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How to Watch Doctor Who Online Free from Anywhere

Doctor Who is one of those shows that lives on forever. It began back in 1963 and has gone through many revamp to attract new viewers as time progresses.

Loyal fans of the show can’t get enough, and trying to find full episodes online when living in different areas of the world can appear to be a challenge.

There have now been thirteen different Doctors over the years, so there is lots of difference with all their character traits.

However, at its heart, Doctor Who is still the same adventures of the time lord who travels through time and space but always manages to appear in the UK.

If you want to find out where to watch Doctor Who, then this is the place. We will show you where and how to watch the show, no matter if you are after classic Doctor Who episodes, or you want to watch Doctor Who Season 10 and beyond. You can have both, but not in the same place.

After a quick look at the show, and what makes it so special, we will look at where to watch Doctor Who online.

What is Special about Doctor Who?

Any avid Whovian will know all about the Doctor going through regeneration at certain points of his life.

A new Doctor comes when the current one is injured or is too weak to carry on. Because of this, the show can carry on, yet with a new face taking the role.

The doctor who has seen thirteen Doctors since the show began. Here is a rundown of who has played The Doctor.

William Hartnell was the first-ever Doctor in “An Unearthly Child” back in 1963.

Patrick Troughton portrayed the Second Doctor. Unfortunately, this is where the BBC lost some of the archived material.

Jon Pertwee played the third and one of the most enjoyable Doctor regenerations out of all. It was also the advent of Doctor Who in color, which made a big difference.

This time, the Doctor was exiled to earth by the Time Lords and helped UNIT a fictional United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

Tom Baker was Pertwee’s regeneration and has been the longest-running Doctor so far. Who can forget his curly hair and his massive scarf, and his trust sidekick K-9.

Peter Davison was clean-cut and not a normal-looking Doctor. He played the fifth. Colin Baker was the sixth.

He took the role for three years until Sylvester McCoy replaced him. He ran until the show was taken off the air in 1989.

The eighth Doctor was Paul McGann in a movie, which was a pilot episode, but the show never materialized.

Once resurrected Christopher Eccleston (9th) took the helm and the show began a new era in 2005.

He found he is the sole survivor from Gallifrey and all the other Time Lords are wiped out in the last great time war against the Daleks.

This battle was never seen in an episode, but it was all explained in the 2005 movie with the eighth Doctor.

The tenth Doctor saw episodes of Doctor Who, become popular around the world. While he had boyish looks, there was a dark side to the character.

After five years, the eleventh Doctor came in the form of Matt Smith in 2010. He had a sense of wonder that was reminiscent of a child and wore a bow tie, which was also donned by the second Doctor.

Peter Capaldi was the twelfth Doctor and was fleetingly seen in the special episode to mark the 50th Anniversary of the show.

He wasn’t credited in “Day of the Doctor,” but soon he was there in all his glory like time travelers have a habit of doing.

Doctor Who Season 11 saw a very different direction when Jodie Whittaker took the role as the first female Doctor.

Now, we are waiting for Doctor Season 12, so it is time to look at where and how you can watch Doctor Who online.

Where to Watch Doctor Who Online

Before starting, unless you live in the country where the streaming website is located, you will need a VPN to access the episodes of the Doctor Who show.

BBC iPlayer

For all the episodes of the NuWho Doctor, this can be the easiest place to go. With a VPN, it is easy to bypass the BBC geo-restrictions.

The VPN will spoof your IP address, so once you sign up, you will appear to be in the UK.

Signing up is super easy for this free service. With just a few simple details like your name, DOB, you just need to add a UK postcode.

You can find one of these on the internet. It will ask if you have a TV license, and just say “Yes.”

There are 157 episodes available which go all the way back to Season 1 of the NuWho episodes. You also have access to hundreds of other TV shows from the BBC.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is available in a few countries. Although with a VPN, you can sign up and have access to a lot of shows for free.

Doctor Who is available for 12 seasons and any outside of this can be purchased from Amazon on Blu Ray.

The Prime service is subscription-based and delivers many benefits aside from just free shows and movies.

BBC America

The BBC America streaming service offers a lot of the BBC. When it comes to Doctor Who, it begins with Season 2 of the NuWho episodes, “New Earth” being the first Doctor Who episode available.

In most cases, this comes with a cable or TV subscription. Luckily, for viewers around the globe, it comes as part of a few streaming services packages.

You can easily sign up for any of the following to gain access to the American BBC service.

Philo is the cheapest option with a base rate of $20 per month. It comes with a 7-day free trial, and Live and on-demand TV. It works on browsers, Android and iOS, Roku, TV’s, and others.

SlingTV is the second chepest and gives access to American BBC. There is no free trial, but you get a 40% discount for your first month.

There are two single plans and one combination. Prices start at $25 per month after your discount finishes.

PlayStation Vue offers more of the same and comes with lots of Cloud DVR so you can record Dr. Who episodes. This comes with a free trial and then cots $39.99 per month.

The most expensive option is FuboTV at $54.99 per month. Fubo does allow you to watch live and has access to lots of sports channels you can watch on a wide range of devices.


This is the home of Doctor Who or at least for the classic episodes. You can watch from the First Doctor up to the Seventh Doctor.

There are also lots of extras included. Britbox doesn’t just deliver Doctor Who online; you get access to other BBC programs and a wealth of content from ITV.

When you sign up, you get 7-days free and then it costs $6.99 per month. You can pay with credit cards, or you can pay with Britbox gift cards.

You can sign up on the web as well as on iOS, Roku and Apple TV directly.

All you need to enter is a name, email address, select a password, and click on register. Once you have your account, click on “Subscribe” and then begin “Free Trial.”

Doctor Who and a VPN

All of the above will face geo-restrictions for certain users. However, these VPN’s change your IP
address with one from this country. When the website or service checks, it will think you are inside that country.

To watch Doctor Who streaming, it is critical thing will be download speeds and a global network, which covers a large number of countries. This means you will watch full episodes of Doctor Who with no buffering.

ExpressVPN is the best of all VPN services for streaming. It delivers the most uptime and is highly regarded in the streaming community through a lot of different countries around the world.

This VPN allows you to test all their features with their no-nonsense 30-day money-back guarantee. You can sign up quicker than any of the above services.

The great thing with these 30 days is, you can select one of the services above that comes with a free trial, and then watch Doctor Who online free.

What avid Whovian could ignore the proposition of watching Classic Doctor or NuWho episodes?


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