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10 Best Dedicated Proxies Providers in 2023

Dedicated Proxies

Are you searching for reliable dedicated proxies for online marketing and other related tasks? Then you have come to the right site. Our article covers the best-dedicated proxy providers you can select from and save time.

Online privacy is vital. This is because different people behave differently while surfing the internet. Therefore, you should not assume that no one can grasp your identity in real life. Masking your local IP address makes you anonymous and exposes you to restricted sites and content worldwide.

Dedicated proxies can help you on the internet if you want to remain anonymous. While casual people do not find the need to track your IP address, there are organizations and targeted people who find it relevant. The good news is that you can evade all these by effectively masking your real IP addresses hence your identity.

Today's article will go through the best-dedicated proxy providers online. Then, based on your budget, read, understand, and select the right provider from the list below.

Best Dedicated Proxies

1. Smartproxy – Dedicated Proxies for US Special Usage

Smartproxy for Reliable Dedicated data Proxy

  • Locations: US
  • Protocols: HTTP(s)/SOCKS5
  • Price: Start at $7.5/month with 3 IPs

Smartproxy is an American-based firm that serves enterprise and individual customers worldwide. Smartproxy has been on the market for a long time but remains simple with plenty of US-based IP addresses. If you are looking for specially dedicated proxies from the US, then Smartproxy is the way to go.

They offer easy-to-set-up dedicated proxies. From the look on their homepage, it is clear that the company offers the main selling services. These proxies come with not only fast speed but also 99.999% uptime, excellent subnet variety, access to unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteeing all customers an advanced control panel with many options.

While they limit the maximum number of connections, their pricing is affordable. You can count on the dedicated proxies from Smartproxy for tasks like unblocking geo-restricted content and sites, data scraping, SEO analysis, E-commerce, travel aggregations, etc.

However, this company does not offer a free trial; they still have a 3 days refund policy. The company also has a smart technical support team, available 24/7 to help their customers if they run into problems. Otherwise, enjoy unlimited threads.

2. Proxy-Seller – Best Dedicated Proxies with SOCKS5 Protocols

Proxy-Seller Homepage

  • Locations: 40+ countries
  • Protocols: SOCKS5/HTTP(s)
  • Price: Starts at $1.77/month with 1 IP

Proxy-seller comes second on our list of the best-dedicated proxy providers. The company offers dedicated proxies but comes with socks5 protocols. Besides, these proxies come at a very affordable price point. This is why most customers opt to purchase from Proxy-seller

. From the homepage, these proxies are effective on tasks like online gaming, social media automation and management,  SEO ranking, anonymity or privacy, and general browsing. Though the proxies are affordable, still, the more bulk you purchase, the more discounted price you get to enjoy. In our list, Proxy-seller also has IPV6 proxies.

Therefore, you purchase any weekly, monthly, or yearly plan based on your needs. These guys are friendly and offer you to select the proxies from over 400 networks and multiple subnets. You can as well replace the IP address anytime. In addition, these proxies come with a high speed of 1Gb/s.

Because of these amazing features, the company ranks high on the dedicated proxy provider list. They offer proxies sourced from over 50 worldwide countries, but the majority are in the UK, US, and Canada. Based on our experience, their response and user interface is on another level.

3. MyPrivateProxy – No.1 Dedicated Proxies

MyPrivateProxy for Dedicated Proxy

  • Locations: US and EU
  • Protocols: HTTP(s)/SOCKS5
  • Price: Starts at $2.49/month with 1 IP

MyPrivateProxy is the market leader. Sometimes, it is called the MPP group. The company is famous for private and dedicated proxies with a large pool of IP addresses to select from. Although their private proxies are effective in the US, they also cover other countries like Europe and North America. The main selling point of MyPrivateProxy is private proxies. However, you can easily access the dedicated and shared proxies from their website.

Additionally, MyPrivateProxy offers many advanced features. Besides, you can use their private and dedicated proxies for all the daily internet cases. When you purchase their proxies, you are guaranteed monthly randomization,  free and instant setup, and access to multiple subnets.

These guys also sell custom dedicated proxies for use cases like sneaker coping and online gaming. Even though some customers complained about the lack of a free trial, the company has a 3 days refund policy which gives you a chance to test if the proxies are reliable. Alternatively, their customer support items are available all day, around the clock.

With access to multiple locations, the proxies are affordable and come with fast speed. This is why the company ranks for selling the number one dedicated proxies with good location coverage.

4. IPBurger – Dedicated Proxies with Highest Quality

IPBurger for Dedicated Proxy

  • Locations: 7 countries
  • Protocols: HTTP(s)/SOCKS5
  • Price: Starts at $8/month with 1 IP

IPBurger is another company. Though the name might sound new in this industry, the company has established a strong reputation. It is one of the firms that sell high-quality dedicated proxies. For this reason, their dedicated proxies are somehow expensive but worth it. If you want an affordable provider, then IPBurger is not your option.

IPBurger provides exclusively dedicated proxies that have undergone tests and passed for anonymity quality. These proxies are sourced from 7 countries around the world. The main targets are the US, Canada,  and the US. The company has got praised for its daily expanding dedicated proxies in terms of location coverage.

Furthermore, the company allows users to make up to 5 simultaneous connections. Therefore, you can share the same IP address with someone managing your tasks. Other than changing the IP address, you can keep it static for as long as you wish.

The good news is that IPBurger dedicated proxies are compatible with most software, including Android. It also comes with the browser extension for firefox and chrome. In addition, their proxies also have unlimited bandwidth, and their support team is available 24/7 on live chat. Finally, it has recorded a 99.9% uptime, and in case you purchase but don't satisfy you, IPBurger has a refund policy.

5. Rayobyte – Dedicated Proxies with Affordable Price

Rayobyte for Dedicated Proxy

  • Locations: 26 countries
  • Protocols: HTTP(s)/SOCKS
  • Price: Starts at $2.5/month with 1 IP

Rayobyte, formerly Blazing SEO, is a well-known company for offering affordable dedicated proxies to their users worldwide. However, from their homepage, you will also be able to purchase the ISP p, mobile,  and residential proxies. Their proxies are efficient and fast because the company relies on the efficient data infrastructure from which they host their proxies. If you are a private user of proxies, then Rayobyte is a wonderful choice.

Rayobyte also offers protection against the ASN bans using their 9 ASNs. You must check for the eventuality, though. The company offers dedicated IPs and other proxies in over 26 countries worldwide. Besides, the company also offers excellent response time and stellar speed.

For diversity, Rayobyte has over 20k C-class subnets. And with the 25-petabyte nightly stats, the company has a force to consider, which is why the provider stands out from the rest. Moreover, they offer different pricing packages from the starters to the enterprise plan. Above all, you have access to unlimited bandwidth without restrictions.

6. Proxy-Cheap – IPv4 & IPv6 Dedicated Proxies

Proxy-Cheap for Dedicated Proxy

  • Locations: 120+ countries
  • Protocols: HTTP/Socks5
  • Price: Starts at $1.99 per proxy monthly with IPv4

When you need the IPV4 or the IPV6 dedicated proxies online, all in vain, then Proxy-Cheap is here to serve you. Even though it offers all ranges of proxies, including residential, datacenter, and mobile, they also have dedicated options.

The company has access to multiple IPs from different locations worldwide. Their Ip address covers over 120 countries. under the datacenter proxies, Proxy-Cheap has dedicated proxies options. This option supports all major protocols that are HTTP and socks. Again, the proxies have awesome uptime and excellent speed.

While it is a cheap proxy provider,  these dedicated proxies have proven to work well with data scraping, SEO, ticket scaling, sneaker coping, market research, and social media automation or management. Their pricing plan is not only affordable but also flexible.

You can access the IPV4 and IPV6 dedicated datacenter proxies on their website. It has a large IP pool size with over 900k datacenter pIP addresses. The customer support team can help you anytime you encounter a problem.

7. SSLPrivateProxy – Best Dedicated Proxies for Social Media

SSLPrivateProxy Homepage for Summer sale

  • Locations: North America and EU
  • Protocols: HTTP/Socks5
  • Price: Starts at $15/month with 5 IP

SSLPrivateProxy is a big name in the proxies market. The company is well known for its private or datacenter proxies on the market. The company brags about the strong network coverage and large IP pool size. While they operate across the US, they also support Europe.

Otherwise, SSLPrivateProxy has an awesome selection option for their dedicated proxies. If you are at the social media proxies, then SSLPrivateProxy offers one of the best-dedicated proxies for social media automation and management.

Performance is not an issue; SSLPrivateProxy sources their IP addresses on fast dedicated servers with high-end specs. From their homepage, they also promise to offer 99.99% uptime and two authentication types with access to advanced features such as monthly randomization and an advanced control panel,  enjoy unlimited bandwidth, and access to non-sequential IPs.

The company is trying to find new ways to support the use of clean energy; hence some of the servers operate on wind power. Though people find SSLPrivateProxy to be somewhere expensive compared with the rivals, these dedicated proxies are affordable.

Surf the internet with uncompromised anonymity. And with a single IP address, you can set up up to 100 concurrent connections or threads. The company has a refund policy instead of a free trial.

8. Highproxies – Dedicated Proxies for Bulk Purchase with More Favorable Prices

Highproxies for Private Proxy

  • Locations: US, Canada, and EU
  • Protocols: HTTP(s)
  • Price: Starts at $2.3/month with 1 IP

Highproxies is another reliable company. They offer premium dedicated proxies but are a great option with bulk purchases for the more favorable pricing plans. Their proxies support good locations worldwide, including the US, EU, and Canada.

Their support team is working to improve the proxy performance and speed. Therefore other than private or dedicated proxies, the company also sells shared and datacenter proxies and social media custom proxies.

Though Highproxies is an expensive provider for the person, they have a large IP pool size, guaranteeing high anonymity. The other excellent features these guys promise to access are whitelisting, unlimited bandwidth, and 99% uptime. These dedicated proxies are excellent for ticketing and social media automation with other typical cases.

This company is a strong market contender for the datacenter proxy providers with their dedicated proxies. From over 75 data servers, the company allows you to send up to 100 concurrent connections. Customer support teams are on another level and available 24/7.

9. InstantProxies – The Cheapest Dedicated Proxies

InstantProxies Homepage

  • Locations: Undisclosed
  • Protocols: HTTP
  • Price: Starts at $10/month with 10 IPs

While companies sell expensive proxies, InstantProxies offer the cheapest dedicated proxies on the market. Though they are cheap, these dedicated proxies work well but have the minimum requirements attached to the packages. Make sure to assume that InstantProxies offer low-quality proxies on the market.

The company has established a strong customer base and guarantees impressive speed and 99% uptime. And Before you purchase the proxies, the company allows you to test if they work first. Though the company does not specify the countries they support, they make it known that they support worldwide regions.

Because of the high anonymity and many other advanced features, InstantProxies dedicated proxies are perfect when sued for data scraping,  SEO, sneaker coping, social media automation, etc.

Their dedicated HTTP proxies come with high anonymity, support 3 major browsers, and have shown high performance on web crawling. Still, you have access to the advanced control panel, and proxies are not only 100% compatible but also have multiple subnets with unlimited bandwidth.

10. Proxy-Sale – Reliable Dedicated Proxies Cover Multiple Countries

Proxy-Sale Homepage

  • Locations: 32 countries
  • Protocols: HTTP
  • Price: Starts at $10/month with 10 IPs

The last on the list of dedicated proxies is the Proxy-Sale. This is also a reputable company that guarantees users access to reliable dedicated proxies covering multiple countries worldwide. To date, the firm supports 32 countries.

The company sells the IPV4 and IPV6 proxies which come with stellar connection speed.. their dedicated proxies are compatible with all software support HTTP protocols. Besides, you can access the proxies with support for unlimited concurrent threads and bandwidth.

Proxy-Sale dedicated proxies are good for tasks like web scraping, online gaming, traffic arbitrage, gambling, social media automation, and even CPA. They also have affordable pricing plans, and their customer support is available 24/7 to help users when they get stuck. Another thing about this company is that, besides requesting the proxy replacement, they also have a refund policy but are eligible within 24 hours.

Pros of Dedicated Proxies

These dedicated proxies offer high-quality service, especially when you use them for online gaming, web browsing, or even privacy purposes.

  • Protecting your online privacy
  • Maintaining long connections using a single proxy
  • Improves network performance as opposed to shared proxies.
  • Masks your IP as well as the Mac address
  • Y, you can unblock the geo-restricted sites and contents
  • Easily evades the block and firewalls
  • You also have exclusive access to the proxy IP addresses

Cons of Dedicated Proxies

Since these proxies don't have the flexibility needed, you thus must utilize them with the relevant bot. Also, note that dedicated proxies never rotate their IP address but rely on static ones.

This is because dedicated proxies are made up of the ISP and datacenter proxies and keep the same Ip address on all the connections sent. Therefore, if you change the IP address, you can only use the dedicated proxies to send multiple requests on a single site.

  • When a site blocks you, dedicated proxies are less flexible.
  • The proxies do not easily scale and need multiple IPs to expand the tasks.
  • Compared to shared, dedicated proxies are more expensive
  • You might end up purchasing abused dedicated proxies on the market.

Therefore, if your target is to change the Ip address, we are here to inform you that the private proxies are expensive and the wrong move. Instead, you can use the residential, backconnect, or mobile proxies. This way, you can change the IP address often based on your needs. And for every connection you send, they change the IP addresses frequently.


Dedicated proxies are vital, especially when you want to protect your online identity and yourself from malicious activities. The above-dedicated proxy providers are effective, and their proxies are hard to ban since they have high speed compared to shared proxies.

However, they guarantee you speed and high performance. While there are many options, read the above providers and go for the perfect one that meets your needs and falls within your budget. They are all relatively cheap and worth giving a shot at.


William Parsons

William Stafford Parsons is a leading expert in web data extraction and proxy services. He pioneered innovative techniques for large-scale data scraping and management over the past decade. William founded Eightomic LLC which provides customized data mining and web scraping solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He also created the popular GhostProxies residential IP network used by data professionals globally. Earlier, William co-founded - one of the first web data companies focused on gathering online data at scale. His technical expertise and entrepreneurship has been instrumental in driving innovation in data extraction and network anonymity. With over 15 years of experience, William continues to explore new methodologies and technologies to harness web data smoothly and reliably. He is renowned for building tailored systems that leverage proxies and data scraping to meet critical business needs.