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How to Watch Sling TV Outside of the US

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is a next-generation live TV service that offers you access to various TV channels on the Internet.

Launched on February 09, 2015, Sling TV has since become a first-class streaming service to compete with players like Netflix and Hulu.

It lets you choose from a choice of several packages comprising combinations of the major TV channels.

All this is accessible from a single account. Users have the basic package option, but there is the option to add (a la carte) extra packages to your Sling service.

If you are located in the United States or territories of the United States, you can enjoy it with just the cost of the service.

If traveling overseas or not living in the U.S., you can use a VPN to unblock geo-restrictions.

How Does Sling TV Work?

A Subsidiary of the Dish Network, the Sling TV services function like many other online streaming services.

All you need to do is create an account on the Sling website, and you’re done.

The Sling service offers three distinct channel packages: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange.

This online television service is used to give a free trial of Sling. However, recently, they have moved away from this and offered a 40% reduction on first registration.

Sling Orange Package: $15 per month (regular price $25) single-stream available of 30+ channels. Users can stream favorite live shows, sports, and news.

Sling Blue Package: $15 per month (regular price $25) multi streams available for 45+ channels. Users have access to local favorite channels, FOX regional sports, and NBC regional sport where available.

Sling Blue and Orange: $25 per month (regular price $40). Users have 55 channels from the other two packages.

Some of the basic channels available are ESPN, TNT, TBS, AMC, Adult Swim, Disney Channel, HGTV, and the Cartoon Network.

Most of the sporting channels come with the blue package or the combo package. These include FOX, FOX Sports 1 & 2, NFL Network, beIN Sports, ESPN, etc.

Most Add-ons are $5 per month and include:

  • Cloud DVR – 50 hours
  • Comedy Extra
  • News Extras
  • Kids Extras
  • Lifestyle Extra
  • 4 Extras deal – half-price rate for Comedy, News, Kids, and Lifestyle combo add-on
  • Heartland Extra

Sports Extras Add-on costs $10 per month. There are also some Premium Add-ons such as Showtime, Hallmark Movies Now, Starz, Epix, and many other channels, which do vary in price. You can also select an NBA League Pass for $28.99 or NBA Team Pass for $17.99.

How to sign up for Sling TV

  1. Head to and click the blue button (Get 40% Off)
  2. Enter your email address and create your unique and secure password. Hit register.
  3. The next page shows your base service options.
  4. Select either Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or both (Sling Orange + Sling Blue).
  5. Included channels are highlighted, grayed out channels are not included
  6. Scroll down to select any available extra services.
  7. Enter your billing information. (Credit card information and details will be added)
  8. Review your subscription details and scroll to the bottom click FINISH & SUBMIT.
  9. Click WATCH NOW to watch straight away in Google Chrome. Alternatively, scroll down to ‘See all devices’ Here, you can select your Sling TV app.
  10. Click the logo of your compatible device, download the app and watch Sling TV.

The entire process of creating a Sling TV account is straightforward. However, there are two areas users can face a slight problem if trying to sign up outside of the USA.

We have already seen geo-restrictions in place for Sling TV; this even includes access to the website. A VPN service will be required before you begin your Sling TV subscription.

The second problem may come with the credit card details. If the service picks up, this isn’t an American credit card; it may halt your sign-up. (Read Amazon Fire Stick Slow Streaming)

Luckily, a straightforward workaround is to purchase online a Sling TV gift card. The sign-up process is the same once you click on the “redeem gift card” rather than hitting the original blue button. This is located at the bottom left of the home page.

Sling Compatible Devices

Once you have signed up for Sling, you will want to add it to as many Sling TV devices as you have around your home.

Luckily, the service does support a broad range of devices aside from the Chrome browser.

  • Mac/OS X & iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Roku
  • Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV’s and other Smart TV’s
  • Windows PC & Xbox One

Users who are looking for a cord-cutting solution may have done some research and looked at YouTube TV. This may appear appealing; however, it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as Sling.

You will also find it more expensive, and currently, there are limited areas where it is available inside the USA. This poses a problem when you get to your VPN choice, as you will see.

Now, we are at the stage we need to see how to watch sling TV online.

The Best VPN for Sling TV

A virtual private network (VPN) is an invaluable way of protecting online privacy. However, many streaming video services, such as Sling TV, are blocking viewers because of licensing restriction policies.

Because Sling TV is only accessible to viewers in the U.S. and other specific regions such as Puerto Rico.

This applies to all viewers outside the USA, in other countries who use VPNs to obtain access to regionally blocked content.

It will be hard to find a VPN that works with every streaming service. These services aggressively look to close the loopholes that VPN’s exploit. Some VPN services have dedicated VPN servers for more than one streaming service.

When you are looking for a VPN, you will face a lot of competition. However, not all are suitable or capable of offering the best way to stream Sling TV.

Apart from bypassing geo-restrictions, overall user privacy is a key factor for VPN choice. Here are some of the key players in the VPN world.

CyberGhost comes with user-friendly apps. It has recently just added live chat support and is affordable.

This does need a 2-year commitment as a minimum to obtain this. There is a 45-day money-back guarantee on the two and 3-year sign-up periods. Less than this, and you get 14-days.

While this VPN appears to deliver top-rated security to outside forces, the company’s internals is where users should look.

The company claims it will pass on information to third parties at its discretion. (Learn How To Get Netflix Free Trial Without Credit Card Or Paypal)

While they offer a zero-logging policy, there were tracking scripts found in the code of their website. This makes it dubious that their claims are correct.

Performance-wise, they deliver slow speeds once you are away from the two main areas of Europe and the USA. Device support is decent, although there is no support for routers.

Because of this, users will need to install the Sling app on every mobile device from the US versions of the app stores, be it Google or Apple. This requires the VPN to be installed on the streaming device also.

Without a VPN, Sling TV will pick up the IP address and block access to the app.

Moving up from the third option gives us NordVPN. This VPN makes it easy to change the country to
the US. It is based outside any jurisdiction, although it has ties to a US-based company for payments.

This means at some stage; they could be compromised by governing offices who want user data. The VPN provider has a much larger network than the previous offering, and overall, delivers better download speeds.

Unfortunately, they are beginning to have inconsistent speeds over their network. One other thing they don’t let users do is to connect at the city level inside the USA very easily. Rather than place names, they use numbers.

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows users to test the service; however if trying to cancel before this is up.

Nord tries to resolve the issue. Additionally, it has been known for the refund to take another month.

The third on the list is the top recommendation. Your internet connection will become highly secure and private when you sign up for ExpressVPN. It delivers military-grade security and has a strict zero-logging policy.

The company is based outside of any jurisdiction, so no gag orders or subpoenas are issued.

This VPN delivers the fastest download speeds possible, and if you happen to face any streaming service lockout, you can change the VPN server by city level.

This is one reason they can access any streaming service you may consider.

It is a premium provider, which delivers a premium service, finally, with their three months free and 30-day no argument money-back guarantee. Users can try out the service as if they are having a one-month free trial.


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