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Best Free Proxy List in 2024

Free Proxy List

Do you want to protect your data loss and privacy as well as remain anonymous while browsing online while your budget is holding you back? Never worry; you can sue the free proxy list. There are many, but we have collected some recommended free proxy lists for your use. Keep reading to find out more.

For the sake of online privacy, masking your actual IP address is vital. This is because it helps you prevent the loss of compassionate data. Whether looking for a business or just browsing online, you must guide your information and stay safe. There are many premium proxy providers online. However, not everybody is in a position to meet the minimum requirements.

When the budget is fixed, or you do not have enough cash to purchase the premium proxies, you can still sue the free proxies online. Naturally, everybody dislikes monitoring even though you are not doing something wrong.

Therefore, a proxy is only sued to mask your actual IP address to evade tracking and feel free to browse online anonymously. Therefore, you can count on the proxy to fetch and access the data privately. Then, in this case, the ISP will only locate the proxy List accessing the site.

This is why we have meticulously researched and compiled a list of the best free proxy list on the market for you. Take time and read to understand the features before deciding to sue one. Thus, here is the list of the best and most vetted free proxy lists on the internet.

Best Free Proxy List

1. Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List Homepage

To begin with, we have a Free Proxy List on top of our list. This is eth best free proxy list when you want to access the List consists of excellently fast proxies that are perfect for data scrapping. Look no further other than Free Proxy List.

On their website, Free Proxy List has a list of the free proxies, and they guarantee a regular update so that when you pick one, you will be sure of grabbing a free IP address. On the List, you will have access to the HTTP-supported protocol proxies and HTTPS proxies.

One thing that makes Free Proxy List unique is that all users can also elect the proxies that will keep them anonymous on google. They also have aspects when you want o get custom filters. You can utilize the free application or depend on the API to download this List of free proxies.

They claim that the proxies are updated after every 30 minutes to keep them fresh and remove banned ones. Count on Free Proxy List when you want to scrap data for SEO intelligence. They also have varying levels of anonymity even by checking on the List from their website.

Get the latest proxies and enjoy scarping data while kept anonymous throughout the session. You must understand that while Free Proxy List has free basic plans, you must understand that they also have premium packages on their platform.

2. Geonode

Geonode for free proxy link

Even though Geonode is a well-known company online with an established reputation for providing residential proxies to the users on the market, the company still ranks here. What makes it reputable is the unlimited bandwidth and the IPs. This means they have a premium package you need to purchase to enjoy the service. But at the same time, Geonode still has a free proxy list on their website. this exlciuisves free .

The dedicated page costs the List of proxies you can sort based on the speed, protocol, update time, and latency. There are also other aspects present on the site. You can also sort the proxies depending on the nature of the protocols like Socks4, socks 5, HTTP, HTTPS, or based on the speed from fast to slow as well as the level of anonymity.

Otherwise, they have an extensive list of proxies you can easily select from and start using on the website. They update the List regularly to remove the banned ones. They also give you the port to sue. However, the company never states where these proxies are sourced from, but they are reliable and used for scraping data.

Never expect, just like the premium proxies. When you are looking free proxies list, consider going for the Geonode proxies. They allow you to export the proxies list as text, JSON, or CSV. They provide detailed information concerning a specific IP address.


FreeProxyLists net overview is the next among the best free proxy list on our review today. This is because the proxies from this company are best for providing high anonymity and support HTTPS and HTTP connections on any website.

If you visit their website, you can access different free IP addresses, ports, and the protocol for easy connection. They have also reported good response and transfer time. You can select the proxy based on the countries and the protocols it support.

Otherwise, you can filter these proxies on the website using the country, uptime, anonymity level, and protocols. still ranks among the best free proxies list on the market. Rather than presenting the proxy stats, you can also get the custom port and search proxies based on the country of jurisdiction.

You must also note that even though the proxies are free and you can access the IPs from the target country, some of these proxies do not guarantee you a fast connection and speed. Hence not reliable for sensitive cases.

4. Proxy-List

Proxy-List overview

Proxy-List is the best free proxy list on the market for net anonymity. This is among the best proxy provider online, which is exclusively free. Therefore, on their website, you can access options such as HTTP, socks 5, socks4, and SSL proxies.

The company lists the IP addresses and their respective ports worldwide. The developers regularly check their proxies to make your online privacy safe and verify that these free proxies are 100% functional.

Proxy-List is a perfect choice when you do not have a budget for the proxies on your to-do list. They also include the details such as the level of anonymity, country, and city servers. This means that users can search or filters the proxies on their website to get a specific or targeted region.

Besides using the API in downloading the List, you can still extract the List or copy them if not used through the downloadable application. Some features include the proxy scraper, proxy API, and over 1 million free proxy lists on their website. Therefore, if you want free but different types of proxies under one roof, check out the Proxy-List site.

5. Free-Proxy. cz

Free-Proxy cz overview is another record-breaking website with free proxy lists available for public use. It has been around for a while, and the site has gained enough experience. They have over 7000 free proxies on their website, which the suers term them respectable. also claims that users can locate the servers with a low ping for the optimal connection to the site. You can also sort the free proxy list using different parameters on the website. Such aspects include the Protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, COSKS5, SOCKS 4, and filtering by the country of the anonymity level.

This means they have the geo-targeting features when necessary, and you can choose an IP address with different anonymity levels. On the List, the developers also make public the speed, the uptime, and response rate, as well as when these proxies were last checked.

From the List, it seems these proxies are constantly checked to move any banned IP address for the safety of the users. When you sort the proxies based on the uptime, then guarantee the best result when selecting the ranked one.

Free-Proxy. cz on our List has most of the users and supports prominent locations, and many users are returning. Consider them at your low level for a good outcome.

6. Spys. one

Spys One Homepage

Though Spys. one is a free proxy list on the internet, it is one of the most advanced proxy providers on the market. It was launched in 2008, and since then, it has been around for years and gained a reputation among its users. They offer not only free proxies but also IP addresses and network tools.

You can sort the list on the proxy or IP address to get your preferred proxies based on different parameters. The List can be sorted using the free options, country, port, city, etc. Otherwise, they have the socks and HTTP proxies.

Spys. one gives super detailed information concerning their free proxy lists. One unique thing about this company is that its proxies support squid proxies. Where squid proxies are Unix-based proxies capable of caching and proxying, the proxy can store your local information in the file form so that any time you revisit the site, the browser will fetch the catches. This means that these proxies are faster.

When it comes to proxy distributions, it supports most of the countries around the world. It is one of the free proxy lists supporting squid proxies and comes with multiple parameters to filter the list and get your targeted region’s IP address and port. If you have time, we encourage you to go for it asap.

7. Hidemy. name

Hidemy name overview

Hidemy. name also ranks without any opposition as the best free proxy list on the recommendation list. Initially, this company was well known for offering VPN services, but as it grew with time, it added other features.

Today, they have a long list of free proxies, which they consistently update to remove unwanted or banned Ip addresses. They also have extensive location coverage and a good number of servers strategically located.

Like other free proxies, Hidemy. name also comes with standard features like support for HTTPS and high anonymity levels. You can filter based on such aspects and the likes of the ports. When you are done filtering based on your needs, we recommend going for the fastest and new Ip address from the List.

Besides the free proxies on the site, they also offer other services and tools like free proxy checkers, over 10k free proxies regularly updated,  and many more; you can filter the proxy based on the country but not the city level. They have the database of the proxy List here.

8. ProxyScrape

ProxyScrape overview

ProxyScrape also has an extensive list of free proxies, over 4100, and supports a total of 139 countries around the world. If you need a geo-targeted proxy, then this sit be the best option to go for today.

Visit with only a one-click way to have the famous proxy list category on your hands. The company has established an outstanding and long-standing reputation online due to the excellent services among the clients. They have a large number of free proxy servers.

One thing making ProxyScrape unique is uptime frequency checking. ProxyScrape makes sure that you enjoy fresh IP addresses with guaranteed five-minute updates. Therefore, when you are looking for the free yet faster and better performing socks 5 or cosks4, go for the ProxyScrape website and have your catch. If the free proxies do not satisfy your needs, they also have premium packages for more advanced and sensitive use cases.

The premium dedicated proxies come with an unlimited bandwidth use case which is a good deal. They are popular because of their high perming free proxies and are reliable.

9. SSL Proxy

SSL Proxy overview

SSL Proxy is an outstanding company that still offers free processes online. It is well known for offering secure and anonymous connections using rotating and fast-slow ports. Therefore, look no further than SSL Proxy when you need to access the HTTP, HTTPS, or socks5 proxies list. They have a list of over 87k IP addresses on their website. Their IPs are rotated but are subject to the request and time.

Besides, they also have the google anonymity proxies for extra security while scraping data online. The company has the most significant number of proxies on the List, and the developers update the List to ensure you enjoy the experience with these free proxies. Stability is ensured though some do not offer table network connection, making them only perfect for scraping data and other things, not sensitive cases.

10. Proxynova

Proxynova overview

the best proxy List that offers a free IP address on their website is Proxynova. They have active free proxies on their home page, which are open for public use. They have a large number of proxies. However, we encourage you to be keen when selecting the proxies from his site.

Most of their proxies are transparent. This means that transparent proxies can reveal themselves to the ISP as the proxies while fetching the request through their servers. Hence can quickly reveal your actual IP address.

Therefore, when using Proxynova for free proxies, ensure you filter the proxies based on the elite anonymity level for safety purposes. Otherwise, the proxies are reliable, and these guys give detailed information. Go for it if you do not have any other option or are not performing sensitive activities online.

11. Hidester

Hidester overview

Hidester might sound new, but it is a popular site for the free proxy list. This site is the place to be when you need free premium packages. The site is one the best on the List to make their IP address and quantity public while others hide. They also offer special supports like google proxies anytime you need them. These guys claim that their proxies are tested and confirm that they are active and functional before sharing them with the public.

These proxies are compatible with google for scraping data and online gaming as well as social media automation. Another thing they seem to insist on is that they have cheaper premium proxies on their website, which is worth looking for.

Otherwise, Hidester has simple sorting parameters, and real-time updates and export are possible as CSV files. You can also sort the proxies according to the level of anonymity, the ping, the protocols, and the country and port.

12. Hide My Ip

Hide My Ip overview

Hide My Ip is another worth mentioning company online. These guys have free proxies, which you can sort based on the time last updated, speed, country, port, type, or anonymity. They offer open or sometimes what we call public proxies on their site. In some cases, these promises are safe to use, while they go for the premium proxies on the market for acute conditions.

However, when you visit their website today, you might notice that they have not listed any free proxies or IP addresses. They have a reason, but customer support service is available and responsive to address any of your concerns.

13. Premproxy

Premproxy overview

There are a lot of things we like about Premproxy. One of these features is that it has an extensive and efficient free proxy list. Most of these proxies guarantee elite anonymity, which is the dream of almost everybody needing the proxy. Elite simple means the highly anonymous proxies. These proxies hide your IP address and never reveal it from the proxy server at all costs.

Therefore, Premproxy ensures that they have a regularly updated list of the fresh and free proxies on their List. They also indicated when last they checked the proxies. This helps them eliminate all the banned or fake IP addresses and their respective ports.

The country, ISP, and city are other details included in these free proxies. This means you can get an ISP geo-targeted IP address for an efficient use case. Otherwise, try these Premproxy proxies today and give us feedback.


OpenProxy space overview, as the name suggests, offers open proxies list on their website. Click and find out. We assure you that the is well known for its anonymous connections using public proxies.

Besides that, like companies, they also updated their List with fresh IP addresses, and you can

search them using filters like locations, anonymity, the protocols it supports, or the country. They also have the HTTPS and socks proxies on their website. At the top of their list, you will have all the new IP addresses, which we recommend using but also depend on the level of anonymity. They allow you to download the free proxy list as a text and are flexible with the API.

But, you must remember that free proxies do not guarantee a secure connection and fast enough speed.

15. ProxyScan

ProxyScan, like other proxies providers on the market, is dedicated to serving its customers. They have an extensive IP pool. And from their site, they make it clear that they have about 769 total proxies, distributed as HTTP’S socks and anonymous or elite proxies.

Like the above companies, ProxyScan also filters their proxies for easy access based on the country, specific port number, the max ping, proxy type, and anonymity level. W would encourage you to go for the elite or anonymous when online privacy is a concern in this case.

But ProxyScan also makes it clear that all their proxies are subjected to frequent checks to remove the unwanted Ip addresses every 10 minutes. You can control any proxy using the parameters you set. Otherwise, on the top of the List, the proxies have excellent uptime, perfect for sue.

16. ProxyDB

ProxyDB overview

Just before winding up our List, here comes ProxyDB. This is another reliable website where you can access the free proxy list. One thing you will notice for the site is that these proxies from ProxyDB, though fere, are datacenter. Their IP addresses are owned by companies such as Digital Ocean, a datacenter company.

Like any free proxy list company, ProxyDB lists the proxies based on various aspects like uptime, anonymity, gateway, and protocols. The country as well as the last check time. One of the companies with the good elite anonymity proxies online for public use.

They also constantly update the List for good outcomes when using these proxies. You can refresh anytime and even export the List as text to your device for use. Another thing we noticed is that most of these proxies are from the US.

17. Webshare

Webshare overview

then lastly, we have Webshare. Though it is ranked as the affordable proxy provider company, it is still one of the websites where you can access the free proxy list. They also have stable HTTP proxies on the market. These proxies support both the socks and HTTP connections.

When using the basic plan, you will have access to almost 10 free HTTP proxy lists and a limit of 1 GB bandwidth. But when you enjoy the unlimited bandwidth, you will need to get the premium package. Othwreiws, the Webshare has a high-quality free proxy list on our recommended list.

They never ask for your credit card, but once you sign up, you are granted access to the free proxy list plan. The premium package guarantees you complete privacy and access to all the features without limit. Location coverage is good, with over 20 countries supported. You can download your proxy list anytime you want to sue.


Give your privacy the priority, especially if you are used to browsing online or scraping data. Without proxies, your identity will be relieved, and you can quickly get restrictions and blocks from accessing some content. While there are premium prices on the market, our article discusses some of the best free proxy lists you can count on when your budget does not allow you to get premium packages. Test and keenly select the relevant IP address with elite-level anonymity for a good outcome.

When some sites draw free proxies, they are still helpful in most cases. Therefore, when you are satisfied with their drawback and guaranteed they will deliver, check out our list of the best free proxy list.


William Parsons

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