true intentions online. We generally refer to this as the targeted traffic to the site.

  • Low Cost Per Click

low cost per click

Lower cost per click means that it is less expensive PPC advertising. This is because, with the long tail keywords, you can have google ads to get the high band on the adverts. Another thing is that short-term keywords do not convert well as opposed to the low-volume keywords, which seem to be super targeted, indicating that high conversion rate.

Low CPC is not all about the organic traffic but rather the paid traffic. It is hard to focus on long tail keywords manually. Thus, fewer people use them, making the great deals less expensive than the head keywords.

The only disadvantage sog using long-tail keywords is the fact that you need several to rank higher; the more the Long Tail Keywords, the more traffic you get.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

You must be wondering where to find the Long Tail Keywords. So, in this section, we will take you through some other tips on how to get the Long Tail Keywords:

  • Use Google Suggest

Google Suggest

This is the best source of long-tail keywords. It is simple as you only need to start typing the primary keyword to the google search and then access the variation of the searches suggested for you. in the results, you will have plenty of the suggestions that most people are looking for google. The suggestion, though, should not inspire faith. It is a good source of content for the website.

  • Search Through the Q&A Section

Search through the Q&A section

The question and answers sites are some of the good sources of the keywords or long tail keyword variations. Such sites include LinkedIn answers, Yahoo answers, quora,, or Asnkvlle by amazon.

Questions from such sites are good long-tail keywords because it is o true that people online are looking for answers to these questions. Though you must be willing to conduct a little research on the questions so that you get the correct search volume to have a better place in the competition.

  • Mine the Analytic

Mine the analytic

Mining your analytics will give you most of the long-tail keywords and phrases, which can help you generate traffic to the website. Use the keywords referrer to get the long tail keywords and queries that can hl you drive the traffic.

The good thing with this method is that the keywords you generate here from the analytics are related to your business which means they will drive traffic with a high conversion rate. Some find it hard to use this method, but it is so simple in reality. Head to the Long Tail Keywords of your private store, access the analytics, and search for the organic keyword referer.

Here you can use the traffic source, click sources, search from the option and lastly, tap on organic, which falls under google analytics. Then scan the terms, generate the long-term keywords, turn them into content and expect something extraordinary from the search results and traffic flow.

  • Mine the Search Query Report

Always remember to use the search query report, primarily when operating the PPC campaign using AD Words.. just like google analytics, the search query report can also be a good source of SEO. Reports include the search query, which made the targeted people in a campaign click on the ads.

This will help you generate organic traffic. You can also access the report under google and find out which keywords gave you the high conversion other than traffic. It is more important to focus on more converting keywords as opposed to the traffic.

  • Search eHow

Search e-How

The sites such as eHow are the best for getting the long tail keywords variations and keywords fueled by keyword research. These sites depend on a specific algorithm to generate the Long Tail Keywords. When you use these keywords, you are guaranteed to rank higher as long as you generate these hyper-targeted content for your site.

This site will also teach you how to get good content and play with algorithms regarding keyword tips. Get the keywords to form the site and generate good content, which will, in the long run, make you outrank any other content farms on the internet.

  • Use Google People Also Ask

This is the easiest way to generate content ideas. When searching, you need to find out the results on the people also ask section and analyze it. The questions displayed under that area are popular, and most people are searching for them on google. Open those questions when you need to reveal the best answers to the questions. The more you open the question, the more you get to access additional questions surfacing.

Use the question on the area, turn it into the tree format, and visualize the information. For this case, you will need to use the SEO minion tool to extract the information. Analyze the questions, generate the keyword using keywords everywhere website and develop the perfect content to generate traffic to your website around the long tail keywords.

  • Use Keyword Gap Analysis Tools

Use keyword Gap Analysis Tools

These are also tools that are relevant in this case. They mostly base their search using a competitor content gap. The tools help you uncover multiple content opportunities, which you might have been assuming for so long. when you evaluate a competitor, it becomes easy to get the keywords you can use o get the targeted traffic.

Learn how these competitors use the terms. The list of keywords you get will help you get or generate the Long Tail Keywords variations, then work on content around the area to help you rank high.

The keyword gap analysis tools are such as Semrush and Keywords Everywhere. They are essential because they can help you identify the question your target audience is searching for, think of valuable keywords faster, determine the current keywords on a site, and many more.

  • Obtain from Wikipedia

Obtain from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most optimized sites online. There is a lot you can obtain from Wikipedia for optimization. So, when you are working on research with a general keyword, then try checking out the term on Wikipedia. Most headings you obtain from Wikipedia are likely long-tail. Also, the search page control that is control-F can give you the primary keywords so you can get to know the variations available on the page.

  • Obtain from Competitors

Obtain from competitors

In most cases, Wikipedia is ranked competitor, especially for informational queries. If you are after a keyword term, try finding out from the competitors using head and the mid-tail terms you need to rank with. Then check out eh variations from different pages among the top 10 spots on the search.

  • Google-Related Search

Though it works with the same principle as the first search query, the suggestion or the related searches, in this case, are always found beneath the SERP beneath the organic search result page. This section will give you more suggestions, but some are personalized based on the location.

  • Utilize Multiple Keyword Research Tools

Utilize multiple keyword research tools

When you are fond of only using s single research tool while performing online research, be informed that you are running short and missing out on many Long Tail Keywords on the internet. These tools are essential to give you a start, but for the detailed options, you need more advanced tools, such as workstream, which is a keyword tool and guarantees you multiple typical keywords.

Another excellent example of the device is the Google trend, and social media tools are also perfect keyword search tools to consult when it comes o long tail keywords.

How to Get the Long Tail Keywords from the World?

Get the Long Tail Keywords from the World

From the locations, try to image the list of the long tail keywords you can get upon revealing the search results. Then try to assume that you have unlocked all the long tail keywords not just within your location but around the World.

The answer will take you to the excellent high-quality organic Internet traffic, which in the long run, helps you increase the conversion rate on your site. This is not just a dream, but it can be possible. But you must reveal and unblock all the long-tail keywords around the ord is the proxies.

With relevant proxy providers such as Bright Data, SOAX, and Smartproxy, you can mask your local IP address so that you do not have access to the keywords limited to your locations. You can be in Africa but get to access the long tail keywords from the Philippines.

The most efficient method to utilize the proxies is to get the browser extension such s chrome or firefox, which you can get from a proxy company such as smart proxy. The software can easily hide the local IP address and allow you to browse sites without geo-location restrictions anonymously. And access localized ads. However, you need to select the right proxy provider to achieve this.

Head to the chrome web store, search for the smart proxy, and, after that, select the extension. Immediately you add it to your browser, and you can then proceed to select the targeted country instantly to get a new IP address.

And above all, we encourage you to use the chrome extension because it is simple to use and set up the proxies. There is no need to have the technical skills to operate it and if you are a newbie in the field, consider getting the tutorial on how to use the smartproxy chrome extension.

Though Google is very challenging, especially when you send multiple requests in a short period from a single IP address, however, you can easily avoid such restrictions and evade the captchas by rotating the IP addresses. For this case, the extension alone won’t be enough to handle the pressure; you need u]to up the skills and consider coding here.

That should not worry you as well because, with the smartproxy, you have access to the search engine proxies which work best for this case. as long as you have specified the keywords. The smart proxy will, in turn, present the well-represented information on time.

Tips to Use Long Tail Keywords

Looks tiresome or challenging to find the loin tail keywords? That is just half of the battle you are fighting. Carry on once you select the keywords for your page. To make things work effectively, you must have some SEO  tips, particularly on the Long Tail Keywords. Here we go:-

  • Utilize the keywords naturally

Utilize the keywords naturally

Though sometimes, Long Tail Keywords are clunky and long, they are vital. Some people fin dit hard to use the Long Tail Keywords in a sentence naturally. This is where you need to be creative and try adjusting the keywords to ensure that you are not forcing the keyword to the wrong place. This is because everybody values usability as well as the readability of a page. Stay natural throughout.

  • Strategically places the keywords

Strategically places the keywords

Consider including the Long Tail Keywords on the page title, subheaders, and even on the headers where possible. Ensure that you include the long tail keywords in the first paragraph and, more specifically, in the first sentence.

  •  Consider the intention of the users’ search

Consider the intention of the users' search

It is not just enough to add the Long Tail Keywords to the site is not enough. If you need the page to even rank high on google, then ensure that the content you provide matches the intention f the search for the keywords. Here, Smrush makes everything easy as it gives you the search intent of any question. Hence giving the reader what exactly they need on the internet


In a successful SEO campaign online, keyword research is the basis of everything. Therefore, Long Tail Keywords are perfect for the new page to rank high when you do not have high authority as opposed to the short tail keywords.

In our article, we have covered various methods to find the long tail keywords, shared tips on how to use them, and many more things. Thus, when finding it hard to rank high using the keywords, consider using Long Tail Keywords as they are less competitive. Switch your focus today and start a new journey.


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