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How to Watch Xfinity Online Outside of the USA

Xfinity is the brand name used by Comcast Cable Communications for its consumer services. Xfinity Voice is the landline telephone service, Xfinity Internet is the high-speed internet connection service, and Xfinity TV is the digital cable TV service.

And if you want to watch live TV and Xfinity on demand content on your devices other than TV, download the Xfinity Stream app. You can also see the online video streaming through Xfinity Stream website.

While some content is not available while travelling, you will find the entire live service and Xfinity on Demand not working when abroad.

Then, how to get your favorite TV shows and movies when on foreign land. Let me help you.

What’s in Xfinity Stream?

Your TV is on the Xfinity Stream app (or website). You can live stream the entire channel lineup in your package or watch your favorite shows on demand while connected to your home Xfinity Internet. You can view your favorite channels on any device but only when you are at home. It supports using two devices at a time.

What I mean to say is the Xfinity Stream TV service isn’t an OTT service like DirecTV or Sling TV. Those who have subscribed to the TV package, need to be on their home network to enjoy the full service. The content gets delivered as a cable service, and not over the Internet.

And while out-of-home, you can get the on-demand movies and shows, and some 200 live channels to watch. If you also have the X1 Cloud DVR service, you can watch the DVR recordings on your device anywhere. But to stream or download anything on it, you have to be on the Xfinity network.

As per the channels, they vary from region to region. All packages except Deportes Plus (available only in Greater Chicago) has the HBO network.

Other channels include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and PBS. Then there are regional government and educational channels. And to know what’s available when not at home, use the “Available out of home” filter.

You can also use the “Available for download” filter to know what you can download and watch later offline.

Using Everywhere TV apps

As I said above, not all channels are available off the Xfinity network. With each content provider there comes an agreement.

And Comcast delivers the content according to the terms and conditions of each content provider.

So, when you use another Internet service for streaming, use the streaming apps of TV channels like HBO Go, Fox Go, NBC or WatchABC. Log in to the apps with your Xfinity username and password, and you can now watch all your favorite shows even while travelling.

All these apps run on iOS and Android devices among others. But all the amazing services of Comcast (or Xfinity) is limited to the US boundaries.

Streaming and downloading content are restricted when you are abroad, due to the limitations imposed by the content providers.

And this is the case not only with Xfinity Stream service but also with the TV streaming apps of all the channels. But there is a workaround, or should I say an easy workaround.

Get a VPN service

Yes, you can get all those out-of-home Xfinity TV services or the “Everywhere TV” of respective TV channels, when you connect to a VPN.

There are many but get the subscription to the fastest VPN service provider you can. Speed is one of the prime concerns. Why? It helps you get a trouble-free streaming service.

ExpressVPN has earned a good reputation for its reliable service and is also my favorite. Setting it up on a device is easy, and it has dedicated software for most of the operating systems and streaming machines.
And I am not making this up, you can see it in most of the Express VPN reviews. Check it out.

Wherever you are, connect to one of the ExpressVPN servers in the US. You can then get all the channels available in that region. When you connect to the server, it hides the current IP address and gives the device a local, US IP address.

This IP address is the key to unlock geo-restrictions. Content providers check your IP address to determine if you are eligible to view their content.

Along with bypassing the block, a VPN server also encrypts the network. Thus, you can enjoy a private viewing experience without letting your hotel’s Wi-Fi administrator know about it.


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