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15 Best Proxies for All Your Needs in 2023

Best Proxy Providers

Do you want to mask your local IP address and improve your online privacy while lifting all restrictions? Best proxies, when unblocked, also offer other additional features. Read our article to learn about the best proxy providers and make your choice.

Online markers and influencers have many blocks to evade online. However, you can unlock many opportunities and doors online with the right proxy servers. This ranges from accessing geo-restricted contents and scraping data to automation without facing any issues while masking your local IP address.

You will never worry about your online security with the best proxy provider. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best proxy providers due to the demand and need to help you save time and effort. These companies have dominated the market hence prominent. Please read our guide to the end and make the right choice based on your needs.

When Do You Need a Proxy?

Other than high anonymity and data scraping, there are many situations when you need to use proxies. Some of these include:

  • Sneaker copping: If you are into the sneaker coping business, you understand that limited editions have high demand and get sold out from stock in a second. For you to grasp these drops, you must be smart and fast. This calls for proxies to mask your real Ip addresses and cop multiple pairs of sneakers without restrictions.
  • Social media automation and management: some platforms do not allow users to have multiple accounts. The platform makes it hard to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. But with the proxies, you can easily automate and manage multiple social media accounts using separate Ip addresses for every account. Hence it is vital to block or ban accounts.
  • Improved network performance: even though some people believe that proxies tend to reduce internet speed. That is a myth, and the opposite prevails. Proxies save your bandwidth by catching the sites you visit, improving the connection speed and network performance.
  • Travel fare aggregation:  this is a good move, especially when you want to compare the prices and get the cheapest flight price from any part of the world. You can use the proxy-powered travel aggregation to overpass the travel website restriction and checks.

After understanding why you need to use proxies, we now have to move ahead to the list of the best providers on the market.

Best Proxies in 2023

1. Bright DataThe Leader of the Proxy Provider Market

Bright Data Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Residential, Datacenter, and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 72+ M
  • Targeting: ASN/Cities/Countries

Bright Data, formerly Luminati, is the market leader. The company has a large proxy pool that covers worldwide locations. They offer excellent location coverage and geo-targeting from the country to the ASN level.

Bright Data provides customers with residential proxies and mobile, ISP, and datacenter proxies. It boasts as number one for the web data platform. The guys claim to convert the websites to structured data. This award-winning proxy provider has ready-to-use datasets and powerful web scraper software.

Bright Data is the undisputed market leader because the company sells the most reliable proxies with the most flexibility, compliance, and efficiency. Although their proxies are expensive, they are worth it.

Because they come with stellar speed, high anonymity, tailored to offer solutions, full transparency, a  dedicated account manager, and a 24/7 global support team, you can ask if they will develop proxies for you. Bright data has all you need on the market and guarantees 99.99% uptime, excellent customer experience, and ratings.

2. Smartproxy – Best All-Rounder Proxy Provider

Smartproxy Overview

  • Proxy Type: Residential and Datacenter
  • IP Pool: 40+ M
  • Targeting: Cites(Only 8)/Countries(50 USA states Geo-targeted)

Smartproxy is also the next best proxy provider company online. They offer both datacenter and residential proxies to the customers. The firm is a smart choice, as the name suggests, and on their website, they break out all the services they offer to the customers.

Regarding the targeting feature, the provider offers 8 city-level targeting options and 50 US-country geo-targeting options. They source their IP addresses from real devices, and the company returned the highest number of unique IPs in the test.

Again, Smartproxy offers the perfect connections with excellent network speed to ensure a high success rate. And the test showed the proxies have a response rate of less than 1 second. This indicates premium performance in quality.

Generally, Smartproxy supports almost 195 countries, supports unlimited connection threads, and IP rotation based on your needs, and you will also have extensive documentation for guidance. Furthermore, on all packages, they offer a 3 days refund policy hence the best all-around proxy provider on the market.

3. Soax – Best Proxies with Cleanest IP Pool

Soax Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Residential and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 5+ M
  • Targeting: Countries/Cities/Region/ISP

Though Soax is a new company in the field, the company has established a robust reputation for the cleanest IP pool. The company has existed since 2019, selling residential and mobile proxies with over 8.5 million Ip addresses to select from. Their Ip addresses are unique and sourced from the real device; hence hard to detect.

Even though some customers complain about the speed, the performance of these proxies will amaze you. From the test results, Soax proxies indicated a success rate of 98% with stable servers.

In addition, the company offers a wide selection and geo-targeting options from countries to the ISP level. The other features you enjoy with Soax are API access,  24/7 live chat customer support, global location coverage, HTTP(S), and socks5 protocol support.

4. Shifter – The Best Practitioner of Unlimited Bandwidth

Shifter Overview

  • Proxy Type: Residential
  • IP Pool: 31+ M
  • Targeting: Countries

The Shifter is an old company since it entered the market in 2012 and ranks among the best proxy providers. The company offers backconnect residential proxies. This is where they get the reputation due to affordability and unlimited bandwidth.

They boast about their proxies for being the best in data scraping and many other uses, including sneaker copping. Their rotating proxies are time-based, and the IP address is only assigned per port but changes after 5 minutes.

The Shifter has a large IP pool of over 31 million, with targeting options limited to the country level. Otherwise, Shifter has excellent location support and coverage, affordable pricing points, and flexible proxies. So give it a try today and enjoy the unlimited bandwidth.

5. Proxy-Cheap – Best Budget Choice for Proxies

Proxy Cheap Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Residential, Datacenter, and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 7+ M
  • Targeting: Countries

Proxy-Cheap is a good option and a one-stop shop for all your proxies' needs at an affordable price. The company sells residential,  static residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies on its website. Considering the datacenter, they have IPV4 and IPV6, which supports HTTP and socks5 protocols. Though static, they are instantly delivered and set up.

However, mobile proxies support 3g or 4G technology and work the same as a datacenter in terms of compatibility, but the only difference comes in the unlimited bandwidth. There is good location coverage simple dashboard, and it comes with the proxy generator tool.

These proxies are perfect for tasks like sneaker coping, SEO analysis, travel aggregation, etc. Their pricing plan is affordable, as the name suggests, but they give you the best value for your money.

6. Oxylabs – The Largest Premium Proxy Provider

Oxylabs Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Residential, Datacenter, and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 100+ M
  • Targeting: Countries/Cities/States

Oxylabs is the largest Bright Data contender. This is because, just like Bright Data, Oxylabs also offers residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. However, Oxylabs has a huge Ip pool of over 100 million IP addresses covering all countries worldwide. Because of this, Oxylabs has good geo-targeting features from the country to the state or city level. This is the only place where Bright Data overtakes Oxylabs.

Otherwise, Oxylabs is the largest premium proxy provider online. Besides rotating residential proxies, Oxylabs also have static residential proxies where thy procedures come directly from the ISPs and hence enjoy the pleasures of both the residential and datacenter under this option.

One of the amazing features of Oxylabs is the next gen-residential proxies, which utilize machine learning and AI knowledge while mimicking the user's browsing behaviors to evade the captchas and blocks.

7. Froxy – Best Premium Private Proxy Provider

Froxy Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Residential and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 8+ M
  • Targeting: Countries

Even though the company is still new in the game, Froxy is taking over by storm. The company offers mobile and residential proxies. It claims to be the best in proving the private premium proxy on the market. These guys have professional and guaranteed high-quality mobile and residential proxies. Again, they have excellent location coverage and geo-targeting to the country level.

With over 8 million IP addresses pool, you can select any IP address to achieve your online goal. This is because Froxy shows high anonymity, high speed, and evasion restrictions, as well as the captchas. In addition, they offer to target up to the provider's level for residential proxies, which is awesome. It's a trusted proxy provider with excellent customer support.

8. Rayobyte – An Affordable Proxy Provider

Rayobyte Homepage formerly

  • Proxy Type: Residential, Datacenter, and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 10+ M
  • Targeting: Country/City/State/ASN

Rayobyte, a rebranded Blazing SEO, has been n the market for a long time. Through it began with offering dedicated datacenter proxies to the members, Rayobyte today offers mobile and residential proxies.

They have over 10 million Ip addresses sourced from around the world. Rayobyte introduced mobile proxies last year. Regardless of the type of proxy plan you select from the homepage, and they guarantee unlimited bandwidth and a perfect connection speed.

This is blazing, and the company is a perfect end-to-end control network. Again, Rayobyte has one of the top-notch customer support teams available 24/7 to help where you get stranded on the way.

The other amazing features of Rayobyte include the trial and error approach, which is compatible with all software that supports HTTPS and socks5. You can request the custom package and enjoy free monthly randomization. The company also has good geo-targeting from the country to the ASN level.

9. HydraProxy – Mobile Proxies with No Monthly Commitments

HydraProxy Overview

  • Proxy Type: Residential and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 5+ M
  • Targeting: Countries

HydraProxy offers both residential and mobile proxies though the company is well known for its reliable mobile proxies, which do not have any monthly commitment. Customers enjoy a large IP pool size of over 5 million in the two categories, with geo-targeting options available at the county level.

You have full control over the protocols, location, and network type. The five million Ip addresses are based in the US; however, you can still filter them to obtain a particular location.

Among the proxy providers, HydraProxy also has custom pricing plans on its website. Therefore, you purchase the proxies based on your budget and needs. This flexibility makes the company unique and stands out from the rest. In addition, they have awesome customer support services to guide you through with no setup fee needed.

10. ProxyGuys – Offer Premium US 5G Mobile Proxies

ProxyGuys Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Residential and Mobile
  • IP Pool: 10+ M
  • Location: 50+ locations in the US

ProxyGuys is another beast with a whopping  10+ million IP addresses supporting over 50 locations in the US. ProxyGuys offers residential and mobile proxies and is the best premium US 5G mobile proxy provider.

They have a massive Ip diversity coupled with the support of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited Ip location changes, and 24/7 customer support through live chat when you get the premium package.

ProxyGuys offers proxies that meet all your needs and give you access to advanced geo-targeting options worldwide from the state to the ISP.No thread limit. Still, you can enjoy bandwidth rollover on residential proxies. In addition, the company has a competitive price plan.

11. The Social Proxy – Best Mobile Proxies for Automation

The Social Proxy Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Mobile
  • Location: UK/Austria/Germany/Israel/USA (New York & Texas)
  • Cost: Starts at €90 per month

The Social Proxy specializes in selling mobile proxies. Because of this and access to many advanced features, we also ought to list The Social Proxy as the best proxy provider on the market. Their mobile proxies are perfect for social media automation and management. Still, the company sells the datacenter and residential proxies to the customers.

Though they support limited locations such as the UK, Australia, Germany, Israel, and USA (New York & Texas), you can use them from any part of the world targeting these places. In addition, the Social Proxy has a relatively good IP collection pool with a guarantee to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and send concurrent connections up to 500.

The Social Proxy is unique in that its mobile proxies support all the popular protocols and are compatible with most software or tools on the market. However, The Social Proxy offers a limited geo-targeting option but be sure to access the cross-platform proxy checker tool to manage and share your proxies.

12. Proxy-Seller – The Cost-Effective Private Proxy

Proxy-Seller Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Datacenter and Mobile
  • Locations: 40+ countries
  • Concurrent Thread: Allowed

Proxy-Seller does not offer residential but when you need mobile and datacenter proxies, count on this company for cost-effective private proxies. Proxy-Seller sells highly rated private proxies and has gained a reputation among small-scale business users and individuals on the market.

Moreover, their Proxies are compatible with all software supporting HTTPS and cosks5 protocols. Another fact is that these proxies are simple to integrate and use hence hassle-free services worldwide. This is because they have a large IP pool size.

In terms of pricing, they offer fantastic and flexible payment since you can select from the weekly to the yearly plan. The more you purchase bulk proxies, the more you enjoy discounted prices. The company also offers different secure payment methods. Besides, Proxy-Seller guarantees you high-speed,  top-notch customer support, and excellent location coverage.

13. MyPrivateProxy – The Best Datacenter Proxy Provider

MyPrivateProxy Overview

  • Proxy Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: US and EU
  • Concurrent Thread: Allowed

Myprivateproxy is also among the best proxy providers on the market. It ranks high on the list of its private or datacenter proxies, with dedicated IPs supporting US, Canada, and Europe. The datacenter packages have over 400k IP addresses that guarantee a maximum connection speed.

So if you want the fastest dedicated IP addresses, then Myprivateproxy is on your doorstep and guarantees instant delivery to start enjoying the value for your money.

Myprivateproxy has a good customer rating. However, Myprivateproxy does not support concurrent connections. Meanwhile, there are efficient support teams with perfect custom sneaker proxies, custom online gaming proxies, ticket scalping, etc.

14. SquidProxies – The Fast Proxy with Unlimited Bandwidth

SquidProxies Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: US, EU, and Asia
  • Concurrent Thread: Allowed

If you ever want to enjoy the power of unlimited bandwidth compiled with fast speed, get the SquidProxies datacenter proxies. The company guarantees you access to a large IP pool of private proxies with the capability to scale your businesses.

The company only decided to offer private proxies and promised customers advanced features like unlimited bandwidth, elite anonymity, access to multiple Ip subnets, affordable pricing plans, and monthly randomization.

SquidProxies also offers private proxies that are 100% compatible and promise you top-notch customer support. It has been around since 2010 and thus built a  huge global network with millions of IP addresses. You can also request custom proxies from the site.

15. HighProxies – Private Proxies for a Variety of Purposes

HighProxies Formal Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: 10+ countries
  • Concurrent Thread: Allowed

HighProxies come last on our list. However, the company ranks high as well because of its datacenter proxies. HighProxies offers datacenter proxies that perform numerous use cases. Besides, they also have shared proxies on their platform.

Otherwise, their private or datacenter proxies are awesome with no issues and guarantee high anonymity. All the packages come at an affordable price. Their dedicated IP addresses are virgin.

That aside, HighProxies has good location coverage and excellent customer feedback online. This indicates the satisfaction level of customers in over 11 countries worldwide. They also guarantee 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, high security, and unlimited resources.


1. Is it illegal to use a proxy server?

The legality of the proxy servers depends on the laws placed in your country. However, you will never run into issues when you are not using the server for an illegal motive.

2. Which proxy is safest?

Premium proxies are secure. And specifically, the advanced proxy providers we have covered in the above articles are all reliable and secure to use.

3. Which type of proxy is the fastest?

There are 3 types of proxies; among them, the datacenter is the fastest. Though not related to the ISP, this is easy to detect. On the other hand, residential is slow compared to datacenters but sourced from real devices and hard to detect. Then mobile proxies are sourced from the ISPS, have datacenter speeds, and are hard to detect and ban.

4. Should I use free proxies?

While you might think of free proxies, it is risky. Free proxies come with numerous privacy concerns. Free proxies are not HTTPS secured; connection is easily monitored, can lead to data breathing, and gives you low-quality services compared to the premium proxies.

5. VPN vs. Proxy, which is better?

Some people need help selecting between proxies and VPNs. However, proxies are perfect for individual uses when you want to hide the web traffic and social media automation and combining with the web scraper tool. But when it comes to the VPN, they are excellent choices for casual users that want to protect their privacy, evade geo-location restrictions, or improve their torrenting capabilities.


In our article, we have covered the best proxy providers on the market. The above companies guarantee high-quality proxies, high anonymity, great selection options, large IP pool size, affordable pricing plan, and reliable service. Count them for general use cases, sneaker shopping, or surfing sensitive sites. g for the specific proxies that help you achieve your needs.


William Parsons

William Stafford Parsons is a leading expert in web data extraction and proxy services. He pioneered innovative techniques for large-scale data scraping and management over the past decade. William founded Eightomic LLC which provides customized data mining and web scraping solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He also created the popular GhostProxies residential IP network used by data professionals globally. Earlier, William co-founded - one of the first web data companies focused on gathering online data at scale. His technical expertise and entrepreneurship has been instrumental in driving innovation in data extraction and network anonymity. With over 15 years of experience, William continues to explore new methodologies and technologies to harness web data smoothly and reliably. He is renowned for building tailored systems that leverage proxies and data scraping to meet critical business needs.