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How to Delete Twitter Account

Facebook might be the most popular social networking platform, which focused more on contacting people you know.

Twitter has more focus on enabling individuals to contact each other, even if they know each other or not.

This feature makes it an excellent tool for social interaction, but it can become tiresome.

There are reasons individuals consider stepping away from Twitter, and here is a brief overview of why you might think, and look at, how to delete a Twitter account permanently.

Will Twitter Keep My Private Information?

Twitter is far away from being the most privacy-conscious company. The extent of information they gather is alarming, to say the least.

  • Necessary account information – Name, email, username and password, and telephone number.
  • Contact Information – Syncing your contacts, and Twitter retains all your connections on their servers. Emails sent to Twitter are archived along with additional contact information they might keep for future use.
  • Location – When using a smartphone to Tweet, your position may be uploaded to Twitter.
  • Payment details – if you share your payment details with Twitter, like credit cards, billing address, etc. They will be stored until you request removal.

Twitter collects this information to use for advertising and sending targeted ads to its users.

Is the Twitter Platform Safe?

The platform is safe, but how they use your information compromises your privacy and your rights. It can leave you wide open to hackers or cybercriminals.

These people quickly learn a lot about a person from Twitter, and from this, they find ways to log into accounts or devices.

Deleting Twitter after Downloading Your Archived Data

When you deactivate Twitter and remove your details, this means losing all your tweets and other information.

It is possible to download all your archived data before taking the final step of permanent deletion.

Here are the steps to download your archive from Twitter:

  1. Head to your Twitter account and log in
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click on your profile picture
  3. Navigate to, and then select settings
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose “Request your archive.”
  5. You are notified of your request and then receive an email from Twitter when your archive can be downloaded.

What Do I Do to Delete My Twitter Account?

Once all of your personal data is archived, you then proceed to deactivate your Twitter account.

One thing to note: Twitter is different from other social platforms. There is no temporary way of deleting a Twitter account.

Twitter gives a 30-days grace period, and if you attempt to log in during this time, they will automatically be reactivating your account.

If you don’t log in during this period, you successfully deactivated your Twitter account and deleted it. (Learn How To Unsubscribe From A Subreddit)

You can’t delete your account from using the mobile apps, and it has to be completed through a web browser.

  1. Head to the Twitter website, then log in with your username or email address, and password
  2. In the top right-hand corner of the browser, click your profile icon
  3. Head to the settings section
  4. Scroll down until you reach the bottom. You start the process by clicking the deactivate button.
  5. A page comes up you need to read all the information after you can tap deactivate “Your Twitter Account Name.”
  6. Twitter makes sure you want to do this, so go to the following page and click deactivate again after you enter your password.

These are all the steps to delete your account. There are points they want you to go through before you start removing your account on the website.

  1. Twitter states they don’t have control over what is indexed by search engines (Google or Bing)
  2. Once you deactivate your account, your account, public profile, username, and display name will not be shown on any Twitter app or the website.

Twitter leaves a final message, “Thank you for the feedback; how could we improve this article?”

Any user who decides to delete their account has decided not to furnish Twitter with more information.

It might read better if they ask how they can improve their social platform instead of asking for feedback on deleting a Twitter account.

Protecting Your Internet Privacy Even More

It doesn’t matter why users urge me to ‘delete my Twitter account’ because it’s only a small step in safeguarding online privacy.

Details stored by social media platforms or other websites can’t be stopped, but they can be dramatically reduced.

There are vast numbers of individuals who use a VPN provider, so all users in the USA and every other country who decide to get free from Twitter should consider using a secure VPN to ensure they are safe from all online threats they may face.

Want to delete more social media accounts? Here how to delete Facebook and protect your privacy.


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