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The Hot New Way to Video Call from Your Couch: Zoom Arrives on Fire TV Cube

Exciting news in the world of streaming and smart home tech! Amazon and Zoom have teamed up to bring seamless video conferencing to the Fire TV Cube.

As COVID has forced us all to connect virtually, video calling has exploded. Zoom alone saw users grow from 10 million to over 300 million in 2020 [1].

Video calling is clearly here to stay. And now one of the most popular services is available on one of the most powerful streaming devices – making it easier than ever to stay connected from the comfort of your living room.

Why Fire TV Cube is the Perfect Device for Zoom

The 2nd generation Fire TV Cube is all about performance. With its speedy hexa-core processor and hands-free Alexa voice control, it‘s ideal for handling a smooth video call experience.

Here‘s how the Cube‘s specs compare to using Zoom on other platforms:

Device CPU Resolution Audio Camera Voice Control
Desktop 2-4 cores Up to 4K Variable USB add-on Keyboard/mouse
Laptop 2-4 cores Up to 4K Built-in Built-in Keyboard/mouse
Tablet 4-6 cores Up to 2K Variable Rear + front Touchscreen + mic
Phone 4-6 cores Up to 1080p Built-in Built-in Touchscreen + mic
Fire TV Cube 6 cores Up to 4K HDMI/Optical USB add-on Hands-free Alexa

With 6 processing cores clocked at up to 2.2Ghz, the Fire TV Cube can easily handle CPU-intensive Zoom video encoding and decoding without hiccups. And the hands-free Alexa integration makes joining meetings easier than ever.

Unlocking Zoom‘s Full Potential on Fire TV Cube

The Zoom experience on Fire TV brings almost all the same features that are available on desktops to the big screen. Here are some of the key capabilities now accessible:

Video – Up to 4K video calling quality at 30 fps

Audio – Stereo sound on calls. Can also connect soundbar or speakers via HDMI.

Camera – Supports 720p HD webcams. Alexa controls make it easy to pan and zoom.

Screen Sharing – Share your screen or documents with meeting participants.

Remote Control – Alexa voice remote for call controls like mute/unmute.

Chat – Send chat messages to individuals or groups during meetings.

Recordings – Local and cloud recording options.

The Fire TV Cube really unlocks the full potential of Zoom for an immersive call environment.

Setting Up Your Living Room for Optimal Video Calls

To make the most of Zoom on Fire TV, you‘ll need to set up your living room for video call success:

Webcam Position – Place camera at eye level, stable location looking straight at where you‘ll be seated.

Lighting – Add lamps for bright, even lighting on your face. Avoid backlight from windows.

Audio – Use external speakers/mic for best sound. Or headphones with boom mic for private calls.

Background – Camera will show whatever‘s behind you! Add some decorative elements.

Furniture – Choose a comfy seat facing the TV at a reasonable distance for video calls.

Internet – For best connectivity, connect your Cube via ethernet cable vs WiFi.

Other Devices – Close unused apps and disable notifications during calls to optimize performance.

A little preparation will go a long way to help your living room video call experience rival your office setup.

Why At-Home Video Calling Matters

The COVID pandemic radically changed how we communicate. A recent survey by Pew Research found [2]:

  • 64% of Americans have used video calling during the pandemic, up from 20% pre-pandemic.

  • Of those using video calling, 60% expect to continue using it just as often or more after the pandemic.

Video calling is clearly here to stay as part of our daily lives. Integrating it into the living room with Zoom on Fire TV Cube is a natural evolution.

Tech analyst David Simpson noted: "Once people get accustomed to the convenience of video calling from home, there‘ll be no going back. Companies like Zoom and Amazon are smart to get ahead of this shift."

Enhance Your Fire TV Cube‘s Performance

To get the most out of your Fire TV Cube, be sure to:

  • Use wired internet – Plug in an Ethernet cable for faster and more reliable speeds during calls. WiFi can get congested and laggy.

  • Close extra apps – Swipe up to close any apps you‘re not using before joining meetings. This allows the Cube to dedicate maximum resources to Zoom.

  • Disable notifications – Go into settings and turn off notifications during calls to avoid disruptive pop-ups. You can easily turn them back on after.

  • Add external storage – Attach a thumb drive or hard drive to store recordings and free up built-in storage for optimal app performance.

  • Keep it updated – Check for latest firmware updates and install to ensure you have all the newest features and fixes. Updates occur automatically when the device is idle.

With some simple optimizations, you can maximize your Fire TV Cube‘s capabilities and enjoy flawless Zoom calls from your living room.

Zoom on Fire TV Cube Opens Exciting Possibilities

Having Zoom readily available on your Fire TV Cube makes staying connected so much more accessible. Now you can video chat with family near and far, collaborate with colleagues, or attend classes and events right from the comfort of home.

This convenience is a game changer for how we interact. And it demonstrates the incredible versatility and potential of the Fire TV Cube as a smart home hub.

What will companies like Amazon and Zoom think of next? The possibilities are endless when you combine innovative hardware like the Fire TV Cube with revolutionary software like Zoom.

One thing‘s for certain – video calling is just getting started transforming how we work, play, learn and live. And thanks to Amazon and Zoom, now your living room can be at the center of it all!

Ready to enjoy seamless video calls from your couch? Just grab a Fire TV Cube, webcam and get ready for the future of staying connected.


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