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What Does It Mean When A Download Is Seeding

Torrenting (Peer 2 peer file sharing) apps do much of the work when downloading files using a torrent client. Once you have your link and click on it, it goes about its business until you have your download in one piece.

If this is a movie, then you are ready to sit back and watch it. One thing that confuses many new users is the terms in use. You can see inside your client or on torrent websites there are peers, seeders, and leechers.

Once in your client and your download finishes, then it switches to seeding.

Seeding is an essential part of the torrenting network, and without seeders, the entire torrent network would cease to work.

There are a few things to understand, and one of the essential being is seeding any illegal content. Any authority could potentially take out criminal proceedings because they can see you uploading. (Read Best VPNs for Torrenting)

Here you can learn a bit more about seeding, why you should do it, and how you can protect yourself.

What is Meant by Seeding After Download in uTorrent?

If you want to know what does seeding mean, you can see that here. Seeding means that you first see uploading speed and downloading speed when downloading from a torrent site or a Peer 2 Peer file sharing application.

Your download speed comes from seeders, who are other users who are uploading files. Peers are all the other people running the peer to peer file sharing clients to share data parts across the BitTorrent network.

Here, it means when downloading torrents from a lot of other users, their combined seeding speeds go to make up your download speed.

Likewise, as you are downloading, you will be seeding as part of your upload rate, and thus you go to be another user’s download speed.

As you download your torrent file, you then turn into a leecher while you seed (upload) the torrent file; thus, you become a seeder.

Seeders and leechers numbers let you know how many people you are downloading from and uploading to, or in theory, the higher the number of seeders, the better your download speed.

Is Seeding Necessary After Downloading?

Although you will even upload parts of a file to other people as you download. Once your download is complete in uTorrent, you can see it switch over to ‘seeding.’

Once it does this, you have no other parts to download as yours is finished. You will only be uploading seeds from inside uTorrent if you have more than one file.

You can leave uTorrent running, or you can turn it off when finished; however, they advise you to seed until you have a share ratio of 1. All this means is that if you downloaded 1 GB of as movie from other peers, you upload the same amount to other seeds. (Read 5 Sites Similar To The Pirates Bay)

You may also see uTorrent F downloading, and all this means it’s it is outside any download queue, such as you give priority of an episode over another.

Can I Stop Seeding in uTorrent?

It is possible to turn off seeding your torrents, and many peers may do this as a way to stop being seen by any governing agencies. Other torrenters may also use torrent clouds to hide their torrenting activities.

There are some reasons not to turn off seeding, mainly if your download hasn’t finished yet.

If you stop seeding a file, you may even make your download speed slower to complete. Download speeds are often calculated against upload speeds, and thus, zero seed action means you will make your torrents suffer.

Many peers prevent the client from the chance to seed once the downloaded file has been received from all the other peers. However, as the file parts are downloading, the device IP address is still being seen in a torrent swarm.

If you ask how long does it take to download a movie from a peer and other peer seeds. It could take minutes to a couple of hours. It is all dependent on the number of seeds that have that particular movie.

Seed data can only travel as fast as a peer can send it; thus, if all the other people have slow connections, you will be online longer and thus facing more exposure.

To show some peer ethics, no torrent user should stop seeding. However, they should take precautions when transferring this kind of data. The best way to do this is to use a VPN.

With military-grade encryption, no one can see what you are doing. You can increase your seeding rate to make sure you achieve the fastest download rates.

You have no need to stop your client, and you can download and seed as much content as you desire, knowing you are safe.


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