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How to Access SolarMovie From Any Country

For those who want to watch free movies and TV shows, SolarMovie is a one-stop place. The content on the site is spread across categories, and you can get the required videos by searching.

But with the SolarMovie official site inaccessible in Australia, check this article out to get SolarMovie unblocked.

Which SolarMovie is real?

One of the reasons that you find SolarMovie not working is because the ISP blocked it. Why? The website lets you watch copyrighted content for free and thus promotes piracy.

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And because of SolarMovie showing pirated content, law enforcement agencies forced it to get offline.

After the original domain shut down, SolarMovie operated under and also as SolarMovie IT, but it’s no longer the case.

Numerous SolarMovie sites come up in search results, but none of them is as reliable as the original site.

The near-identical website which is now online is and

Is SolarMovie safe?

While SolarMovie is not legal and thus face difficulty in operations, unlike many other streaming sites, it’s safe to use.

The content is arranged by country and genre, and they’re also are featured categories like Top IMDB movies and TV shows. There is a range of content available from action to romance and from adventure to animation.

You can check details such as year of release, story, the IMDB rating and then choose what you want to watch.

The site doesn’t show you ads or display popup windows before the video starts. You click the play button and start streaming.

Not only does it plays videos on your PC but it also supports a range of browsers on mobile and tablet.

And while it’s safe to browse the website, you need the top VPN service to unblock SolarMovie. Using VPN also has other benefits.

Watch Solar Movie online with VPN

If you can’t watch as well as on your device, it’s because the ISP restricted it. But you can get past this restriction with a VPN.

is the one I would like to recommend. When you connect to a foreign VPN server, it hides your Australian IP address and provides your device with an address of that country.

ExpressVPN has servers in more than 100 countries, and if one of them is not working, you can easily connect to another server in any country. Check our ExpressVPN review to know more about its services.

Apart from unblocking SolarMovie, VPN also hides your streaming activity. ExpressVPN has a strong encryption system that prevents anyone from seeing that you are streaming SolarMovie TV shows and videos. Your ISP can see data transferred between you and the VPN server but not what’s in them.

Is SolarMovie legal?

SolarMovie is not legal in many countries like Australia, where streaming pirated content is an offense. But there are regions where only the downloading is seen as illegal.

But rules keep changing. So, it would be a good idea to keep your VPN active even if the SolarMovie site works without a VPN. It will keep your activity hidden from the government and thus, privacy.

Safety issues with SolarMovie

While the official SolarMovie is safe, other sites might not be. Many mirror websites are now online to cash-in the popularity of SolarMovie.

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While they bring the content you want, they also bring with them many security issues. Following are some of the safety issues you may encounter with the fake SolarMovie websites –

  1. Malware – While you are enjoying the recent episode of your favorite TV series, the site may be downloading and installing trackers, harmful files or viruses. And these files, even though small, can prove to be dangerous in many different ways.
  2. Forced redirection links – Mirror sites have links that take you to other websites instead of loading the video you want. Those sites can be as simple as showing you some offers or force you to download additional software to let you watch your requested videos.
  3. Pop-up advertisements – Last but not least, the popup windows are not any less innocent. They fill up the screen, blocking your view and at times, open more than one at a time. They can take a significant amount of memory and can be as harmful as the redirection links.

Being alert while watching SolarMovie is the best you can do. The two sites mentioned above doesn’t show you ads or install malware.

So, instead of jumping between different websites, subscribe to a VPN and get access to them.


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