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How to Watch Succession Online

HBO had a smash hit drama series on their hands from creator Jesse Armstrong. It follows the story of the Roy family, which controls Waystar Royco, the largest media, and entertainment company worldwide. Things change as the head of the family decides to step down.

HBO did Succession streaming free for a while, yet now it is back to its regular service. In this quick guide, you can take a quick look at the show and then find out where to watch Succession online without needing to buy any episodes.

Can I Watch Succession on Netflix?

The drama series has none of the two seasons available for streaming. With HBO having the rights and their streaming services, there is a chance Netflix will never have shows like Succession.

How Do I Watch Succession?

Luckily, there are a few streaming platforms that do have Succession series available. However, access to these depends on where you live. However, ultimately, it will come via HBO and another streaming service.

Succession Cast

  • Brian Cox – Logan Roy
  • Kieran Culkin – Roman Roy
  • Sarah Snook – Shiv Roy
  • Jeremy Strong – Kendall Roy
  • Hiam Abbass – Marcia Roy
  • Nicholas Braun – Greg Hirsch
  • Peter Friedman – Frank Vernon
  • Matthew Macfadyen – Tom Wambsgans
  • Alan Ruck – Connor Roy
  • Rob Yang – Lawrence Yee

Succession Season 1 Episodes

  1. Celebration – Logan Roy shocks family and people with a stunning announcement on his 80th birthday
  2. Shit Show at the Fuck Factory
  3. Lifeboats
  4. Sad Sack Wasp Trap
  5. I Went to Market – Kendall Roy starts to plot a vote of no confidence
  6. Which Side Are You On? – Roman and Kendall try to sway the board
  7. Austerlitz – Kendall finds his sobriety tested
  8. Prague
  9. Pre-Nuptial – The Roys invade an English castle for Shiv and Tom’s wedding
  10. Nobody Is Ever Missing

Succession Season 2 Episodes

  1. Episode 1 – The Summer Palace – Logan receives advice from his financial banker.
  2. Episode 2 – Vaulter
  3. Episode 3 – Hunting – Greg worries his meeting puts him at risk with the family
  4. Episode 4 – Safe Room
  5. Episode 5 – Tern Haven – Shiv, Roman, and Connor veer as they woo the Pierces.
  6. Episode 6 – Argestes
  7. Episode 7 – Return
  8. Episode 8 – Dundee
  9. Episode 9 – DC
  10. Episode 10 – This Is Not for Tears – In the finale, Logan looks for a sacrificial lamb in his close allies.

If you want to watch in the USA, your first stop is HBO MAX. HBO Max offers a 7-day free trial, and then it costs $14.99 per month. You also have access to top movies, and TV shows that people love to watch.

It will also be the first-place new season’s drop before moving to some streaming platforms.

In the UK, you can access HBO media content through Now TV Entertainment Pass and binge-watch the show along with the other 300+ box sets they have. The streaming service costs £8.99 a month to purchase a subscription.

Fans of the show in Australia can watch the show on BINGE, which costs AU$10 after the 14-day free trial. It is also on the Foxtel Now entry-level ‘Pop + Lifestyle’ plan for AU$25 after the 10-day free trial.

Can I Watch Succession on Amazon Prime?

You can watch HBO MAX and Succession on Amazon Prime in the United States if you add it as one of your channels.

You still need to pay the $14.99 per month and the $12.99 per month for your Amazon Prime subscription to watch season 1 and season 2.

How Can I Watch Succession Without HBO?

One of the best ways of watching Succession is to use Hulu. You still need to add HBO as one of the add-ons, yet Hulu is the most affordable top streaming service.

You also get a one-month free trial with the base plan; however, you need an HBO VPN to buy into the service if you live outside the USA.

Hulu also offers many other movies and TV shows that make it a great choice. Add in all the American networks it has in the channel listing, and you have far more to add value to money than many other services. (Find the Best VPN for HBO)

It already has both seasons of Succession and should season 3 drop, it will have that, although to watch at air0time, you may need to swap your new subscription to Hulu with Live TV. You can access HBO content without touching the HBO Go Servers.



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