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BulletVPN Review

There are many mixed reports of what BulletVPN offers. We do know it allows torrenting on its servers and comes with plenty of protocols for security.

With lots of bandwidth available, claims of bypassing geo-restrictions, and lots of support in other areas.

Does this VPN buck the trend, or are these false claims and one or two of the Bullet VPN review you see are justified?

Get BulletVPN

1 Yea

Recommended For:

  • Users who want to remain private
  • Users who take part in P2P file sharing
  • Suitable for casual streaming


  • No logging policy
  • Located outside any 5,9 or 14 eyes jurisdiction
  • Unblocks many streaming services
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • A small number of BulletVPN servers
  • Can be expensive

Plans and Pricing

At first glance, this BulletVPN review saw the prices for the service were high. However, they do have some deals at present, which makes the VPN more tempting. With one year free, if you sign up for 12-months, it changes things.

12 Months + 1-year free limited offer $3.75 Billed $89.98 for 24 months
6 Months $9.16 Billed $54.98 for 6 months
1 Month $10.98 Billed $10.98 for 1 month

If the 12-month offer wasn’t tempting enough, the VPN offers a 93% reduction if you sign up for the lifetime deal. This has a one-off payment of $39.00.

In reality, these do not last, or the company goes out of business, yet it can be a throwaway option that serves you well for the price.

Payment options allow for PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoin.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the plans, although this takes over 7-days to process. There is no free trial like many other providers as they think the monthly refund window is sufficient.

Key Features


Based in Estonia, this VPN is out of any jurisdiction. It is privacy-friendly and builds on top of this with the rest of its security features.

It offers OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPsec, IKEv2, and IKEv1 along with PPTP. It should be highlighted, the default is PPTP, which is the weakest of all, and will need changing to OpenVPN to get the full levels of security.

With 256-bit AES encryption, you get the same military-grade support as other VPNs.


The firm has taken a clear and concise stance on logging. They quote, “BulletVPN does not collect logs of any user activity, nor can it link any other collected information to any specific user.”

They continue with they don’t collect browsing or connection history, traffic, or data transfer. In fact, they make out, and they don’t store any VPN connection logs of any type. Add to this; they don’t sell any data.

Ease of Use

Supported Devices

Users can use three simultaneous connections with each account of this VPN service.


There is a wide variety of device apps you can select. These include Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone, Fire TV/ Firestick, Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Kodi, and more with setup guides. There is, unfortunately, no setup for routers.


When you visit the webpage, you are greeted by a pale green and white color scheme with a large red button saying, “Get BulletVPN.”

You are then taken to the plan page, where it takes three steps. Select your plan, enter your email and password, and then your payment method.

You can download the app when you sign up, and you will need to add in your details to use the service.


Once you have installed the app, you are presented with a clean interface with the logo and a large connect or disconnect button. Under this is the server you are connecting to.

Rather than clicking menus to find settings, these are conveniently located on the left toolbar. You can select from locations, accounts, and settings. (Find the Best VPN for France)

There were two niggles in operation, and that is the odd connection timing out. Along with this, you have to disconnect before changing the server rather than it being automatic.

Get BulletVPN

1 Year + 1 Year FREE Special Deal

Advanced Features

When you dive into the settings menu, you have the option to change servers from a list, and once you go into the settings tab, you have the chance to change protocols and start the VPN on system startup.

A kill switch is included that shuts off all connections if the VPN connection is lost and Bullet Shield.

This feature kills all internet traffic if there is another issue causing disconnection or you manually disconnect from a server.

While testing, all the features that run underneath the service prevented any data leaks or the IP address exposed.

The service also has a quick connect feature to select the best VPN for a user’s location.

Browser Extensions

Currently, there are no browser extensions for BulletVPN.


Speed Test

Saying that this is a small VPN service is an understatement. With just 71 servers in 37 countries (29 countries), it is hard to see why they deliver decent speeds.

The company promotes itself as delivering blazing fast speeds, yet many VPN providers also do this.

But, in this case, they were not far from the truth. While not blazing fast, they are more than satisfactory for any online activity a user may wish to partake in.

Here are a few examples of speed tests.

  • US Server 32 Mbps download – 60 Mbps upload with a ping of 140 ms
  • UK Server 39 Mbps download – 85 Mbps upload with a ping of 46 ms
  • Asia region 5.3 Mbps download – 4.5 Mbps upload with a ping of 315 ms

This appears to be a high drop-off from the base connection we have, yet these are sufficient for any HD and 4K videos.

One thing to note, these speeds are using the default PPTP protocol, so there will be more reduction in speed when enabling another higher encrypted protocol.

If the network grows, we can only presume these speeds will increase.

Customer Service

Any company which delivers 24/7 live chat as part of its customer service has to be admired. Many large companies don’t offer this, yet BulletVPN does this with live chat or email for more in-depth questions.

Add to this on the support page; there are setup guides; these show how to set up all the devices and their DNS and Kodi, among many other topics.

You can find a brief troubleshooting page and the FAQ section. This is quite extensive, yet not unlimited in the information it delivers.


The test of a good VPN will be the ability to bypass geo-restricted content. BulletVPN uses two methods to do this. There is the VPN itself, or they have their Smart DNS for unblocking this content.

While testing, we did see some failures in accessing Netflix, but on the whole, we can say with a little effort, it does bypass restrictions enough to prove reliable.

Again, this can be that the network is so small that it bypasses the IPs’ checks.

Geo blocks on other services were favored a little better, and both Amazon Prime Video and the BBC iPlayer could be accessed.

The iPlayer though like Netflix, did pose a couple of issues, and a change of server was sufficient for access.


The VPN provider doesn’t mention anything about torrenting that is obvious. In testing, we were able to carry out P2P file sharing from every server we tried. It is wise to choose servers that are in torrent-friendly locations just in case.

The only issue is if you crank up the encryption, you may need to wait longer for a download to complete. The network size will also be a dictator in this.

Wrap Up

Bullet VPN doesn’t do anything bad, and it doesn’t have that many issues in operation. It could be better, and if it grows, it may be a very different VPN altogether.

The features are on the limited side, yet it doesn’t fail with IP address leaks or any other leak when in use.

Users can find it a decent service that covers most of their needs unless they are heavy streamers or need more global coverage.

The biggest concern is the price. The regular prices are what you can pay for a premium service with thousands of VPN servers and more features. Even with the lifetime plan, we see these are not that good of an enticement.

If the regular price was to drop, then it may be worth a second look.


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