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What Time is 60 Minutes On Tonight? How to Watch 60 Minutes for Free

As a TV classic that‘s aired every Sunday night at 7 PM Eastern since 1968, 60 Minutes is an essential part of many viewers‘ weekends. This investigative news magazine has delivered groundbreaking interviews, in-depth reporting, and insights into current events for over 50 years and remains a TV institution today.

But with more audiences cutting the cord, you may be wondering: what time is 60 Minutes on tonight and how can I watch it online?

This comprehensive streaming guide will cover everything from 60 Minutes‘ impressive legacy to multiple cable-free viewing options, ideal devices, and supplemental news apps. Read on to learn how to tune into 60 Minutes each week without cable!

60 Minutes‘ Legacy as the Pioneer of News Magazines

When 60 Minutes first debuted on CBS in 1968, it pioneered a novel format for TV news. Blending timely investigations, interviews, and feature stories, the show eschewed sensationalism for compelling journalism delivered in a serious yet relatable tone.

This format struck a chord with American audiences and cemented 60 Minutes‘ place in broadcast history. During the 1977-78 season, it became TV‘s #1 program – an impressive feat for a news show airing against Sunday night football.

Over the decades, 60 Minutes has continued breaking major stories and influencing public discourse:

  • In 1979, Mike Wallace‘s interview with Iran‘s Ayatollah Khomeini provided rare insights into the Iranian revolution.

  • The show presented one of the first investigations into tobacco health risks in 1983, eventually leading other journalists to further expose wrongdoings by the industry.

  • In 2008, Scott Pelley‘s segment featuring whistleblower Cynthia Cooper exposed unethical practices at WorldCom, one of the largest frauds in history.

  • A 2013 report detailed egregious failures and incompetence behind the 2012 Benghazi attacks, presenting new evidence absent from official reports.

  • In 2020 alone, 60 Minutes broke news on presidential election interference, COVID-19 mask shortages, and the Boeing 737 MAX crashes, showing their journalism remains as hard-hitting as ever.

These reports represent just a sample of the groundbreaking stories fueling 60 Minutes‘ reputation for integrity. During its 50+ year run, the show has received over 150 Emmy awards – more than any other primetime program.

When Does 60 Minutes Air? Show Times and Schedule

For most of its history, 60 Minutes has aired at 7 PM Eastern time on Sunday nights – right before CBS‘ primetime programming. This consistent scheduling makes it easy for longtime viewers to catch every episode.

If you‘re asking "what time is 60 Minutes on near me?" the answer remains 7 PM in all time zones, though adjusted for local zones:

  • 7 PM Eastern
  • 6 PM Central
  • 5 PM Mountain
  • 4 PM Pacific

New episodes run for approximately 47 minutes of reports, followed by commercial breaks adding up to 60 total minutes. Occasionally, CBS may delay 60 Minutes by a few minutes due to sports overruns.

The program‘s success has also led to periodic primetime special editions, often featuring extended interview segments. However, the Sunday 7 PM time slot remains the key 60 Minutes airtime for new investigations and stories each week.

Getting Access to CBS to Watch 60 Minutes Live

With broadcast TV, watching 60 Minutes live at 7 PM Eastern on Sundays just required tuning your set to your local CBS station. But if you‘ve cut the cord, getting access to CBS on Sundays requires using a live TV streaming service.

Fortunately, watching 60 Minutes without cable is easy thanks to the wide range of live TV streaming options available in 2022. Here are some top choices:

Paramount+ offers live CBS feeds in most US markets as part of their Essential ($4.99/month) or Premium ($9.99/month) plans. Sign up for a free trial to test it out.

A YouTube TV membership ($64.99/month) also provides live CBS alongside unlimited DVR, over 85 channels, and widespread device support. New members get free trials.

Hulu + Live TV ($69.99/month) delivers CBS live and on-demand. Their enhanced cloud DVR lets you record the full 60 Minutes episode if you can‘t watch Sunday nights.

Or try fuboTV, which offers CBS on their Pro plan ($69.99/month) with over 120 channels. Use their free trial to watch 60 Minutes online free.

Many streaming services offer temporary free access, allowing you to watch 60 Minutes for free legally. Take advantage of the trials to determine your favorite option.

How to Stream 60 Minutes Live on Any Device

In addition to your streaming service subscription, you‘ll want an easy way to watch 60 Minutes on your television. This is where streaming devices and smart TVs come in handy:

Amazon Fire Stick – Install the Paramount+ app, YouTube TV, or your provider of choice to watch 60 Minutes on FireStick models.

Roku – Add the YouTube TV, Hulu, or other channel to your Roku Premiere, Streaming Stick+, or other Roku models.

Apple TV – Access the 60 Minutes app through Apple TV 4K or HD versions. Sign in and stream new episodes weekly.

Smart TVs – Use built-in apps on your internet-connected Samsung, LG, Sony, or other smart TVs.

Today‘s streaming sticks and platforms make watching 60 Minutes on a TV simple without any need for a cable box or conversion equipment.

Tips for Watching 60 Minutes Free Without Paid Streaming

Don‘t want to commit to an ongoing streaming subscription? Here are a few options to watch 60 Minutes free legally:

  • Try Locast – This non-profit streaming service offers CBS live in 26 US markets at no cost. Availability varies by location.

  • Use an HD antenna – Over-the-air antennas can pick up CBS free if you reside in their broadcast radius.

  • Visit – Clips from recent 60 Minutes episodes are available on CBS‘ website.

  • Check local libraries – Many libraries offer DVDs of 60 Minutes episodes you can borrow free! Call ahead to check availability.

While limited, these methods provide free options for at least sampling 60 Minutes. An antenna or Locast are your best bets for regular free viewing.

Complement 60 Minutes With Additional News Streaming Apps

While full episodes of 60 Minutes require a live TV streaming service, you can complement them with free topical on-demand news apps on your devices including:

CBS News App – Stream previous 60 Minutes segments and view clips from the latest episodes.

ABC News – Stay updated on breaking stories and watch live events and original shows from ABC News.

NBC News NOW – Access NBC News‘ 24/7 live streaming news channel on any device, no pay TV required.

NewsON – This app offers local news replays from over 275 affiliates in 160 markets around the US.

Use these apps on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and more to supplement your 60 Minutes viewing with extra news.

Never Miss New 60 Minutes Episodes Again

For over 50 remarkable years, 60 Minutes has delivered paradigm-shifting journalism and interviews every Sunday night at 7 PM Eastern.

While pay TV used to be the only way to watch 60 Minutes live each week, you can now get access to CBS through affordable live TV streaming services available on any device. Paramount+, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and fuboTV all provide CBS live with free trial options.

Complement 60 Minutes episodes with free local and national news apps. And consider an HD antenna or Locast for occasional free viewing. Follow these tips to enjoy 60 Minutes online without missing a moment of their groundbreaking reporting.


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