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The Best Free Web Proxy in 2023

Free Web Proxy

Are you operating on a fixed budget and rushing to get a top free web proxy that works well? Then you need a free proxy. Check out our article and find out the best free web-based proxies below.

Online privacy is important. Because of the advancement of technology and innovation, geo-restrictions, cyber-attacks, and internet censorship threaten the online freedom of most netizens today. But the good news is that, in most cases, you can easily evade such restrictions and enjoy freedom.

When you have a tight budget, there are always way out of this situation. Besides free proxy lists and premium proxies on the market, free web proxies offer almost the same services. Therefore, a web proxy is a perfect option when you need to browse anonymously and never lose your data. You can route the request through their servers, assigning arbitrary IP addresses to your device.

This is the best and easiest way to evade such restrictions as well as censorship. You have free web proxies online when you want to protect your online privacy without going into your pocket. Today’s article will discuss the best free web proxy on the internet.

We have researched, tested, and vetted them by our experts, who found them reliable for most use cases. While someone hackers are coming up with risky malware like botnets to cause harm, so you should be taking steps to combat this by staying anonymous online.

Before we go into detailed information about these proxies, let us first define a web proxy to have an in-depth clue.

What Is a Web Proxy?

A web proxy can be defined as a mediator who is secured and links between the website you are visiting and your device. In most cases, and let us just say all cases, you are not prompted to sign up for the account to start using. Instead, you must simply paste the link on the web proxy site to access the restricted website.

Therefore, a proxy server works as a go-between while facilitating your internet traffic flow through the servers before sending the request to the target site. This means that a web proxy tends to cumulate the requests you send to the site but with the help of unique IP addresses rather than using your real IP. In the long run, the proxy masks your IP address to any site you try to access.

Some people get confused between a proxy and a VPN. While both are responsible for anonymous browsing, bypassing geo-restrictions, and offering online confidentiality, the two are slightly different—the difference lies in speed, technology, security, and cost.

How to use them:

Using a web proxy is very simple. when you are still new to the industry, then follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Visit the free web proxy site, check the layout, and locate the dialog box of the proxy servers.

Step 2: Decide on the specific location you want to use.

Step 3: Then have the URL of the site you want to visit, copy it, and paste it into the dialog box of the web proxy.

Step 4: When you are done, tap on the browse button, which is, found on most proxy sites, and access the target URL without restrictions.

What Should You Know When Using a Free Web Proxy?

There will always be limitations irrespective of which free web proxy you select online to use. In some situations, when you are keen on your usage, you might realize that you are only limited to encrypting a particular number of caches per month. Again something worth mentioning is that, with free web proxies, be sure that you will always experience the traffic limits.

Still, one more notable drawback of using free proxies is the fact that the sites at some point might display inappropriately and still keep on blocking some elements which are keeping you safe on the platform.

Despite using either paid or free proxies, they are only there to help you suffice a particular amount of information and evade firewalls. But with proxies, you cannot browse through the blocked websites.

We also think that you must note that free proxies do not guarantee anonymity from being detected by the ISP or hide your IP address from the hackers who are monitoring you online. Hence, we can say that free web proxies are prone to risking your online activities since you are open to tracking.

In summary, when you are using free web proxies, expect such disadvantages as listed below:

  • You will only have access to the essential online privacy protection
  •  You can never access any blocked content when you cannot first access the web proxy.
  • You are not entitled to unblocking all the blocked sites
  • These free proxies offer limited traffics and servers in different locations.
  •  There is a tendency to come across lousy performance when utilized in severe cases.

Therefore, when you must have extreme protection again tracking, hackers and monitoring, you must consider premium proxies or use the VPN. For privacy protection, we would encourage you to use a VPN with which you can easily unblock any content or site.

Otherwise, you can use free web proxies for anonymity and daily usage, such as scraping data and social media automation.

Best Free Web Proxy

1. Kproxy

Kproxy Homepage

The first on our list of the best free web proxy is KProxy. This proxy provider is portable for use and available online for free. This open proxy is available to the public and can be used as a browser extension that supports browsers like Mozilla, chrome, and Microsoft edge.

When you do not have a browser, KProxy also has a KProxy browser readily available. It is a downloadable proxy provider on the market, and its configuration is straightforward. Instead, you can paste the target site URL to the box on the homepage and tap surf to get started. It is simple, and the catch is that they also have premium services where you need advanced online privacy.


Hide me Homepage is the next option on the list. While specializes in offering premium VPN services on their site, they also have free proxies on the site. They claim that their free web proxy does not keep any of the data and IP addresses on their site for a long time. You must also be aware that their premium VPN comes with annoying ads from the popup windows.

Therefore, when you compare the free web proxy with the rest, stands to be the fastest free web proxy provider on the internet. They have established a strong reputation for their capability to offer high anonymity online. Thi free web proxy also comes with browser extensions with no logs and zero nada.

3. HMA

HMA Homepage

HMA, in this case, stands for Hide My Ass. This is one of the best yet free web proxies online. It offers you advanced features such as the ability to select the target country and other options such as the use of caches. It is a popular option among users with a limited budget. For web scraping and automation, as well as guaranteeing anonymity, HMA is a good option.

This is the oldest proxy provider on the market and has a collection of premium VPNs that they collect from all corners of the world. Besides having a free web proxy, they also sell premium VPNs.

4. Hidester

Hidester Homepage

Hidester also remains to be the best free web proxy on this list. However, it only supports two geo-targeted locations, Europe and the US, and has a china optimized capability. It is reputable online for its reliability. Since the proxy is still new, we are unsure if they will stand the pressure. Otherwise, Hidester is a good option.

The site access is encrypted through 18-bits and the sue io the secure socket layer. You can then upgrade to access the other servers for added security. You can also enjoy free tools on their site other than a web proxy.


VPNBOOK Homepage

One of the strong free web proxy service providers on the market is VPNBook. We cannot close up the list without mentioning it. Besides, they also offer VPN services altogether. This means they are aimed at giving you maximum online security and anonymity. It is a unique site that guarantees you security through encrypted connections using multiple IP addresses compatible with HTTPS.

When using a VPNBook web proxy, you can select random access or US, UK, France, or Canada proxies before clicking the go button. They claim their free web proxy can help you unblock social media platforms, protect security from network spies, and bypass censorship without additional software.

With the help of the PPTP data encryption, this proxy w[rpovdier also uses 256-bit-SSL encryption. This makes sure that you have data security to the maximum level. You can use it on any device and OS.

6. UnblockProxyme

UnblockProxyme Homepage

Like another free web proxy online, UnblockProxyme is among the best options. It is the most straightforward choice you can have, and they tend to act like intermediaries between you and the site you are trying to access. Therefore, it can change your geographical location to the target region. For this reason, you can count on UnblockProxyme to access any blocked content for a specific region.

The good news is that UnblockProxyme works well on all devices, including smartphones. Have the URL and paste it on the platform. Then, you will gain access to any site you nat, even if it is blocked in your region.

7. Proxysite

Proxysite Homepage

the next reputable free web proxy on our list is Proxysite. It offers quality w]free web proxy services as well as premium VPN on its site. They also have multiple other services you can access with only one click.

Besides such basic services, Proxysite stands out from the rest because it also comes with other advanced features and supports broadly targeted locations worldwide. You can select any target place from the drop-down menu before you start browsing. Besides, you can also face a browser other than asking for your IP address with only one click. This is a free web proxy provider but on another level regarding features and anonymity.


Whoer net Homepage

Though might sound new to some people, we have still vetted it among the best free web proxy on our list today. It is also one of the best proxies servers around the world. This is because it offers services beyond the capability of a typical free web proxy.

Besides offering security and anonymity options, lets the users mask their IP address much faster than any other firm. You can also test your internet sped sign on this site, get a ping test and get detailed information concerning any site. Therefore, with, you can select multiple locations from the drop-down list on their website. They also have a browser extension that you can utilize anytime.

9. Anonymster

Anonymster Homepage

Anonymster is also a free site where you can use a target site URL and gain access free of charge. It still falls among the best free web proxy6 category because of its guaranteed anonymity and ability to Scrape data to offer security. Their site disclaimer is apparent: they never utilize the VPN and do not guarantee complete online protection.

Since Anonymster values their clients, they offer free web proxy services, but also you can get a premium VPN anytime you need at a lower price. Otherwise, count on Anonymster when masking your IP address, protecting your data, offering security, and other related things. They extract information through the help of socks and HTML tools which gives users secure network connections.

10. Zend2

Zend2 Homepage

Zend2 ranks among the best free web proxy as the best option for automation, especially on social media platforms. When the available proxies do not offer automation, Zend2 is dedicated to helping their customer with such services.

The reason behind this fact is that Zend2 operates using anonymous online casino servers. This is the best option when you er up for watching youtube videos and unblocking other content. For it as it is exclusively free.

11. Awebproxy

Awebproxy Homepage

Awebproxy is a unique web proxy provider that mainly bases its services on javascript technology. It also has features such as URL encoding. You can also activate the cookie feature, which can help you remember your last information for a faster connection. But you should be keen since cookies breach your credentials.

Awebproxy deletes your information once you log out. Today, Awebproxy has adopted the use of SSL in protecting your sensitive data. It is simple but remains among the top list of the best free web proxy online.

12. Croxyproxy

Croxyproxy Homepage

Croxyproxy is an excellent but web-based proxies service provider online. It offers free web proxies services. Hence, it ensures that you remain in incognito mode when carrying out your online activities. Croxyproxy guarantees that your online security and privacy shall remain secure and unbreakable when hackers target you. They achieve this by the use of advanced IP masking technology.

Croxyproxy comes with a simple UI, and everything is copied and pasted. You can also have access to the VPN from this site. One more unique thing is that Croxyproxy also comes with the chrome extension for easy management.

13. 4everproxy

4everproxy Homepage

We are also pleased to mention 4everproxy in our list. Like another firm above, 4everproxy is a free web proxy that is best sued for anonymously unblocking and watching videos. You can easily change your geographic location using the 4everproxy website without interfering with the speed.

4everproxy is unique since it does not only have multiple but also comes with a double connection. And when it comes to data encryption, it relies on SSL and TLS. After you have toped browsing, 4everproxy has two hours before deleting your cookies and another browsing history. This is also a good option that allows users to customize their proxy and target locations.

14. Ninja proxy

Ninja proxy Homepage

Ninja proxy is the next on our list. It is also vetted as the best free web proxy on the market. This is because, on our list, it stands to be the fastest and free but with very minimal downtimes. It is simpel to actiavte and utilzie on your acses.

Ninja proxy ensures that you remain anonymous by masking your real IP address to create a barrier between the target site and your device. Again the proxies protect you from online hackers and other related malware. This is a convenient free web proxy on the market.

The fast speed ensures that you enjoy quality streaming. They do not have any restrictions on the bandwidth. Instead, you can download files without experiencing any restrictions. They also guarantee zero traffic log on their website.

15. My-proxy

My-proxy Homepage

You can sue the UK and US IP addresses when trying to evade restrictions placed on your region. Select My-proxy, the best free web proxy online, for the best services based on your desired speed. The site supports multiple devices with different OS. Just acquire one of the My-proxy proxies and get all the devices covered, including android.

Their site has an extensive list of targeted countries you can select with varying connection speeds. You can mask your IP address using the UK or US and then move across the borders and restrictions. You only need the target URL, paste it on their website, select the country and speed, and then keep rocking. You will love their fast connection speed that keeps you anonymous when unblocking restricted sites and scraping data.

16. NewIPNow.com9

NewIPNow Homepage

Just like the name is suggestive, NewIPNow.com9 allows the users to pick and select any of the new IP addresses which can fit their preference. Therefore, we also considered it one of the best free web proxies on the list. This means the site will not automatically choose for you the IP address just like others do. Instead, you have the liberty to choose.

Otherwise, it is one of the simplest web proxies to utilize. You can also use multiple IP addresses simultaneously; this indicates that you have maximum security and remain anonymous even if you are being tracked. They also have a premium package for added security with advanced features. Just copy and paste the URL to start browsing anonymously. Get proxies at a remarkable rate with guaranteed quality.

17. Proxylistpro

Proxylistpro Homepage

Proxylistpro is a free web proxy but offers detailed features with various preferences and locations to select. Besides, it can help you track and identify any corrupted files online. The best part is that it has the domain name tracing protocol available. Using it is safe, and you can count on it when unblocking restricted sites and accessing censored sites. You can easily catch the culprit behind the tracking.

It is responsible for tracking the IP address of anyone trying to corrupt the data besides using it to access any restricted content anonymously. For privacy concerns, you can browse anonymously using their IP address while masking your actual IP address. It is a perfect option for accessing social media platforms and streaming since it has a faster connection speed and quality images.

18. Instantunblock

Instantunblock Homepage

Instantunblock is a simple platform that contains detailed information and guides on how to unblock sites. But, it can unblock any restricted sites, providing online privacy, and masking your IP address where necessary. Therefore, you need this free web poxy anytime you access and scrap data online.

It uses SSL-powered encryption which we are sure that they guarantee you maximum security. Another thing is that Instantunblock offers optimized not only traffic and unlimited bandwidth. To remain anonymous, you can route your request to a target website busing their IP address from the server.

When you count on it to unblock, enjoy fast speed and reliable connections or transmission when you count on it to unblock. It has an extensive coverage location, and with the support for HTTPS modules, you can use it to access social media platforms, bypass all the restrictions, and geo-block as well s firewalls. Other than masking the IP address, it also masks your locations in the long run.

19. Zalmos

Zalmos Homepage

Well, Zalmos is another web proxy that offers exclusively free proxy services. They guarantee you anonymous browsing online without using cookies. You can also count on it to unblock any media content and access restricted websites.

You can sue Zalmos to watch any restricted song or movie on youtube and other platforms. You are always the ghost internet suers because Zalmos masks your actual IP address to keep you anonymous. Therefore,m you are well protected from hackers and snoopers online.

Zalmos never keep your browsing history because you guys understand that with cookies, your information is prone to fall into the hand of hackers. The website is simple; you only need to paste and go anonymously.

20. FilterByPass

FilterByPass Homepage

FilterByPass is not a typical free web proxy. Instead, an advanced proxy provider is a perfect option for watching or streaming videos online. Therefore, with this site, you will have faster access on multiple platforms but with incognito mode. As one of the leading youtube supporting proxy sites, it remains the leading platform for streaming various sites.

The good thing about FilterByPass is that they also offer free chrome and firefox extensions besides web-based services. Elsewhere, they are reliable in unblocking geographically restricted video content. Their website has instant icons leading you to popular streaming sites. It is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. However, they have two servers located in the US na UK. Your safety is their priority.

21. Blewpass

Blewpass Homepage

Blewpass is all you need when looking for the best free web proxy online. It is free, but today, they capitalize their operation on the current technology. Therefore, they utilize the IP rotations scheme in unblocking websites.

They also have multiple quick link icons on the home page for effortless services. Therefore, for the advanced makeup language, Blewpass uses HTML5  in internet communication. Also, HTML5 ensures that this site has secure encryption integrated with the HTML and XHTML languages.

If online anonymity is your worry, count on Blewpass because they allow users to change their IP addresses to beat the hackers regularly.

22. Proxfree

Proxfree Homepage

ProxFree is an authoritative site but also falls under the best free web proxy. It is well-known for providing anonymous browsing and unblocking restricted sites. They have well-established servers in north America and Europe. Thus, it covers a good location and guarantees you strong security. Users can download other features such as DWG and auto card on the site for free.

Like other free web proxies, ProxFree also bases its encryption on SSL technology for the safety of your data. They give you multiple options when you get a chance to access the ProxFree site. Copy and paste the target site, then browse through anonymously. They also have custom proxies such as video, youtube, and Facebook.

23. GenMirror

GenMirror Homepage

Our list cannot be complete without mentioning the GenMirror. This is another reliable site where you can access the best free web-based proxies services. This is specifically designed for unblocking youtube. Therefore it is popular among binge-watchers online.

Another is that this web proxy site is exceptional when sued on mobile devices and still offers SSL browsing security. It masks your IP address, and from the fact that it specializes in streaming and unblocking content, the fact remains that they have a faster connection speed. Again, the web proxy is compatible with most devices and Operating systems. It is the best option for social media automation.


FreeProxy win Homepage is a unique platform that offers multiple security-related services. To start with, it is one of the best free web proxy providers on the market. It covers good locations with varying speed connections based on your preferences. Still, it offers random IP addresses. But when you need to unblock any restricted website, count on is a super-fast site that guarantees to surf anonymously and keeps your data safe./ They also have fast lighting proxies for streaming, and besides free VPN, they also offer premium VPN and other related services. Get the link and visit the site with only one click; you would b anonymously browsing the geo-restricted website.

It is the best option for accessing email and communication purposes. It also comes with the POP3 and SMTP extensions.

25. Weboproxy

Weboproxy Homepage

Weboproxy, from our knowledge, is a tor-powered free web proxy. This means you can sue it if you have the link to access any geo-restricted websites while maintaining online privacy. It is a compelling option to use when it comes to surfing online.

One thing is that Weboproxy supports online live programing and supports multiple video platforms and other streaming sites. The site values your data, capitalizing on coding the privacy and having HTTP Internet protocols encrypting the web for your privacy. It relays traffic through the tor browser, which obtains over 7k protocols without hinting at its identity.

26. Anonymouse

Anonymouse Homepage

Anonymouse is another best free web proxy that is here to stay. It is simple and easy to use. With only the URL, you can surf anonymously. This means your privacy is well taken care of. It is one of the fastest yet free web proxy providers and will always keep you private online.

On the website, you have two options to select the calling card with and without the Anonymouse services. The site has been around since 1997, and you can imagine how experienced these guys are. Otherwise, this is one of the multilingual sites which also offers premium services for enhanced security and privacy.

27. Atozproxy

Atozproxy Homepage

Originally, Atozproxy was designed to provide unlimited access to restricted videos and streaming from other social media platforms. The site has been advanced and now has multiple features, and you can use it to access other websites and browse anonymously. It is simple to use with current web technology. It is free web-based proxies and offers substantial bandwidth where you can stream quality videos and HD music.

You can use it to unblock videos from various websites. The latest technology makes surfing with Atozproxy fast and comes with a gigabyte speed. It is again compatible with most devices and OS around the world. What you have to do is to paste the target URL in the dial box and get things running.

28. Proxify Web Proxy

Proxify Web Proxy Homepage

Proxify Web Proxy is not an entirely free web proxy but offers free services. It makes u]sure that users have a safe and secure connection by directing their traffic using encrypted connections. It is compatible with almost all devices regardless of the OS. It is one of the reliable proxies that offers a 3-day free trial. When you decide to use this web-based proxy, you can select the IP address from over 1k servers worldwide.

Therefore, count on Proxify Web Proxy when you want to unblock any geo-restricted website. One thing for sure is that the site does not have any disturbing ads. You can also get the custom proxies which are automatically generated. Their servers are well-distributed in Canada, the UK, and US. In terms of security, they rely on SSL and TLS technology. Above all, they guarantee to hide your IP address and keep you anonymous.

29. Freeproxyserver

Freeproxyserver Homepage

Freeproxyserver is the last option on our best free web proxy list. It ranks among the feasts proxies in terms of connection, and when it comes to offering anonymity, Freeproxyserver is on another level. They guarantee you a 100% secure connection and mask your IP address. The site does not have ads that tend to interfere with the connectivity. Otherwise, it has good speeds and does not have any limitations on browsing.

Meanwhile, it makes sure that you have access to advanced data protection. The software is regularly updated w]to cub all the incoming attacks from the hackers and integrate technological development. You also have the option to manage the cookies, objects, and other aspects while surfing.


In our article today, we have listed some of the best free web-based proxies on the internet. From the lists, all the options are the best choices and reliable in operation. They both offer fast speed, privacy, and anonymous browsing.

When you need short-term browsing sessions and have a limited budget, consider the best free web proxies above. They are practical and available and do not cost anything when you intend to automate, scrape data, and remain anonymous.


William Parsons

William Stafford Parsons is a leading expert in web data extraction and proxy services. He pioneered innovative techniques for large-scale data scraping and management over the past decade. William founded Eightomic LLC which provides customized data mining and web scraping solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He also created the popular GhostProxies residential IP network used by data professionals globally. Earlier, William co-founded - one of the first web data companies focused on gathering online data at scale. His technical expertise and entrepreneurship has been instrumental in driving innovation in data extraction and network anonymity. With over 15 years of experience, William continues to explore new methodologies and technologies to harness web data smoothly and reliably. He is renowned for building tailored systems that leverage proxies and data scraping to meet critical business needs.