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How To Watch HANNA Online

Now, the series follows the exploits of Esme Creed Miles who plays Hanna. As she evades the relentless pursuit of the evil agency, boss who wants her back as a valuable asset.

With a full eight episodes, there is plenty of action about the girl raised in the forest and who has an unremarkable talent.

Before looking at how to watch Hanna online Free, we will take a more in-depth look at the show, and what it is all about.

Who is Hanna?

It was back in 2017 when Amazon gave the green light to the production of Hanna. Working Title Television took the helm of executive producers who were under the watchful eye of David Farr.

The series looks at Hannah the extraordinary young girl raised in the forest with Erik (her father) played by Joel Kinnaman. All her life she is taught to be the ultimate assassin after an agency program was to shut down and all the babies were to be terminated.

Mireille Enos who plays Marissa an off book CIA agent who vows to hunt down Erik and Hanna to finish the job she was tasked to do 15 years earlier.

Hiding in the forest, as she evades capture, but unlike many teenage girls, this coming of age drama, Hanna has a very different ending as she struggles to unearth the truth of her past.

This gritty tale follows similar aspects of the movie, but as the run, time is much longer, there is more back-story and twist and turns with each episode.

The character played by Cate Blanchett in the original movie, is well portrayed, and Marissa has the same narcissistic approach to ridding the forest of Hannah who slipped through her fingers.

Erik finally exposes all he knows about Ultrax, and even after you watch Hanna episode 1, you will see there is much more to tell of the journey of an extraordinary girl.

Amazon saw there is more of this story, and with a second season being given the go ahead, viewers can only wait to see if there is a fairy tale ending.

With an insight into the show, viewers want to know where they can watch Hannah.

We will take a look how you can access the show and watch it online free.

Where Can I Watch Hanna Online?

Hannah is an Amazon Prime Original series. This means there is no chance for viewers to catch this show on Hulu, Sky, Netflix or any other streaming service.

It is a member of Amazon Prime TV shows, and until that changes, this is the only place you can watch it.

To this problem, a workaround is very simple. While Prime Video is a US only service, this workaround will work from any country you may be in.

First, you will need a VPN to watch Hanna, Amazon Prime episodes. There is one recommendation, which does this effectively, as well as bypassing any geo-restrictions from other streaming services.

Luckily, this sign up procedure is straightforward and can take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Once you have done this, you will have protection in more areas than you may realize. Not only this, but your connection will be masked, so even your ISP won’t see you are accessing this service.

ISP’s are well known for slowing or throttling connections when users are streaming. This doesn’t just make your connection slower for the rest of the family, but it can make HD content fall foul of buffering.

Here are the steps to sign up for the recommended streaming VPN:

  1. Head to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Click the ‘Get ExpressVPN’ button or the ‘Get Started’ button.
  3. Select your plan.
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Select your payment option. There are many ways you can pay
  6. Receive your confirmation email
  7. Download the app for your device or platform
  8. Install the client app. (you are protected as soon as the app installs)
  9. Change the country in the drop-down list to USA. This will need to be done for some sign up procedures to save any problems.

With ExpressVPN, you can get 15 months for the price of 12 for new subscribers. To top this, you have a no quibble money-back guarantee. This means you can test the service for 30-days without paying anything.

Using a VPN for Amazon Prime

When you have the above VPN in place, you are ready to sign up for the Amazon Prime TV shows.

This will deliver a larger video library than any other country as does the US Netflix. The sign up procedure for this is straightforward and only requires a few details and a US billing address.

You can find one of these on the internet, so when adding this, you will make the service think you are located in the USA

The VPN takes care of all the working underneath, so any checks of IP addresses all match to the location you have given.

Prime Video allows you to watch anywhere, be it phones, tablets or Smart TV’s. With three connections available, any member of the family can watch any different shows.
The Prime service allows you to download content to watch off-line, so you can take this with you on the go.

The online VPN works on a vast number of devices, so you can access the Amazon service on any device.

One other good thing is Amazon offers a free trial for new subscribers. If you couple this with the 30-day money-back guarantee of the VPN, you can watch Hannah online free and still have time to watch a number of other Amazon originals.

Users have no reason not to sign up, and although you may cancel your Amazon subscription, once you see the benefits of the VPN, you may end up hanging onto that one.


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