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How to Watch iTV in USA (On Demand and Live)

While BBC is gaining more popularity every day, there also is iTV not far behind. And with its launch in 1955, it holds the place of being the oldest commercial TV network in Britain.

And, for watching iTV live or the on-demand content, you have to get access to ITV Hub.

What is ITV Hub?

It is where you can catch live iTV streaming of its catalog and content from other channels in its network. You will get iTV2 and iTV3 internet content right away, without switching services.

ITV boasts of original reality shows like X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, and there also are some of the longest-running shows. Among these TV series, Emmerdale and Coronation Street are the masses’ favorite. But iTV is not limited to these two.

Downton Abbey has got popular worldwide, and Top Gear is a regular talk among motor vehicle enthusiasts.

And to top the excitement, everything from the online iTV live stream to endless repeats of previous episodes is available for free.

Yes, you can enjoy your favorite shows live on your PC, gaming consoles, or any of the mobile devices you own. And if you miss an episode, catch them later at iTV Hub (formerly iTV Player) for free.

Watching iTV in the USA

The Internet has made a lot of things easy but not always. Yes, you can open the iTV website, but it won’t play if you try to stream a video. Like all other British TV channels, the services of iTV aren’t available outside the UK because of the license agreements.

This geo-restriction is implemented with the help of an IP address system. Every device connected to the web has an IP address provided by the ISP, and it is different for the areas in the US and those in the UK.

So, you need a British IP address to watch iTV. It’s possible, and to get iTV, America will have to do a bit of extra work.

When you try to open a video, your device sends a request to the iTV servers along with its IP address.

All you need is to fake that address, and the best you can do is take help from the VPN service providers. There are other ways, too, like proxy websites and Smart DNS software. But proxies aren’t always reliable, and Smart DNS systems lack the encryption provided by the VPNs.

Get iTV with US VPN

One of the VPN software which I recommend is available to download from ExpressVPN com. ExpressVPN has support for many devices, and you can run it on your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, PC, and gaming consoles.

It’s available even on Fire Stick and some supported set-top boxes. The detailed setup process is available on the website, and you should know that it isn’t very technical.

For most of the devices, it’s like you download the software, install it on your machine and sign in to your ExpressVPN account. If all is well, you can now connect to a server of your choice. In our case, this server should be somewhere in the UK.

Not only does the server encrypts your connection, but it also masks your IP and gives your device a new address, the IP address of the server.

So, now when you request the iTV servers, they will see a British IP address and unblock their content for you. Easy, isn’t it? And with the encryption in place, no one will know that you are streaming iTV shows, not even the government.

But, wait! There’s one more step before you get your hands on the archives – the registration. (Learn How to Watch Match Of The Day Stream)

Registration for iTV Player

As I mentioned above, the service of iTV is available for free, but you do need to log in before you start using it. You give them your details, a valid UK postcode, and nothing else is required for a successful registration.

Then you have exclusive access to its movies, news, and content from all the channels in the iTV network. While some of the shows and movies are available for a long time, almost eternity, most of them are available only for 30 days. But 30 days are enough to catch a missed episode, right?

The interface is quite easy to use, and the available content is categorized well. There also is the premium Hub+ subscription, at £4 a month, which gives you an ad-free iTV experience. And you also get to download your favorite videos for offline viewing later.


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