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How to Watch Westworld Online Outside of the USA

Are you moving out or traveling for a vacation? No matter wherever you are heading to, I have you covered. You won’t miss any episodes and get Westworld streaming from anywhere. Keep reading.

After a successful first season, HBO Westworld season 2 is now live. If you don’t know, the TV series is based on the works of Michael Crichton, a writer.

He directed a sci-fi movie – Westworld – in the 70s. It was a huge success, and some creative heads now brought the film back in the form of a TV show.

Being said that, let’s find out where to watch Westworld while you are away.

Watch West World on HBO Now

The best way to watch this science fiction is HBO Now, the paid streaming service by HBO. It is available to anyone who pays it USD15 per month.

After that, you are eligible to get the live Westworld HBO streaming and everything HBO has on offer. Be it Silicon Valley or Game of Thrones; you can have them all.

And also available there is a range of movies, exclusive documentaries, and other shows created by HBO. You can catch the live airs and any episodes you missed – all seasons, all episodes.

HBO Now is available to watch on your PC or Mac, or you can carry all of HBO on your portable devices.

You can stream the videos on an Android device or iOS and Amazon devices, Chromecast, Roku, and gaming consoles.

Watch Westworld series online abroad.

Although HBO Now is paid, you can watch Westworld online free if you already have a cable subscription to HBO back at home.

But whatever you choose, you can’t take the service abroad. The content licenses restrict HBO from broadcasting its shows overseas.

You can, however, use a VPN to unblock HBO abroad. HBO uses geo-restrictions by checking your IP address.

Every region has a separate address and what VPN does is faking the IP address. Check our best VPN buying guide to know which to choose and enjoy Westworld unrestricted.

Wherever you are, when you connect to a VPN server in the US, your device gets an American address. Whether you are vacationing in Thailand or on a business trip to the UK, the process is the same. ExpressVPN review, by the way, is quite good all over the world.

It provides reliable service, but the streaming speed provided by it is also one of the highest.

The strong security rules employed by ExpressVPN also give you privacy while you are online. The server encrypts all the data sent and received, and no one can see what you are browsing or streaming.

Now, you can watch all your HBO favorites while you are away, but first, register.

Subscribe to HBO Now

The process of registration is easy. You go to the registration section, provide your information and credit card details.

You get the first 30 days for free, and only after the trial period is over, your card is billed with 15 dollars for the next 30 days.

After the login is successful, you can watch it on their website or a supported device. Be sure to download HBO Now from the store before leaving, as it is available only in the US app store. Yes, you can access the US app store after connecting to a VPN server.

But if it doesn’t work for some reason, read next to know how to watch Westworld without HBO?

Watch Westworld online without HBO.

Netflix? If you’re thinking of catching Westworld on Netflix, it’s not available there yet. They may include it later, but until then, you can opt for Prime. You can add HBO to your Amazon Prime account and then get the extensive catalog of HBO without signing up for HBO Now.

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, you can watch Westworld on all the devices supported by Prime. But if you want to skip HBO, the options are somewhat limited.

Sky Atlantic has the rights to show Westworld and other HBO content in the UK, and Foxtel’s Showcase brings those privileges to Australia.

Another popular option to watch Westworld outside the US is the Indian streaming service Hotstar. Switching to different countries with ExpressVPN is quite easy. (Read Netflix Without Credit Card)

It has servers in all those countries mentioned above, and all you need is to select the respective server.
Which one do you think you would choose? Just a tip for good speeds – select a server as close to your location as possible and watch HBO without buffering.


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