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How to Watch ‘Sky Go’ Outside of the UK

Sky Go is perfect for watching sports. However it is British TV, so if you are a British citizen living abroad or just prefer using Sky Go, then you may have noticed that you can’t access it from outside of the UK. You may usually get an error about your location being blocked.

To get past this error, all you have to do is spoof your location. We’ll show you how to set up a sky go account outside of the UK

If you have been wondering ‘can I get sky sports in the US?’ then wonder no more. We have the perfect guide for you to watch Sky Sport online. You can access Sky Go, by using VPN or Smart DNS proxies.

Unblocking Sky Go

There are two primary methods for being able to access Sky Go outside of the UK. One is through using SmartDNS proxies, the other by using VPNs, like Express VPN, buffered, or IPVanish
Here is an easy guide to accessing Sky go in USA to watch sky go channels like Eurosport, NatGeo, History, Nickelodeon, etc.

1: SmartDNS Proxies

DNS proxies are good because they are very specific in that they only redirect the traffic that is related to your location. It supports all network devices, and you can access multiple regions. However the speed is slow since a lot of the traffic isn’t rerouted, and it’s not protected well against DNS Hijacking.

How to go about it?

• Change the DNS server on the device you are using or on your router, and you are ready to go to watch Sky channels online
• Or use UK proxies or other proxies to access sky go online.

2: VPN Providers

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It sends your location to servers in the UK, so when you try to use Sky Go in USA, your location is spoofed to the UK.

The main thing you need for this method is a VPN provider like Express VPN or NordVPN. I tend to use ExpressVPN as it has 500 VPN servers in 168 different locations.

You also get access to 24-hour support. ExpressVPN offers 200,000 different IP addresses and allows unlimited switching between servers.

VPNs encrypt all your online activity and are safe from restrictions that apply to SmartDNS such as DNS hijacking. However, a lot of devices do not support VPNs so that you may need VPN enabled routers.

Setting up a Sky Go account

Setting up a Sky Go account is fairly easy. You need to have the Sky Go app on your phone or tablet etc., however, you don’t need a sky+ account to make a Sky Go account.

1. Type in the address bar
2. Type in your email address
3. Select a password at least 8 characters long
4. Type in the security word on the screen
5. Go through the terms and conditions, then click on create Sky ID.


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