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How to Watch Whiskey Cavalier Episodes Online

Earlier this year, ABC had a new show that was hitting the screens at the same time as Avengers Endgame was hitting the big screen.

It was long-awaited by viewers, and the stills from ABC/ Larry D. Horricks were teasing enough with Will Chase (Whiskey) and CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge.

The couple couldn’t be as mismatched if they tried, yet they were thrown together. Trowbridge codename Fiery Tribune came from the CIA while Whiskey was one of the top agents from the FBI.

With a team behind them, they were tasked to save the world from all manner of foes, yet it was up to Whiskey Cavalier and Frankie Trowbridge codename Fiery Tribune to save themselves from each other.

After a quick look at the TV shows cast and episodes, we will see the various places you can catch the Whiskey Cavalier TV show.

Whiskey Cavalier Show and Cast

The show brings together some well-known faces who have been in other popular shows and movies.

The lead character in the Whiskey Cavalier cast is Scott Foley who plays Will chase aka Whiskey.

He is recovering from a painful breakup, and in the Pilot episode, we saw the super FBI agent first get to meet the members of his team.

First is Tyler James Williams of Criminal Minds, RePlay, Ballers, and The Walking Dead fame. He plays Edgar Standish and was one of the few to star in every one of the thirteen episodes.

Francesca Frankie Trowbridge codename Fiery Tribune is the CIA Operative who takes an instant dislike to Whiskey. Yet, they are thrust together and want to be head of the team.

Vir Das plays Jai Datta who makes up the fourth direct member. An outside member of the team is a longtime friend of Whiskey Susan Sampson who is played by Ana Ortiz who was also in Devious Maids, Family Guy, and Ugly Betty.

Lauren Cohen takes the role of operative Francesca Frankie Trowbridge; she comes from The Walking Dead, Batman v Superman, Robot Chicken and one of the voices in Archer, and a role in The Vampire Diaries.

From the Pilot through each episode, we saw the tension build, and that was between the two characters and not just the many things they faced along the way. The first significant encounter was about a human trafficking network.

Five Spies and a Baby saw the team defeat the trafficking network that led to a baby being returned to its parents.

Will has a new girlfriend in the following episode, so there is even more friction between the heads of the team.

Next was a trip to Europe and a dangerous prisoner for interrogation, which was the main objective.

If it wasn’t enough to transport a dangerous prisoner, Jai took the job to organize a secret Santa event.

Halfway through the season, and the secret Santa gift exchange out of the way, it was business as usual, and the two leads are steered toward the final realization about their relationship.

Now, we can see where to watch Whiskey Cavalier in case there is any chance there will be a season two.

Where to Watch Whiskey Cavalier

There are a couple of places where you can watch Whiskey Cavalier episodes, yet these face geo-restrictions for anyone outside the USA.

The solution to get around these is by using a VPN service. These are easy to setup, and our recommendation will be given after.


The show was written for ABC, so it is natural to head there first. The website can be the easiest option as you can watch episodes of the show free; however, these are only shown the day after airing.

To access this is a matter of starting your VPN client and changing the country to the USA. Good VPN’s allow you to change the city. This is handy for services that are only available in certain markets.

If you see a padlock symbol on the episode screen, this means it is locked, and you can’t watch the show free.

ABC Go is the app, and it gives more flexibility to the website. You have access to more content, and you can watch ABC live stream on the go.

Device support is good, and you can use any of the following iOS and Android, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV.

Hulu with Live TV

ABC is one of the top channels on Hulu. It comes with two basic plans that are with or without ads and give new subscribers a one-month free trial. The Hulu with Live TV costs $44.99 and gives a one-week trial. You can stream ABC live on Hulu or using the sign-in details on the ABC app.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue delivers the same kind of experience as Hulu. It offers a 5-day free trial and then costs $44.99 per month for the base package. There are four packages, lots of add-ons and cloud DVR as standard.

You can use this on PlayStation, PC (via website), iOS devices, and Roku and Amazon devices.


This service offers four plans, and all of them include ABC. Live streams are available in certain markets, so changing VPN city can be vital.

DirecTV costs $50 per month and includes many options other services don’t offer.

There is a 7-day free trial, and then you have access to the fullest episodes of Whiskey-Cavalier out of anywhere, including ABC.

There is included DVR, and it is available on the most common devices.

Using a VPN to Watch Whiskey Cavalier

Each of the above services is behind geo-restrictions that check your IP address to grant you access.

The best streaming VPN is ExpressVPN because it has optimized servers for streaming, and with its impressive server network, it can deliver the fastest speeds for no buffering.

It runs on the widest range of devices, and there is also a VPN browser extension, this allows you to watch online direct through the browser.

It now offers 3 months free when you sign up for 12-months, but to be sure, it meets every user’s needs, and they give a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can test all the features, and easily sign up to all of the above services to test them using their free trials while watching every episode of this great spy comedy.


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