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Can Someone Track Your Location from a Text? [Answered]

Can Someone Track Your Location from a Text

If you are into text messaging, you may wonder if someone can track your location from a text message. Worry no more; in this post, we’ll reveal the shocking truth about location tracking using text and offer tips to keep your location private from anyone seeking to track you.

Even with modern messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, people still send texts to communicate. While this feature offers convenience to numerous users, it raises privacy concerns for individuals who wonder if their location can be tracked through a single text message. If anything, modern apps such as WhatsApp use advanced technology such as End-to-End encryption which should make it near impossible to track a person’s location. But what’s the deal with SMS? Can someone actually track your location from a text message? While this is complicated and impossible to achieve, it still can happen. Learn more about monitoring location using SMS and other messaging apps.

What Is SMS?


We all remember the good old days before WhatsApp when we sent text messages to our friends and family over a basic phone. SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service and is a form of texting using simple language, plain text, and limited characters. One downside of using SMS is that the data is not encrypted, meaning that hackers can intercept and read the message. This makes you vulnerable to SS7 attacks such as spoofing, monitoring, and tracking. Of course, experienced hackers can only do this kind of attack. Rest assured, you can put your concerns to rest about your less tech-savvy friends gaining access to your SMS messages and being able to track your whereabouts.

Can You Use SMS To Track Location?

If you are a hacker and quite experienced, tracking someone’s location using SMS is doable. However, it’s important to note that there is a plethora of misinformation surrounding the utilization of SMS for location tracking. These myths can be highly misleading and often serve as mere clickbait, leading to user confusion. The average phone user can not track someone’s phone using SMS, and most don’t even know what SMS stands for. But wait, you don’t have to do it yourself. Some online services promise to track location using SMS by sending an SMS to a given number — and yes, these services work. It’s worth noting that these services will not give you the exact coordinates of a person’s location. Instead, they will provide an approximation based on the closest cell tower to which the target phone is connected.

Best Way To Track Someone’s Location Using Text


There are a lot of services out there that promise to track someone’s location using just text. We’ve tried most of them and discovered the best way to do this — Geofinder.

Geofinder is a popular service that lets users track a phone using SMS. While this service is aimed at people looking for their phones, there is no doubt that you can use it to track someone’s location. Geofinder boasts a minimal margin on error, which means you will have accurate results regarding the person’s location. The service is not free — you will have to pay a one-time fee of $29.99 (valid for ten years) to use the service. Once you pay, you can start tracking people using their phone numbers; enter the target phone number, and you are good to go! Note that the target phone has to be on for you to get results.

Tracking Someone’s Location Using mSpy


mSpy is another popular tracking up that we tried. What’s good about this app is that you don’t even need to send a text message to the target phone number. All you have to do is provide the phone number, and you can start tracking the person’s location. The app has many other features that will help you to keep an eye on anyone’s whereabouts. So, if you want a more powerful tool to keep your loved ones safe or always want to know where your employees are, this app is your answer.

Can You Track Someone’s Location Using iMessage and WhatsApp?

Can You Track Someone's Location Using iMessage and WhatsApp

Messaging apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp have built-in features that let you easily share your location with someone else. This can be helpful, especially if you’re trying to meet friends in a new place or find a lost person. While sharing your location in this app is made easy, the apps give you full control over your location so that you can decide who has access to it. The apps do not share your location without your permission. So, there is no way to track someone’s location without their permission or knowledge.

Can Your Track Someone’s Location Use A Phone Call?

Tracking someone’s location through a phone call or text message involves similar methods. However, it is crucial to understand that location tracking requires certain conditions to be met. Typically, obtaining an individual’s precise location would require the involvement of authorized entities such as law enforcement agencies or the appropriate legal framework. One would generally need access to cellular company records to track someone’s location through a phone call or text message. This access is usually obtained through legal means, such as obtaining a court order or warrant. Certain law enforcement technologies are designed to capture location information, but their use is subject to legal restrictions and guidelines.

Bottom Line

Fortunately or unfortunately, tracking someone’s location via SMS  is possible, and several services are designed to simplify this task. If you are looking for a simple service to track someone’s location, we recommend Geofinder as it is the most reliable and cost-effective option. mSpy is a more comprehensive solution but can be more expensive. Note that tracking someone’s location without their consent can be illegal, and you can get into serious trouble if you break the law. Ensure you use all the mentioned solutions responsibly and ethically, or the consequences can be severe.


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