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How To Bypass Disney Circle

Circle with Disney uses many hackers techniques but in reverse, and the result is the most effective parental control device on the market.

Because it is so effective, many countless disgruntled teens are set limits and restrictions of what they can and can’t do online. Reddit streams and sub-Reddits are complaining about how to get around these restrictions. (Read How to Watch Disney Plus Online Outside of the US)

The truth is that it is much easier to circumvent restrictions in place than many think.

Here, you can read all you need to know about getting around the restrictions of what many are calling the “Demon Box.”

How to Bypass Circle with Disney Quick Guide

  1. Select one of our recommendations for VPNs, which have features and are powerful enough to bypass Circle with Disney.
  2. Install the VPN, login, and change the VPN server to outside your home network
  3. Open your web browser and enjoy free internet

What is Circle with Disney?

Disney Circle is a parental control and monitoring platform, which comes with a variety of devices and services to make up the Disney internet filter.

It can come as a bundle with some routers. However, you can purchase additional physical boxes from Circle or third-party retailers, giving access to the platform if you already have an internet router and do not wish to change your internet service provider.

Circle connects to your home Wi-Fi network, and the Circle app provides the same monitoring, parental controls, and the ability to report on the online activity as is baked in other Circle with Disney alternatives and Circle-enabled devices.

The system is smart since it does this for all the appliances you have in your home individually. For instance, it may assign each device different, user-specific limits.

Just as with the Nintendo Switch’s Parental Controls, parents can control using the Circle app on their phone, and it can send text messages when any limits are exceeded.

Parents can use Circle to control certain devices in the home, like those used mainly by their children, with no impact or restriction on internet access of the parent’s gadgets, and bypassing Circle restrictions they have set.

How to Bypass Circle with Disney using a VPN

It is straightforward to bypass Circle restrictions. All you need is to head to one of the web pages of the VPNs below.

  1. Head to the signup page from our recommended VPNs.
  2. Pick your plan and then select the payment method. Both of these VPN’s come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test them risk-free to see if they can bypass Circle without detection.
  3. Download the client app onto your device and then log in using the credentials you received in your confirmation email.
  4. Inside the app, select a server in another country or the recommended server. What this does is change your IP address.
  5. Connect with your browser, the device won’t recognize the IP, and you can bypass and get around the limits of the device.

The VPN’s here are the best at what they do, which is unblocking. The apps are easy to use, and you can get around the limits and bypass Circle in a couple of minutes.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN takes the top spot as the best VPN unblocker out of any. It blends high download speeds, 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, and perfect forward secrecy, thus delivering the best and safest online experience possible.

It covers 94 different countries with over 3,100 servers, and the plug and play option guarantees security and anonymity. You will find the ease of use, and the VPN can quickly bypass Disney Circle restrictions and allow you to get back to the internet for streaming or torrenting.

For security, ExpressVPN comes with a zero traffic-log policy, and they have headquarters in the British Virgin Isles, so there are no worries of mandatory government data retention of information. (Read ExpressVPN Review)

All apps come with a kill switch to protect your connection in the event of a VPN connection loss. Client apps support Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and some Wi-Fi routers.

You can also install the MediaStreamer service, which allows you to stream and bypass Circle restrictions on devices that don’t have a native app. Customer service is the best in the industry and 24/7 with live chat.

Once you bypass Circle from Disney, you will find the unblocking carries on, and ExpressVPN enables access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Prime Video, and HBO Max, among many others, depending on where you reside.


  • Best in class unblocking features
  • Fast for buffer-free streaming
  • Leading privacy and security features
  • An extensive network of optimized VPN servers
  • Live chat 24/7 customer support


  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Limited advanced configuration settings

2. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN service offers one of the best VPN unblocking solutions with its many built in features. With obfuscated servers and camouflage mode, it can quickly make light work of bypassing Disney Circle restrictions.

The VPN offers fast, secure access to the internet thanks to IKEv2 and 256-bit AES encryption.

It comes with a kill switch, perfect forward secrecy, and DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak protection.

It offers split tunneling, so you can send some of your device connection traffic via Disney Circle while accessing the restricted content through the VPN.

Surfshark has over 1,700 VPN servers and covers more than 60 countries. With their primary location in the BVI, there are no data retention laws, and they have a third-party audit to prove they stick to their zero-logging policy. (Read Surfshark Review)

Once you bypass Circle, you can find streaming and P2P file sharing across all the servers, and it comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Surfshark allows unlimited device connections and has apps for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux with a few routers. It also comes with the CleanWeb feature, which is an adblocker, tracker, and malware prevention for added security.


  • Great unblocking features
  • Unblocks 17 Netflix libraries
  • Unlimited device connections and total bandwidth
  • Excellent security with adblocker, tracking, and malware protection


  • Small server network
  • Can suffer some slowdowns on servers


Q. What does circle by Disney do?

Here you can find a list of things that Disney Circle can do while on your home network.

Block website access: Circle is powerful enough to block individual websites. You can limit access based on categories like an adult or online gaming site, among others.

Limit app use: Circle can restrict app use that is installed on devices. Parents can block YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram.

Tracking & reporting activity: Circle creates reports of all internet activity, and can show which apps were in use and which sites were visited.

Set’s time limits: In the Circle parental controls, they can set schedules for when and how long any child can use the internet. If any limit is reached, then the Circle device stops everything from working. Parents can extend the time if they wish.

Content filter: If using Google to search for rights reserved content, then some results may not show in the browser, and the person using the Circle device wouldn’t know. It may also suggest content from Disney movies in search results if parents add that to the settings.

Send notifications: If there is any suspicious activity or rights reserved content is seen, or a child hits their time limits, then parents are sent notifications.

Control separate devices: Circle with Disney will be able to control each device as a separate entity. In use, this means certain restrictions can be set on to laptops, desktops, or a mobile device. You can even set it to spot VPN use or changes in the device mac address.

Q. Is Disney circle free?

No, you can find there is a 3-month subscription at $69, a 12-month subscription for $129, and a lifetime subscription for $299 (device included)

Q. Is there a monthly fee for Disney circle?

While you can download a free version, this lets you filter, check usage, and have a history. If you wish to subscribe to the full package separately, the monthly cost is $9.99.

The Circle device without any additional features is around $60.00 as a one-off payment.

Q. Does Circle Track Private Browsing?

Since Circle resides on your network, it manages all outgoing traffic. The “Incognito” mode or a private browsing tab does not stop Circle with Disney from handling all of that traffic. Besides traffic management, you will receive usage and history reports of online activity and internet access.

Circle keeps track of all navigation from each child’s device unless otherwise specified.

What’s the bottom line?

No matter what device you have, you will find these VPNs can perform admirably as they bypass Circle with Disney. Besides this, they can even help you Watch Disney Plus online when you are in areas that streaming access is restricted, such as school.

Testing either with the month refund window, and you can see there are more reasons to use a VPN than not.


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