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15 Best Acronis True Image Alternatives (Win & Mac)

Acronis True Image Alternatives

The Acronis True Image is one of Mac and Windows’s most reliable backup software. But there are other terrific options you can try out, such as the AOMEI Backupper, Macrium Reflect, and Paragon Hard Disk Manager. To help you choose the best software for cloning your hard drive, here is a well-researched article of the 15 Best Acronis True Image Alternatives for you!

Computers have valuable information you would avoid losing, such as your work documents, memorable family videos, or pictures. Sometimes, your computer may lose some of this data; people back up their hard drives to avoid this risk. You can use many software’s, such as Acronis true image. If you are searching for great software, here are the 15 best Acronis true image alternatives.

Acronis True Image Alternatives.

Other software you can use besides the Acronis true image is:

1. Paragon Hard Disk Manager.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

The Paragon Hard disk manager is an easy and efficient data manager. Besides helping you manage your data, it also helps to protect it. Furthermore, the Paragon Hard disk manager has created a more responsive and modern interface.

It costs $79.95 and has no free trial, although this license entails three computers. Some features you enjoy are the disk-wipe module, partitioning management services, and improved backup.

2. EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup

The EaseUS ToDo is another reliable tool for data recovery. You can create a backup by creating a Smart, System, File, or Partition backup. This software also allows you to recover the files to their original or in a separate location.

Again, you can establish a schedule to monitor your files using a “Smart backup” feature. When you make any changes to these files, the component creates new backups of the new file, making it easier for you to manage the data.

3. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a reliable data backup for XP, Vista, and Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. This software lets you clone files, restore and backup data. It also allows you to manage automatic, differential, incremental, and full backups. Its other features include:

  • NTFS permissions.
  • Image encryption
  • Mirror sync
  • PXE boot
  • Image management
  • Command line
  • Recovery environment

Aomei Backupper’s price starts from $ 49.95, which is for Personal PCs, then there is $59.95 for Business PCs, $199.00 for Business servers, $ 699.00 for Enterprise and MSP, and $999.00 for Enterprise and MSP.

4. MiniTool Drive Copy.

MiniTool Drive Copy

MiniTool Drive copy is another great software that provides professional solutions to partition and disk copy in the shortest time possible. You can also upgrade a small hard disk to a larger one to make it faster. Its main advantages are that it’s very secure and easy to use.

5. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect

Paramount Software UK Ltd created Macrium Reflect, a backup software in 2006. Macrium Reflect uses Microsoft Volume Shadow copy for more accuracy when creating file backup and disk images.

Macrium Reflect creates backups for individual files, folders, and whole partitions into an archive or compressed file. If you are a new user, they have a free trial you can try out, and once it expires, you pay a one-time fee of $69.95.

6. Carbon Copy Cloner.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Bombich’s Carbon Copy Cloner, “CCC,” creates disk cloning and backup software for Macs. Its main window allows you to select the disk’s origin, deselect its destination disk, and deselect folders or files you erroneously selected.

You can schedule tasks as a group, individually, or chain them to create a recurring backup schedule. There is a free one-month trial for new users, and then you pay a fee of $39.99.

7. Chronosync.


Chronosync offers you all solutions for cloud storage, bootable backups, and backups for Macs. You can back up manually, schedule them, or back them up in a Nas box or local hard drive. You can create two bootable clones using Chronosync, the mirrored and standard.

Mirror clone replaces all data in the destination file with those from the source, while standard makes a “bootable system” in the destination file. Chronosync costs $49.99 and has a 15 days free trial with access to all features. The ChronoSync Express costs $24.99, which only allows you locally sync and backup data.

8. Super-duper.

SuperDuper is a very advanced copying software, but it’s straightforward. When you simply back up your data or transfer data from one device to another, superDuper software comes in handy to make a clone.

It’s fast and has a friendly user interface. Again, its inbuilt scheduler fully automates data backup. It costs $27.95 to buy Superduper for cloning your Mac hard disk.

9. Mac Backup Guru

Mac Backup Guru

Mac Backup Guru is one the cloning software with a friendly user interface. You can clone your data on your hard drive or make significant changes. Besides that, it has all basic software features, including scheduled data backups that become active when you insert a backup disk.

10. Backblaze


What is Backblaze? It’s software that automatically backup data in Macs to servers or according to a specific schedule you have set. Backblaze emphasizes simplicity, selecting the items to back up and what to exclude. For instance, it backs up music folders, movies, pictures, and documents but does not back up Apps and dmg images.

When retrieving data, you can either restore it through a web interface from Backblaze or send the files to a USB stick or another hard drive, but you’ll pay an extra fee. To use Backblaze, you pay  $7 per month or a discounted price of $70 annually.

11. IDrive.


If you are looking for backup software with simplicity, then consider IDrive. It automatically selects folders, pictures, music, and documents for backup. Moreover, you can restore your data and have it physically delivered to you at no extra fee if you are in the US, but if you are in another country, shipping fees apply.

Using a personal tier costs $59.62 in the first year and $79.50 for the following years, but you only receive 5TB of data.

12. Carbonite safe.

Carbonite safe

Carbonite Safe is another easy-to-use data backup software. To use it, download, install, and launch the app to start backing up your data immediately. On the left side of the app, you will see the main folders: Music, Movies, Pictures, Documents, and Desktop.

If you want to restore a file, click the “restore option” available on the sidebar and select where you want the file restored, either to its original file or to download them. Carbonite safe costs $71.99 annually for one computer and $111.99 for external drives.

13. MacBackup Guru

The primary function of the MacBackup Guru is to create some bootable clones of Mac disks. However, its current version can synchronize your backed-up folder and disk. Unlike other software, you don’t have to back up everything; you can select what you want to exclude. A single computer costs $49.99 annually, exclusive of cloud storage.

14. MSP360 CloudBerry Backup

MSP360 CloudBerry Backup

If you own a small business or want backup software for your home use, cloudberry backup is ideal. Cloudberry backup comes in free and paid versions and has almost the same features except for the ability to create compressed and encrypted backups. A paid version of the Cloudberry backup costs $29.99 for one computer.

15. Get Backup Pro (v3.6)

Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro is a flexible software that only allows you to create bootable clones for Macs or sync folders and files on other drives. You can compress backups to create more space, and you can choose to back up data based on a file or disk image.

Since “Get Backup Pro” lacks a cloud service, you must use a third-party tool to back up your data. Another disadvantage of this software is that you need help to select what to back up; it backs up all data.


If you store vital information on your computer, you should back it up to avoid losing it. There are many soft wares to back up or clone your hard drives, such as the Acronis True Image, Backblaze, IDrive, Suoer-Duper, and Chronosync.


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