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How to Watch Proven Innocent Online

Proven Innocent is the hit legal drama written for Fox. It premiered back in February and ran for 13 full episodes.

Lovers of the show couldn’t get enough of the law firm led by Madeline. Her uncompromising ways led her to defend the innocent, and those who were wrongfully convicted.

The show has plenty of time in the courtroom, which is enough for any viewers who love this kind of show.

Fans are eager to go back through every full episode to recap on all the things that went on in the criminal case, and led to the ultimate climax.

After a brief look at the show and the cast, we will see how you can use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions, which face viewers as they try to watch Proven Innocent from outside the USA.

Proven Innocent Cast and Episodes

The show has some famous faces, and none as famous as Kelsey Grammer. He takes on the role of Gore Bellows who is the Cook Country state attorney.

He has a shining career, although there are shadows over his past. Many of which are wrongful convictions, and this is where the fierce and uncompromising lawyer shows her face in the form of Madeline Scott.

She specializes in wrongful convictions, so she is very much the underdog criminal defense firm, which has to face up to some weighty characters along the way.

The firm led by Madeline (Rachelle Lefevre) includes Ezekiel “EZ” Boudreau played by Russell Hornsby.

It was he who got Madeline’s wrongful conviction overturned and since became a senior member in the firm.

Other members of the criminal defense firm led by Madeline include Violet Bell and Bodie Quick who is the chief investigator. Although he has a wide range of skills, he tends to take the hard way to find the answers.

Now we have seen some of the main Proven Innocent cast, we see the episodes that Madeline faced some key cases along her way for full redemption.

The Burden of Truth sees the new firm take on a murder case where a rape victim was unjustly convicted.

Episode three sees Madeline, Easy and the team try to overturn the terms of William Hurston a man convicted of murder when he was 14.

Later episodes, they take on a case to defend Gabrielle serving a life sentence for shaking her kid to death, and a man on death row for killing a police officer.

Truths are uncovered about Rosemary’s past and their high school class, and there are forces who are trying to send Madeline back to prison.

Freedom is at stake and the legal team need to band together to solve one last murder before the thrilling climax to season one.

Now, we will see how do you watch Proven Innocent online.

Where to Watch Proven Innocent

The show was written for Fox, which is one of the biggest American TV shows. Each of the places you can watch full episodes is in the USA, so it needs a VPN service to bypass all of the geo-restrictions.

FOX Network

The first place is to head to the Fox website including their app. If you browse to the bottom, you will see the rights reserved message.

Use of the website (including any and all parts and components) constitutes your acceptance of these “Terms of Use” and “Updated Privacy Policy. Ad Choices”

This means they are placing ads in the episodes. These are hard-coded into the show, so your components constitutes your acceptance, don’t stand for much.

The FoxNow app allows you to watch FOX live online and on demand. You can watch where you left off, and much more. It works on Apple TV’s, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Fire TV and Android TV’s.

While it does ask you to sign up when you use the app or visit the website, it is possible to watch some shows without using a TV provider. The way this works is as follows:

  1. All FOX shows which air in Primetime can be streamed live on the website or with the app
  2. Any returning FOX shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine are locked for subscribers for the first 8 days after airing.
  3. After 8 days, they are unlocked for all viewers
  4. New FOX shows, the show is available to stream the day after airing
  5. For all shows, the most recent 5 full episodes are available for streaming, once they are locked, they can only be watched by subscribers.

To access the content, all you need is your VPN running and the country changed to the USA. This bypasses the IP address check, so the FOX Network thinks you are a US resident.

Alternative Ways to Watch Proven Innocent

A good VPN provider such as ExpressVPN, which is the recommendation, bypasses geo-restrictions for two other places you can watch full episodes of Proven Innocent.

These are Hulu with Live TV and FuboTV, who both have FOX on their channel listing.

These are similar in their services, yet Hulu has its own Hulu Originals. It also offers two base packages, which are much cheaper at $5.99 with ads, or $11.99 without. These have a one-month free trial.

Hulu with live TV, which is comparable to FuboTV and comes with a 7-day trial then $44.99 per month where FuboTV is $54.99 per month after a one-week trial.

All these streaming services need the best VPN services, and ExpressVPN makes sure all users are happy with their services.

They offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee so it is possible to test the performance of their service, and all the streaming services above.

Sign up is easy, and doing so means you can watch the Proven Innocent TV show online free.


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