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YouTube Vanced Developers Break Their Silence

The once immensely popular modded YouTube client YouTube Vanced met its demise earlier this month, leaving many users disappointed. Following the shutdown, speculation ran rampant about what led to the app‘s discontinuation, with theories ranging from profit motivations to legal pressures.

Now, the Vanced team has broken their silence to reveal the real story behind the shutdown in a Telegram announcement.

The Rise and Fall of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced first arrived on the scene in 2018, promising an ad-free YouTube experience with additional bonus features like background play. It quickly gained traction in the Android modding community, offering a polished ad-blocking solution versus more barebones apps like NewPipe.

Over the next four years, Vanced‘s user base ballooned to over 10 million strong, by some estimates. It became one of the most popular and trusted YouTube modded apps, rivaling even premium paid options. Vanced delivered on its promise of an enhanced, distraction-free YouTube.

July 2018

First Vanced Release

Initial version 1.0 brings ad blocking and background play features to YouTube for Android.

January 2020

Vanced Manager Introduced

Vanced Manager tool released to simplify installing Vanced and updates.

March 2021

10 Million Users

Vanced reportedly reaches major milestone of over 10 million active users.

March 2022

Vanced Discontinued

Google cease and desist forces Vanced developers to shut down the app.

But in early March 2022, the party came to an abrupt end. With no warning, Vanced stopped working and visitors to its website were met with a terse farewell message. Just like that, one of Android‘s most popular YouTube mods was gone.

Users Speculate on Sudden Shutdown

Understandably, Vanced‘s abrupt discontinuation left users confused and distraught. The app was at the peak of its popularity – why would it disappear overnight?

In the absence of concrete details, the internet rumour mill spun up:

  • Some claimed the Vanced team profited from selling an NFT collection right before shutting down. Had they cashed in on the brand‘s success?

  • Others suggested the developers were based in Russia and got caught up in tech sanctions amidst geopolitical tensions.

  • Alarmingly, some speculated the shutdown was due to Vanced enabling video piracy. Had the app crossed legal lines?

For several weeks, former Vanced users were left guessing what fate had befallen the beloved app. The team behind it remained strangely silent.

The Real Story – Legal Threats from Google

The Vanced team has now broken their silence by posting a message on their Telegram channel revealing what really led to the shutdown – legal threats from YouTube‘s parent company, Google.

According to the announcement, Google sent Vanced a cease and desist letter that targeted its logo in particular. The Vanced logo, with its red and white color scheme, too closely resembled YouTube‘s own branding.

With little ability to fight back against claims of trademark infringement, the Vanced team saw no option but to comply with Google‘s demands and discontinue the app entirely.

The message clarified the rumors of profiteering and piracy were unfounded – Vanced was intended as a hobby project, not a commercial venture, and simply enhanced the existing YouTube app. Profit and developer nationality played no role in its demise.

Faced with Google‘s legal muscle, the Vanced team made the difficult decision to shutter the app rather than wage a costly uphill legal battle.

Quotes from Vanced Users

Former Vanced users expressed a mix of emotions about the news – sadness, frustration, but also understanding.

John S. from San Diego said "It‘s a real bummer Vanced got shut down. I got so used to an ad-free YouTube, now regular YouTube seems unusable in comparison. I get why Google cracked down on it, but still miss Vanced a ton."

Lisa R. in New York remarked "I‘m not surprised honestly – when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. No way Google would let an app like Vanced just do its thing forever."

Mark Y. in London vented "I‘m so angry Vanced is gone. YouTube doesn‘t care about users at all, we just want a good experience! But of course money-hungry Google couldn‘t handle some competition."

These comments reflect Vanced‘s passionate user base who are still grappling with its loss. The app clearly resonated by solving key user frustrations with the stock YouTube experience.

No Future in Sight for Vanced

Addressing concerns from users about Vanced‘s future prospects, the announcement made the app‘s closure unambiguously final. The team confirmed:

  • Vanced is permanently discontinued, with no plans to ever resume development.

  • No more updates will be made to add features or fix bugs.

  • There is no avenue to appeal Google‘s demands or relaunch Vanced in another form.

Existing versions will continue functioning as long as core YouTube functionality does not break them. But the app is essentially in maintenance mode – no fixes or improvements can be expected.

For Vanced diehards still clinging to the app, the writing is clearly on the wall. While Vanced won‘t vanish overnight, users will eventually have to migrate to new solutions.

YouTube Vanced User Base Over Time

Date Estimated Users
July 2018 100,000
December 2018 500,000
July 2019 2,500,000
December 2019 5,000,000
July 2020 7,500,000
December 2020 10,000,000
July 2021 12,000,000
March 2022 Discontinued

Developers Share a Heartfelt Goodbye

In their farewell message, the Vanced developers took a moment to reflect on the unexpected and rewarding journey they had taken:

  • Vanced grew from a hobby project into one enjoyed by millions worldwide, exceeding their wildest expectations.

  • They never intended to profit from Vanced and were motivated by helping fellow Android users.

  • Working on Vanced gave them valuable development skills and experiences.

  • They remain thankful for the community that embraced Vanced over the years.

  • While saddened by Vanced‘s demise, they ask users to move on and find new solutions.

This gracious exit shows Vanced was a labor of love gone big, not some cynical ploy. Despite legal threats forcing their hand, the developers look back fondly on their work and its impact.

Life After Vanced – Alternatives for Users

With Vanced‘s closure, where can disgruntled users turn for alternatives? Here are some leading options:


  • Open source YouTube client for Android.

  • Allows video and audio downloading.

  • Support background play and POPUP mode.

  • No account required.


  • FOSS YouTube app for Android and desktop.

  • Created in response to Vanced shutdown.

  • Active development by community.

  • Adds new features like AMOLED dark mode.


  • Open source YouTube player for Android.

  • Sign in with your Google account.

  • Subscribe channels, save playlists.

  • Background play and PiP support.

YouTube Premium

  • Official YouTube paid subscription.

  • Ad-free viewing experience.

  • Support background and offline play.

  • Price: $11.99/month in United States.

Brave Browser

  • Desktop and mobile web browser.

  • Built-in ad blocking stops YouTube video ads.

  • Maisn‘t fully replicate Vanced experience.

  • But does handle the ads for free.

Each alternative caters to different user priorities – features, design, cost, etc. With some experimentation, former Vanced users can likely find a replacement to fill the void.

While no single option perfectly replicates Vanced‘s ethos, the underlying user demand it tapped into remains. Expect vigorous debate among Android enthusiasts as to what the best "Vanced alternative" really is.

How Other YouTube Mods May Adapt

Beyond individual app alternatives, Vanced‘s shutdown sends ripples through the broader Android modding community. As one of the most high-profile YouTube modding projects, its fate may prompt others to reconsider their approach.

Vanced proved that once a mod reaches a certain level of popularity, it inevitably lands on Google‘s radar and faces legal threats. Smaller projects may fly under the radar, but viral success paradoxically imperils their existence.

This may lead some developers to deliberately cap their mods‘ scope and promotion to avoid attention. Others could shift strategy and focus on customizing other platforms like Instagram or TikTok with less legal risk.

But while Vanced‘s story serves as a cautionary tale, developer passion and user demand will likely sustain the YouTube modding scene in some capacity. The cat-and-mouse game between Google and rogue developers has been running for over a decade already.

Losing Vanced doesn‘t fundamentally change this dynamic. As Google exerts more control over the YouTube experience, underground mods providing user choice become only more crucial.

Expect new rising stars to emerge from the ashes – even if they strategically keep a lower profile than Vanced did at its peak. The community‘s desire for alternatives remains strong as ever.

Vanced Alternatives Comparison

App Ad Blocking Background Play Video Download Account Support
NewPipe Yes Yes Yes No
LibreTube Yes Yes No Yes
SkyTube No Yes No Yes
YouTube Premium Yes Yes No Yes

Coping With the Loss of Vanced – User Tips

For longtime Vanced users, it‘s understandably difficult to suddenly lose such an essential app. Here are some tips to help manage the transition:

  • Stick with your existing Vanced install as long as possible while it still functions. But be prepared for issues.

  • Before Vanced stops working, export your subscriptions and playlists to transfer to a new app.

  • Test out replacement apps like NewPipe well in advance to find your favorite option proactively.

  • Consider paying for YouTube Premium to regain an ad-free experience if affordable. The cost may be worthwhile.

  • Use ad blocking browsers like Brave on mobile and desktop to remove some ads. It‘s not a complete solution but helps.

  • For background audio, use specialty apps like Video Background Play Fix to unlock just that capability.

  • Join forums and discuss pros and cons of different Vanced alternatives to make the best choice.

  • If you relied on downloader features, prioritize replacements like NewPipe that retain those capabilities.

  • Be patient in re-learning a new YouTube interface and expect some growing pains.

Losing Vanced is undoubtedly a major disruption for dedicated users. But with time and testing, you can adapt your YouTube experience to new solutions that deliver key features you relied on.

While no app perfectly replicates Vanced, this is an opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities and find an alternative aligned with your needs. By exploring all options, you can hopefully replace Vanced with a solution that excels in its own right.

The Legacy of YouTube Vanced

While its run was cut short prematurely, YouTube Vanced‘s impact on the Android modding community will linger. It took YouTube customization to new heights, spoiling users with an accessible ad-free experience and valuable add-ons.

Vanced served as a lesson that even the most powerful tech giants can‘t totally lock down user experiences or squelch demand for more choice. Where Google falls short, passionate developers will look to fill gaps.

Its developers deserves praise for executing such an ambitious project and generating so much user goodwill along the way. Even if legal threats forced their hand, they can look back proudly on what they accomplished.

For now, the Vanced team appears to be stepping back from public modding work. But their skills and vision cultivated through Vanced will surely power new innovations that empower users.

Vanced‘s spirit lives on through every customized corner of Android that gives us flexibility missing from official apps. While Vanced itself is gone, insatiable user demand for mods isn‘t going anywhere.

We eagerly await whatever passionate developers cook up next to move Android customization forward. As Vanced showed millions, sometimes the best solutions start outside the walls of big tech.


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