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How to Watch The Office Online for Free on any Device (All Episodes)

Ask any fan to name the most beloved workplace comedy series of all time, and The Office will undoubtedly top the list. This mockumentary-style show starring Steve Carell as inappropriate boss Michael Scott captivated audiences for nine hilarious seasons from 2005 to 2013.

Now, Peacock TV is celebrating the 16th anniversary of the show‘s premiere by unlocking every episode for free streaming from March 18th through March 25th, 2022. That‘s 201 episodes, countless cringeworthy moments, Jim & Pam love stories, iconic Michael Scott quotes, and memorable supporting characters all available free!

Why The Office is Binge-Worthy

Before diving into how to stream The Office free online, let‘s look at why this show is so binge-worthy even years after ending.

  • Emmys – During its run, The Office received 42 Emmy nominations winning 5 times including Outstanding Comedy Series. The strength of the ensemble cast was on full display.

  • Pop culture status – Phrases like "that‘s what she said", "Dwight you ignorant slut", and "parkour!" entered the mainstream thanks to The Office‘s influence. Fans still regularly share gifs and memes of the most hilarious scenes.

  • Relatable characters – While Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam and others made us laugh with their exaggerations of office life, most viewers could identify with aspects of each character. The talented cast brought humanity and warmth even to the oddballs.

  • Classic episodes – Must-see episodes like Threat Level Midnight, The Dundies, Niagara, and Stress Relief are regularly ranked among the best sitcom episodes ever made. The writing and performances came together brilliantly for so many memorable installments.

  • Nuanced relationships – The evolving romance between Jim and Pam anchored the show emotionally. But we also got invested in Dwight‘s struggle for Michael‘s approval, Angela‘s uptightness, and Andy‘s quest for stardom.

  • Streaming popularity – According to Nielsen, The Office was streamed over 57 billion minutes in 2020 making it the most viewed show on subscription services. Clearly, the ability to binge watch on demand has expanded the fanbase.

Simply put, The Office struck comedy gold during its tenure thanks to the cast‘s comedic chemistry and excellent writing that balanced cringe humor with genuine character development. Let‘s look at how to stream every precious episode for free!

All About Peacock TV

Peacock TV is the streaming service operated by NBCUniversal and is the exclusive home of The Office in the US. Here‘s an overview of what Peacock offers:

  • 3 tiers: Free with ads, Premium with ads for $4.99/month, and Premium Plus ad-free for $9.99/month
  • Over 80,000 hours of movies, shows, news, sports & skits including Peacock originals
  • Channels like NBC, Bravo, E!, SYFY with live streams and on demand content
  • Early access to NBC late night shows like Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Complete series of shows like 30 Rock, Modern Family, Yellowstone and more
  • New movie releases like Halloween Kills, Jurassic World: Dominion, Minions: The Rise of Gru

Compared to streaming giants like Netflix or Hulu, Peacock is still newer having just launched widely in 2020. But NBC has loaded their service up with tons of valuable catalog content like The Office. The free tier gives you access to about two-thirds of Peacock‘s library which is an amazing amount of free entertainment.

Since launching, Peacock has grown to over 13 million subscribers according to CNBC. They still have a way to go to catch Disney+ which has over 130 million global subscribers. But NBC‘s wide collection of TV shows gives them an edge with viewers who love binging classic sitcoms.

Peacock is clearly poised to become a major player in the streaming landscape, especially if they continue to offer special promotional periods like this Office free streaming week.

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream The Office Free

Want to relive the Dunder Mifflin glory days of Michael Scott uninterrupted? Just follow the steps below to get Peacock on your device of choice so you can devour episodes for free:

Stream on Mobile Devices

  1. Install Peacock from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Open Peacock and tap "Sign Up"
  3. Enter your email, create a password, and sign up
  4. Browse Peacock and access The Office

Stream on Fire TV and Firesticks

  1. Use the "Find" option on Fire TV homepage to search for Peacock
  2. Select Peacock TV from the search results
  3. Choose "Download" to install the app on your device
  4. Launch Peacock and login with your account
  5. Access The Office under Browse or via Search

Stream on Roku Devices

  1. Use the Roku Search to find the Peacock Channel
  2. Select Add Channel to install Peacock
  3. Open Peacock and select Sign In
  4. Log in using your email and password
  5. Browse or search for The Office and start streaming

Stream on Apple TV

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV
  2. Download and install the Peacock app
  3. Launch Peacock and choose Sign In
  4. Enter your account email and password
  5. Access The Office under TV Shows

Stream on Smart TVs

If you have a smart TV from LG, Vizio, Samsung or another brand, open the app menu and select the Peacock icon. Sign in and browse for The Office to stream free!

I‘ve included images above to help visualize the process on the most popular streaming devices. As you can see, getting Peacock set up is quick and easy.

Binge The Best of The Office While It‘s Free!

Over its nine seasons, The Office gave us countless funny and heartfelt moments thanks to its all-star ensemble cast:

  • Michael Scott – Steve Carell made this inappropriate but well-meaning boss an iconic TV character. From cringey misunderstandings to motivational monologues, Michael was a gift. Favorites: Threat Level Midnight, Dundee Awards

  • Dwight Schrute – Rainn Wilson perfectly captured Dwight‘s neurotic ambition, survivalist skills, and loyalty to Michael. Favorites: Bear attack, fire safety demonstration, beet farm

  • Jim Halpert – John Krasinski‘s sarcastic facial reactions and pranks on Dwight made Jim the perfect straight man. We all rooted for him to get the girl.

  • Pam Beesly – Jenna Fischer took Pam from shy receptionist to confident saleswoman who found love and followed her art dreams.

  • Andy Bernard – Ed Helms introduced us to the lovable overgrown fratboy whose singing made him an American Idol superfan favorite.

In addition, the supporting office members like Meredith, Creed, Stanley, Oscar, Angela, Kevin, Kelly, Toby, Phyllis, Erin, and Ryan all had standout moments. It‘s impossible to pick a favorite!

During this limited Office free streaming promotion, be sure to rewatch favorites like:

  • Stress Relief – Dwight‘s disastrous fire safety demonstration sets the stage for a roast that helps relieve office tensions in hilarious fashion.

  • Niagara – Jim and Pam finally tie the knot in an unforgettable wedding filled with romance and humor.

  • Threat Level Midnight – Michael‘s action film (starring himself) comes to life with a star-studded Office cast playing roles. It‘s a work of art.

  • Goodbye, Michael – Carell‘s final episode as Michael Scott gives his character an emotional farewell filled with inside jokes and surprises.

I‘d need 100,000 more words to cover all the best Office moments worth revisiting! Take advantage of this opportunity to reminisce about the great characters and episodes that made the show so special.

More Office Fun For Superfans

Beyond just streaming episodes, there are tons of ways to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of The Office:

  • Host an Office-themed viewing party with themed snacks like World‘s Best Boss mugs full of Easy Mac, Schrute Farms Beets, and Jell-O just like Kevin requested

  • Geek out over behind-the-scenes footage and cast interviews from extended episodes only on Peacock

  • Reminisce over the show by taking Buzzfeed quizzes to determine your Dunder Mifflin hybrid position, which character you are, who‘d play you in a movie version, etc.

  • Debate friends whether Jim or Pam is more at fault for their Season 9 issues

  • Read oral histories from the cast like Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey‘s "The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There"

  • Listen to Office Ladies and Brian Baumgartner‘s podcasts for deep show insights from Pam herself and Kevin Malone

  • Buy shirts, mugs, Funko Pops and other merchandise featuring your favorite characters

  • Construct Lego‘s 1,164 piece model of the Dunder Mifflin office space

  • Cook beet salad, grilled cheese, and other foods referenced on the show

  • Brush up on your Office trivia and act out iconic scenes for fellow fans

  • Share your thoughts on why The Office remains so popular on social media and see all the awesome responses!

The Office brought people together with its relatable humor during its initial run, and still unites fans in their shared love of the show. Use this guide to access the free Peacock promotion so you can re-watch and reminisce to your heart‘s delight!

Stream Smarter With Free Trials

Limited-time free streaming offers like Peacock‘s The Office week are fantastic ways for services to attract new users. But they also allow fans to ethically access paid content at no cost.

According to a 2021 survey from Leichtman Research Group, 31% of people have shared streaming service passwords so friends or family could use their account. While Peacock doesn‘t seem to aggressively crack down on password sharing, this does violate terms of service.

Streaming legally during free trial periods gives you the same access without any risks. Services offer these promotions hoping you‘ll continue with a paid subscription after seeing all they offer.

The keys are taking advantage of the free window responsibly, setting a reminder to cancel if you don‘t want to pay, and thanking the streaming service for the opportunity on social media. This builds goodwill with the platform and helps your followers discover the same deals.

So gather your family or roommates and get streaming Office episodes free all week long thanks to Peacock! Discover why this show resonates with so many viewers and enjoy the laughs. With 201 episodes, you‘ll have plenty of content keep you entertained well beyond the free trial expiration.

It‘s Your Time to Shine, Beet Farmer Dwight!

From capture the flag and parkwour in the parking lot to fire drills gone wrong and intense Dundie award ceremonies, The Office gave us so many great memories over the years. I hope this guide helps you experience them all over again during Peacock‘s limited-time Office free streaming promotion.

Now it‘s your turn – which classic Office episodes and characters are you most excited to revisit? Let me know in the comments! And don‘t forget to subscribe so you never miss streaming news and recommendations from a cord-cutting expert. Until next time amigos, "that‘s what she said!"


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