Secure Access to Central Enterprise Data and Applications with HOB RD VPN

The comprehensive secure remote access suite HOB RD VPN makes it possible to securely access enterprise data over the Internet. Hereby, this intelligent software solution doesn’t have to be installed on the end devices being used, nor need it be administrated on them. Users can simply access their applications, desktops and servers from a Web browser. The centrally managed user configuration provides you, on any computer, with your own individual access rights and settings. This enables you to work anywhere as if you were at your own workstation. HOB RD VPN facilitates this by providing you with a wide range of functions: From SSL-encrypted access to enterprise servers to the creation of your own private cloud. Another benefit: The central installation, administration and configuration translate into great savings on the time and effort expended by the business and thus a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Furthermore, enterprises using HOB RD VPN can count on the highest security “made in Germany.” This remote access solution has been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) in acc. w. the Common Criteria EAL4+ and has absolutely no backdoors. It is also extremely flexible: Thanks to its platform-independence, multi-client capability and scalability, it adapts to the needs of every business. This high-performance software provides for fast data transmission and thereby fast, efficient work processes. This is also supported by the integrated clustering solution, the highest availability and fail-safety.

Product Overview

Your Benefits

Single-Point-of-Access: Comprehensive secure remote access solution for all access scenarios
Central administration for reduced time consumption and lower cost
User-friendly and intuitive use
Cost-efficient and flexible, as no installation or administrator rights are needed on the client side
Secure and flexible authentication
Role and rights assignment for differentiated implementation of security requirements
Simple scalability for trouble-free implementation and the highest flexibility
  SSL encryption for highly secure data transmission

Technical Highlights

Comfortable connection of many clients and domains for the highest flexibility
Modern encryption technologies for the highest security
Secure Single Sign-on for the highest security
Integrated, web-based Voice-over-IP client for secure and economical communication
Continuous optimization of applications for maximum productivity
Integrated clustering solution for the highest availability and fail-safety

HOB RD VPN Features

HOB RD VPN has numerous features. To see an overview of these features, which are included in the various HOB RD VPN Editions, please click the following link: "HOB RD VPN - Content of the Editions - Comparison."

Possible Combinations

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