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How Do You Sync Twitch Addons

WoW is a massive game, yet there are many players what like the WoW Classic addon app. All players are back to zero and begin their quests with little strength and power.

It offers a great experience not seen for many years. To make things more interesting, users have the chance to install add-ons through Twitch.

Anyone using Curse Gaming WoW manager for addons may find they have issues. You may need to re-sync some of your addon settings after you download and before you install this patch feature.

In our guide, you can learn how do you sync Twitch add-ons to your WoWWay account. Just be sure to backup any of your addon settings into a new folder before you save the new feature settings.

Does Twitch Support Classic Addons

WoW, Classic addons are fantastic to address issues with the cut back MMORPG.

Everyone likes the original WoW experience, yet they prefer a more modern feature set for operation. (Read How to Block Twitch Ads)

Such addons make WoW Classic more user-friendly and the best way to offer an experience like you get playing modern Warcraft.

WoW, Classic addons may not be from Blizzard, yet they have full support for people who want to use these mods.

How Do I Add Classic Addons to Twitch?

  1. First, you need to download the Twitch app.
  2. Once you have the Twitch app installed, you need to log in using your regular Twitch login.
  3. Head to the Twitch sign-up page if you don’t have an account.
  4. In the main window, locate, then click the ‘Mods’ tab. Here you can see a list of games.
  5. Select ‘World of Warcraft.’ Make sure the path for the Classic game installation is selected from the drop-down to the top right.
  6. You can search for the best new addons to install or update existing ones to the latest version.
  7. If you’ve already logged into the game as you install or update WoW addons, you’ll have to shut down for changes to take effect.

Where Are My Twitch Addons?

In some instances, the Twitch App can’t locate the new location of your WoW exe file. To see if this is the case, your Mod tab will be grayed out.

Make sure you are in the right WoW profiles location. You can see this next to the play and cogwheel icons.

First, head to the Mods tab in your Twitch App. Click the World of Warcraft icon.

Click Scan Now. You may need to wait several minutes. This tries to locate your WoW executable. If found, your addons appear in your Twitch App.

If not, you can do this manually.

  1. Click on the Locate Game.
  2. Search for the _ retail _ folder in your World of Warcraft folder. The default in Windows is: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ or C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\

Addon Sync Profiles

  1. If you use the addon sync, you may have to rejoin it. Click on the Sync option
  2. Select Existing Profile you want to join in the drop-down under Join an Existing Profile.
  3. Click on the Join button.

Before sync joining, backup your Interface and WTF folders in another folder.

Why is Twitch Not Loading Mods

Since the change from Curse Gaming made a mess for some users, it makes the settings easier to use the Twitch app for other players.

However, there are still odd instances when you really can’t get the Twitch app to load your mods. (Read How To Get Unbanned From Twitch Chat)

As long as you backup, you can’t go wrong no matter what you do. You can try different things and restore from your backup without worry.

Here’s a couple of things you can try, even if you think you have tried everything else.

Sign into Twitch Again: Sounds stupid, yet even this can work. Log in and out a couple of times to make sure the settings will sync with the app.

Delete AppData: Your app’s configuration may be corrupted. Clear your AppData folder and see if it fixes the error.

Reinstall Twitch: Settings can get lost when they try to search for folders. It may be a matter of installing your Twitch app and then restoring from your backup. This is often the worse case yet ultimately works. (Read How Much Data Does World Of Warcraft Use)

If you ever find you are blocked from any WoW server, you can use one of the best ways to access or even play on different regions’ servers. Install a VPN, and you can quickly change your location.

You can open up a new World of Warcraft rather than just the One Realm you are in.


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