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How Much Space Does Fortnite Take Up? [All Device]

How Much Space Does Fortnite Take Up

The issue of the storage size Fortnite occupies is of great concern amongst its players. If you’re a video gamer, you must have experienced variations in storage requirements when installing or updating this game on various platforms. In this article, we shall examine the reasons for the variations and how much space Fortnite takes up. Stay tuned!

Fortnite is a popular online video game of Battle Royale. Since its launch in 2017 by the developer Epic Games, it has attracted a massive number of video players worldwide. It is a free-to-play game available on numerous platforms such as Xbox One, PS4 & PS5, Nintendo Switch and, on Android and IOS mobile phones. However, it takes up a lot of space, which varies from platform to platform. Moreover, the game has undergone several updates since its launch on the features and modes to improve its performance; thus, a regular shift in the required storage space is experienced. Let’s learn more about: how much space does Fortnite take up?

Why Does Fortnite Take Up So Much Space?

Why Does Fortnite Take Up So Much Space

Fortnite takes up so much storage space on various platforms for several reasons. To begin with, the game has high-quality graphics with cartoons and sound effects, which is the reason it has gained massive acceptance globally. Personally, I like it when different songs play as I game, and even better when the graphics are of good visibility as it makes the gaming interesting. I guess, we can all agree on that. The continuous updates on the game’s features and content, for instance, new skins, bug fixes, weapons and maps, is also another reason why Fortnite takes up so much space. Additionally, files were initially not optimized. As such, they occupied a lot of space.

However, the storage space significantly dropped in recent years. If you checked in 2020, it was at 100GB; in 2021, it went down to 60 GB and even lesser in 2022 and 2023, as discussed in this article. The game developers, Epic Games, are continuously working on reducing the space taken up. They managed to compress the file sizes, thus optimizing their storage. While the game still takes up so much space, the developers have promised to make continuous efforts to reduce the file size that the game occupies while maintaining quality.

Why are Fortnite Versions Different Sizes?

What is the Storage Size of Other Battle Royale Games

The storage space that Fortnite occupies on various platforms does vary. The main contributor to Fortnite’s storage size variation is the additional modes and features. These mode updates affect the size of the game; thus, there is significant variation between different versions. Equally, different platforms have varying storage spaces. For instance, the space on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S differs from that of mobile phones, which makes the game’s graphical settings distinct to the platform thus, version variation. The compression techniques on each platform are different resulting in the overall variation of the Fortnite version. Additionally, some platforms require additional file download so as to install the game, thus stretching the size beyond the initial download of a given version.

However, the experience is different on each platform due to visual and sound effect variations resulting from varying versions of Fortnite, which have different screen resolutions and other additional features.

Fortnite Storage Requirements on Different Platforms

Fortnite Storage Requirements on Different Platforms

Fortnite Storage requirements vary from one platform to the other. However, the storage sizes are subject to change as the game continuously updates and depending on installation requirements, so each time you update the game, you should expect a variation in the space taken up. PC/Mac require the most storage space, while mobile phones require the least. Let’s look at the storage space breakdown on various platforms;

  • PC/Mac: It takes approximately 30 GB. Updates and patches may increase the threshold by 1-3 GB, which can take up to 40 GB due to different gaming habits. Also, updates and installation of additional game modes may require more storage space for the game.
  • PlayStation 4 and 5: The game’s download size on PS4 &PS5 is about 7.5 GB and 8 GB, while the installation is about 10 GB making it 17.5 GB and 18GB, respectively.
  • Xbox One: To download Fortnite on Xbox One, you require about 20 GB of free space and 31 GB of installation space.
  • Nintendo: The Nintendo Switch version requires approximately 17-20 GB download size of the Fortnite game.
  • Mobile: Overall, Fortnite for mobile takes the least storage size of approximately 3 GB. Where; only 150 MB is required for download, and the rest is taken up by the additional files downloaded along with the game. Additional data can also take the storage requirements up to 7 GB. The App is available for both Android and IOS users, and it can be downloaded from Play Store on IOS, while Android users need to download it directly from the official Epic Games website.

What is the Storage Size of Other Battle Royale Games?

Battle Royale games take up so much space on different platforms. The Call of Duty Warzone takes the lead with a storage size of about 93 GB, with the recent optimization lowering the size requirement to 80 GB. Ugh! Still, that’s quite huge, but the performance is worth it. However, other Battle Royale games require relatively lower space. PUBG occupies about 30 GB, and Apex Legend requires approximately 32.5 GB. Just as for Fortnite, the developer Epic Games is working on lowering the storage size for these Battle Royale games.


Fortnite is a game with frequent updates. Moreover, its storage size varies depending on the platform, whereby some take more space while others take some as discussed above on; how much space does Fortnite take up? Always take note of the storage requirements and ensure you have enough free space to install the game and its updates for smooth gaming, as the sizes are ever subject to change. Above all, although there’s a variation in storage requirements, the experience is also always different.


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