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How to Watch One Day at a Time Online

The executive producer Norman Lear brought the series back to life for the second stelling.

The premiere was on January 6, 2017, and then there were follow up seasons in 2018 and 2109. These three seasons were on Netflix, and the shock news was that Netflix pulled the show.

Luckily, because of the fan base, the One Day at a Time was saved and found a new home.

In our guide, you can find out more about the show and cast, and then where you can watch all four seasons and access One Day, watch online.

What is One Day at a Time?

Episode 1 of One Day at a Time saw Penelope, the single Cuban mother, convince her feminist daughter to have a Quinceneras. From then, it was hilarity in the re-telling of the classic show.

One Day at a Time Cast

  • Justina Machado – Penelope Alvarez
  • Todd Grinnell – Schneider
  • Isabella Gomez – Elena Alvarez
  • Marcel Ruiz – Alex Alvarez
  • Stephen Tobolowsky – Dr. Leslie Berkowitz
  • Rita Moreno – Lydia Riera
  • Haneefah Wood – Jill
  • Sheridan Pierce – Syd

It quickly became one of the top TV shows that were adored by fans. They couldn’t get enough of Penelope, although tragedy struck.

While the three seasons were already on Netflix, the streaming service canceled the show, leaving the show without a home.

This left many fans asking, will there be a season 4 of One Day at a Time? Luckily, the answer was yes, and POP TV saved the Day.

How Can I Watch One Day at a Time?

The first three seasons of One Day at a Time are streaming on Netflix, and it appears it will remain there for the time being.

Anyone can sign up from their home country and access all the back episodes from these three seasons.

The premiere came and went for season 4 on Pop TV, and now fans were left wondering how to get access.

If you are wondering how to watch POP TV online, you can’t do this directly, so this leaves you in a bit of a problem of accessing One Day at a Time season 4.

You need to sign into Pop TV with your cable TV company login details for streaming One Day at a Time season 4.

Fubo TV has POP TV cable network as one of its channels, and you can access it this way. Fubo offers a 7-day free trial and then costs $59.99 for the base plan, although you can increase this if you like. (Read Delete A Subreddit)

You can access over 109 channels and have 250 hours of cloud DVR with three streams to share if you like.

To access Fubo and One Day at a Time season 4, you need a good VPN to ensure you have unlimited bandwidth and speed to deliver buffer-free streaming. Fubo also comes with lots of new available live TV shows and sports.

Alternative Way to Watch One Day at a Time

The second area you can watch One Day at a Time season 4 is through the cable network CBS. On the website, you can watch the latest 5 episodes of season 4. Although, if you want to watch anything live or other streaming content, you’ll need CBS All Access.

To get full-access, you need to sign up for CBS All Access. If you have Amazon, you can add this as one of your channels, although you will need a VPN to access the US Amazon Prime Video service.

Hulu has access to CBS All Access, yet it doesn’t have any One Day at a Time season 4 episodes to stream or any previous seasons. Fubo and CBS All Access currently have One Day at a Time season 4 in the bag to stream.

No matter which way you go to watch available season 4 episodes of the Cuban family, you need a VPN. CBS is free to watch the latest back episodes, yet you get an error outside the USA.

Available live shows need a premium VPN for geo-restrictions bypassing and also to offer a buffer-free stream.


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