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How to Install and Use XUMO TV on Firestick, Roku, iPhone and More

Tired of expensive cable bills but still want access to live TV? Get all the entertainment you need completely free with XUMO TV. This in-depth guide will show you how to install the XUMO app and start streaming high-quality movies, TV shows, news and more on all your favorite devices.

Overview of XUMO TV

XUMO offers over 200 digital channels, including both live streaming and on-demand content. The app is 100% free and legal. It‘s comparable to premium services like Hulu or Sling TV, but entirely ad-supported instead of subscription based.

According to XUMO, their platform has over 50 million monthly active users who stream more than 3 billion minutes per month. Impressive stats for a free service!

XUMO partners with content producers ranging from major networks like NBC, CBS and CNN to digital brands like Family Feud, FailArmy and Hell‘s Kitchen. This gives you a diverse channel lineup.

Here‘s a sneak peek at some of the 200+ channels available on XUMO:

Live TV: CBSN, PeopleTV, NBC News Now, TMZ, Black News Channel, beIN SPORTS XTRA, America‘s Test Kitchen, and more.

On Demand: FailArmy, Hell‘s Kitchen, Deal or No Deal, Unsolved Mysteries, Forensic Files, The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, and thousands of movies.

Free Movies: Action, comedy, family, horror, drama, cult classics and more.

News: Local Now, CBS News, NBC News, Newsy.

Entertainment: Game shows, reality TV, DIY shows.

Sports: Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, boxing, surfing.

Kids: Cartoons, animations, educational.

This means you can cut cable but still watch live events, get 24/7 news, keep the kids entertained and enjoy tons of movies and shows on demand. And it won‘t cost you a dime!

Let‘s look at how to install XUMO on popular streaming devices like Firestick, Roku and phones.

How to Install XUMO on Firestick and Fire TV

The XUMO app is available on all Fire TV devices including the Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Omni Series and Fire TV 4K.

Here are step-by-step instructions to download and install XUMO on Firestick and Fire TV:

  1. From the home screen, select the Search option.

  2. Type in "XUMO" using the on-screen keyboard.

  3. Select the XUMO app from the list of results.

  4. Choose Download or Get to install the app.

  5. Once installed, press the Home button on your remote.

  6. Scroll down and select Apps from the side menu.

  7. Find XUMO in your list of apps and hover over it. Then choose Move.

  8. Use the directional pad to move XUMO to the front of the apps list for easy access.

  9. Return to the Home screen, locate XUMO and select to open it.

That‘s all it takes to get up and running with XUMO on your Fire TV! The entire process takes less than 2 minutes.

Now you can browse and play free movies, stream live channels, access XUMO‘s on-demand library and more.

Tips for Using XUMO on Firestick

  • Use the Universal Search feature to quickly find movies and shows across all of XUMO‘s channels and on-demand content.

  • Customize your channel guide by rearranging, removing or adding channels.

  • Connect headphones to your Alexa Voice Remote for private listening.

  • Enable captions through the player menu while watching any program.

  • Use the XUMO app on iOS or Android mobile devices to cast content to your Fire TV.

  • Add the XUMO channel on your Echo Show or Fire tablets for hands-free viewing.

How to Get XUMO on Roku

Roku makes the process of finding and installing XUMO just as easy as on Firestick. Here are the steps:

  1. From the Home screen, use the directional pad to highlight the Search option.

  2. Type in "XUMO".

  3. Highlight the XUMO app from the list and press OK.

  4. Select Add Channel to begin the installation.

  5. Once added, go back to the Home screen and find the XUMO tile. Choose Move Channel if needed to relocate it.

  6. Open the XUMO channel to start watching free movies, TV and more!

The entire process takes less than a minute. Enjoy unlimited access to XUMO‘s catalog of free live and on-demand content on your Roku.

Tips for Using XUMO on Roku

  • Use Roku‘s universal search to find specific movies, shows, actors across various XUMO channels.

  • Customize your channel lineup by editing the order, removing unwatched channels, and adding favorites to My Channels.

  • Take advantage of The Roku Channel‘s co-viewing features like fast channel switching and multiplayer gaming while watching XUMO.

  • Use the XUMO mobile app to push videos from your phone to the TV.

  • Add XUMO as a tile on your Roku home screen for quick access.

How to Get XUMO on iPhone, iPad and Android

You can also install the free XUMO app for iOS and Android to stream movies and shows on phones and tablets.

On iPhone/iPad:

  • Open the App Store

  • Search for "XUMO"

  • Tap Get to install the app

  • Once downloaded, open XUMO and log in or sign up

On Android Phones/Tablets:

  • Open the Google Play Store

  • Search for "XUMO"

  • Tap Install to download the app

  • Launch XUMO and sign up or log in

Now you can take XUMO‘s entire catalog of free content on the go. The mobile app makes it easy to stream over WiFi or mobile data.

Tips for Using XUMO on Mobile Devices

  • Download titles to watch offline when you don‘t have an internet connection.

  • Use the Chromecast feature to cast videos from your phone to the big screen.

  • Create a watchlist of movies and shows to bookmark content.

  • Take advantage of gesture controls like shake and swipe.

  • Enable closed captions and adjust text size.

  • Set parental controls to limit access to mature content.

Comparing XUMO on Fire TV vs Roku vs Mobile

XUMO works great across platforms but there are some differences in features and interface to keep in mind.

Content library – The available movies, shows and channels are the same on all devices. You get full access without any restrictions.

Layout – The layout adjusts for each device – vertical menu on Firestick vs grid guide on Roku. But you‘ll find the same main sections like Live, On Demand, Movies, etc.

Search – Universal search makes finding content quick on Fire TV and Roku. The mobile app has its own search.

Navigation – You‘ll navigate by swiping and tapping on mobile, using the remote on streaming players, and via voice commands where supported.

Streaming quality – Depends on your internet speed. Mobile will adjust for cellular vs WiFi. Firestick and Roku offer up to 4K quality.

Interruptions – Mobile has occasional ads. Firestick and Roku have fewer disruptions when casting to the big screen.

So while the layout looks a bit different, XUMO provides the same free streaming experience whether you‘re watching on an iPhone or 70" TV. Pick your preferred device!

Tips for Using XUMO TV

Now that you know how to install XUMO across platforms, here are some tips to get the most out of this free streaming service:

  • Use XUMO‘s universal search to quickly find movies, shows and channels. Just type in a title, actor, director etc and results will pop up.

  • Customize your channel guide by removing unwanted channels, rearranging favorites to the top, and adding desired networks.

  • Select the heart icon on any title to add it to your Watchlist and easily find it later.

  • Download movies and episodes to take XUMO offline when traveling or without stable internet.

  • Take advantage of closed captions and multiple audio tracks in the player menu.

  • Cast XUMO from your phone or tablet using Chromecast or AirPlay to watch on your TV.

  • Use XUMO‘s Kids Mode to limit viewing to family-friendly content. Set a password to prevent access to mature titles.

  • Turn off Autoplay in Settings so another video doesn‘t start unexpectedly when you‘re finished watching.

  • Adjust streaming quality in Settings based on your available bandwidth.

  • Provide feedback and suggest new features you want added by tapping the Send Feedback option.

Why Choose XUMO Over Cable or Paid Streaming?

One of the best things about XUMO is that it‘s 100% free while still providing a robust library of content. Here are some of the advantages over paid cable and streaming subscriptions:

  • Price – XUMO costs $0 while cable easily costs $100+ per month. Hulu, Netflix, etc also charge monthly fees that add up.

  • No contracts – XUMO is commitment-free. You can install it when you want and cancel anytime.

  • Tons of free movies – New and classic movies across every genre without any fees.

  • Popular live channels – Get free live sports, news, entertainment from top networks.

  • On demand – Binge previous seasons of shows whenever you want.

  • Fewer ads – While ad-supported, XUMO has less frequent commercials compared to regular TV.

  • Access everywhere – Available across all your devices – phones, tablets, streaming TVs, browsers.

  • Simple setup – No credit card required. Just download and start watching instantly.

If you want to save money but still be entertained, XUMO is a smart choice. Ditch cable and paid streaming services in favor of this free alternative.

Ready to install XUMO and start watching? Follow the simple steps above to get set up on your Firestick, Roku, iPhone, Android or preferred device. Feel free to reach out with any questions!


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