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How to Back up iPhone with Broken Screen? [2023 Guide]

How to Back up iPhone with Broken Screen

Is your iPhone’s display so shattered that you can’t see what it displays or use the touchscreen? Unfortunately, most of us don’t back up our phones until we’re about to lose data on them. Here is a guide on how to back up iPhone with a broken screen before it’s repaired or replaced.

After having your iPhone screen shattered, the worst thing is to realize that you dont have a recent backup of your important data. Now that you must fix your phone, you will be lucky to find all of your data intact after the repair, but neither Apple nor a third-party repair shop can promise that. Therefore, it is recommended that you first create a backup copy of your data. Remember, it’s only possible if your iPhone is responsive; if not, repair or replace it. Here I’ll explain how to back up iPhone with broken screen, but first, here are the requirements.

What You Need to Back Up iPhone with a Broken Screen

iPhone with Broken Screen

Is your iPhone’s screen broken to the point where you can no longer access the touch screen feature, navigate or even see what is displayed? Don’t fret; it’s still possible to back up data from an Iphone with a broken screen. All you need is to focus on the workarounds below to aid you in navigating through your phone.

1. Face ID or Touch ID

Remember that you won’t be able to back up your phone if you can’t unlock it. Secondly, keep your iPhone from shutting off at all costs. If it does, you won’t be able to use Touch ID or Face ID until you enter your password first, which is not doable with a broken screen.

2. Siri

Siri is more helpful now that the screen is broken. It will make it simpler for you to navigate to the settings and options you require to back up your phone.

3. VoiceOver

If you can’t see what is displayed on your iPhone, you may listen via VoiceOver. All you need is to activate the VoiceOver accessibility feature. But how do you activate the VoiceOver feature with a broken screen? Ask “Siri” to activate the VoiceOver!

4. USB Keyboard

If your phone doesn’t have a functional touch screen, a USB keyboard can help you navigate menus and enter data. You must unlock your phone with Face ID or Touch ID to use the keyboard unless you had adjusted the settings beforehand. Once VoiceOver is turned on, you can use the keyboard by pressing the following combinations:

  • Windows keyboard layout: Ctrl-Alt-Space
  • Mac keyboard layout: Control-Option-Space

5. Bluetooth Keyboard

Connecting could be challenging unless you had linked the keyboard before the incident. To pair the devices, you’ll need to use a USB keyboard; after that, you may unplug the USB keyboard and use the Bluetooth keyboard. You’ll need to use the Lightning port to back up your iPhone to a computer; therefore, a Bluetooth keyboard is a must-have.

With that said, let’s dive into different procedures for Backing up iPhone with a Broken screen.

How To Backup An iPhone With a Broken Responsive Screen

Even if your screen is functioning correctly but is broken, we advocate that you replace it as soon as possible. Here are two procedures:

Method 1: Use The Standard iPhone Method.

First, ensure that you are connected to the internet, and then do this:

Step 1: Select “Settings” from your iPhone’s main menu.

Apple ID and iCloud from the menu

Step 2: Choose “Apple ID” and “iCloud” from the menu.


Step 3: Navigate to “iCloud Backup.

Back Up now

Step 4: Finally, select “Back Up now.

with that, your data is saved; the sole thing which can stop you from backing up to iCloud is running out of space.

Method 2: Use iTunes

Do you have a trusted Mac computer to use iTunes for backup? So, if this is your first time syncing your iPhone with that PC, you’ll need to go through the pairing process. Tap the “Trust” button on your iPhone’s “Trust This Computer” pop-up message to pair the devices.

Do this:

Step 1: Get yourself a USB cord and hook up your iPhone to your Mac.

Step 2: Launch iTunes on your Mac.

Step 3: At the top of the screen, where it says “Devices,” select your iPhone.

Step 4: Select “Summary” from the menu on the left.

Step 5: Navigate to the “Backups” section.

Step 6: Select “This computer.”‘

Back up now mac

Step 7: Tap on “Back up now.

Step 8: Select “Done.”

Since backing up can take time, keep your computer on during the backup period.

How To Backup An Iphone With An Unresponsive Broken Screen

Here are two methods:

Method 1: Back Up to iCloud via USB Keyboard

Let’s start with the requirements for the process:

  • USB Keyboard
  • Access to a WiFi connection
  • A Lightning to USB adaptor
  • An iCloud account.

Do this:

Step 1: Use Touch ID or Face ID to access your phone.

Step 2: Request Siri to turn on VoiceOver.

Step 3: Connect the iPhone to the USB keyboard through the Lightning to USB adapter.

Step 4: Command Siri to access your iCloud settings.

Step 5: The “Apple ID” option is now chosen. To access iCloud Backup, click the Right arrow key 22 times. With the VoiceOver, “each entry shall be read as you navigate.”

Step 6: You will now access the iCloud Backup menu by pressing (Control+Option+Space on a Mac) or (Ctrl+Alt+Space).

Step 7: Make three clicks on the Right arrow key to confirm if your “iCloud Backup is on or off” If it’s off, press (Control+Option+Space on a Mac) or (Ctrl+Alt+Space) to turn it on.

Step 8: To Select “Back Up Now,” press (Control+Option+Space on a Mac) or (Ctrl+Alt+Space) after pressing the right arrow key twice.

Step 9: You can’t see the process, but by clicking the Right cursor key, you can have VoiceOver read it.

Step 10: After completing a successful backup, VoiceOver will announce the last backup’s time when you choose it using the cursor keys.

Method 2: Back Up Your Computer via Bluetooth USB and Keyboards.


  • A Bluetooth keyboard.
  • A USB keyboard.
  • A computer (PC or Mac ).
  • A Lightning to USB adaptor.

Do this:

This is easy if you’ve ever hooked your phone to your computer. However, it’s more complex than our other solutions if you still need to.

Step 1: To begin, unlock your phone with Touch ID or Face ID and tell Siri to “enable VoiceOver.” Plug your keyboard into your phone’s Lightning-to-USB adapter.

Step 2: Ask Siri to open Bluetooth settings and then to “turn Bluetooth on.

Step 3: Press the Right cursor key using the USB keyboard until you reach the desired keyboard at the end of the list (you’ll know when you’ve reached the end by listening to VoiceOver’s audio).

Step 4: Click on (Control+Option+Space on a Mac) or (Ctrl+Alt+Space)to link the devices.

Step 5: Select the Trust buttonwith two presses of the Right cursor key, then tap it with (Control+Option+Space on a Mac) or (Ctrl+Alt+Space).

Step 6: Verify your decision by entering your phone’s PIN or password into the computer.

Now back up your iPhone to your computer via Finder: here’s the process:

Step 1: Launch Finder and choose “iPhone” from the list of devices on the left.

Step 2: Ensure that “Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac” is chosen under Backups. Then you may start the backup process by pressing the Sync 

Step 3: Connect your iPhone and select the Restore iPhone option to use the backup after repair.

In case you just replaced your broken screen, to avoid all this hustle of backing up an iPhone with a broken screen, set automatic backup; read on.

Instructions On How To Set Up Automatic iPhone Backups.

Do this:

Step 1: Select “Settings” from the main menu.

Step 2: Choose “Apple ID” and “iCloud” from the menu.

Step 3: Navigate to “iCloud Backup.

Step 4: You can activate it by toggling the switch at the top of the screen.

Your iPhone will now be backed up automatically whenever it is charging. 


If you have been wondering How to Back up iPhone with Broken Screen, now you know. Remember that your iPhone must be responsive for you to back up. The procedures above will aid you in backing up an iPhone screen with a working or non-working screen. Finally, follow the instructions on automatic iPhone backups after repairing or replacing your phone.


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