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How to Watch Dexter Online

Dexter was a massive hit as soon as it hit the screens from 2006 to 2013 when the show came to an end.

It follows the life of Dexter Morgan, who lives a double existence. By day, he works as a blood splatter professional, yet by night, his double life gets the better of him.

Dexter is a serial killer who hunts murderers. He rights wrongs and does so to satisfy his thirst for murder and blood.

Such was the popularity of watching the guy no one would look at twice as he worked for the Miami Metro police department. The guy who delivered donuts regularly, and all the while tracking and hunting his prey.

All through the shows, Dexter hunts the one who knows his secret, and at the end of season 8, he was left facing impossible odds and wanting the show to end on his terms and no one else’s.

Watching Dexter threw up some surprises for viewers, with one or two guest star faces, which are instantly recognizable. From John Lithgow, Jimmy Smits to Keith Carradine and Charlotte Rampling.

The show was award-winning, and there was lots of praise for Michael C Hall, who portrayed the lovable killer Dexter.

Now, we will see how viewers can Stream Dexter free using the best streaming VPN, and without the need for a Showtime subscription.

Where to Watch Dexter Online?

Dexter is available in a few places, yet all of these streaming services require a subscription to Showtime to watch the show.

This is the same as signing up for Showtime, yet with an additional charge for the streaming service.

Signing up for Showtime directly is $10.99 per month and can be paid for by US credit cards, PayPal or gift cards.

However, you can watch Showtime online for the Dexter pilot without signing up or anything. The site does need a VPN to access it, as all the content is behind geo-restrictions.

The cheapest place where fans of the show can catch every back episode of Dexter is on US Netflix.

Here there are three plans, but luckily, the smallest plan is enough to gain access to every episode is DQ definition and on one screen. This plan costs $8.99 per month and much cheaper than any other alternative.

Watching Dexter on US Netflix

Some fans of the show may not wish to sign up for this service, yet for new subscribers, there is a one-month free trial.

With the best streaming VPN, this can be long enough to watch plenty of Dexter episodes without spending anything.

There are two things fans of the show need to know here; one is that any video content from this streaming service will consume lots of network bandwidth.

ISP’s don’t like users to stream and use this, so they slow down connections (throttling).

The better VPN’s we will show stop an ISP from seeing you are streaming, so you can keep the fastest speed possible for your connection.

The second thing is, not all VPNs are created the same, and that is what we need to show here.

VPN’s and Netflix

Netflix is the ultimate test for any VPN provider. Over the past few years, VPN use to access any Netflix library from another country has resulted in a block on that IP address. This can affect thousands of users in one go.

In our PureVPN review, you can see this does enable users to access US Netflix. This is a good start, yet there is more to a VPN that helping users stream blocked content.

This VPN has a decent span of servers across a large number of countries (140+), all of the 2,000 VPN servers they manage themselves, which is rare for VPN providers.

Pricing doesn’t make it stand out as cheap or very affordable. It also lacks file sharing on some US servers. This can be the second reason users want to use a VPN.

NordVPN is very different from this provider and is often seen as ranking second or third in the world, depending on where you look. It takes user privacy seriously, apart from the recent problem they had with a remote server.

Nevertheless, overall, it is an excellent service for security and streaming if the user isn’t too far away from the source. Speeds tend to slow and drop off the further away they are.

Users can test the service for one month, but instead of giving a refund immediately, they do want to fix the issue before providing a refund. This can also take another month to process.

ExpressVPN can be seen right at the top of any reviews page and trades places with Nord as which is the best. This also depends on where you read, as there may be some bias away from this VPN.

Users need an online VPN that delivers total privacy and security. They don’t want IP or DNS leaks, no matter if they are streaming, torrenting, or doing online banking.

Being a premium VPN, and being seen as the ultimate streaming VPN, Express delivers in all the areas it needs to.

Users can sign up quickly, and then unlike Nord, they can take the 30-day money-back guarantee and use it until the time is almost up before canceling.

There are no questions aside from courtesy why a user wants to cancel, and refunds are made in a few days.

This makes it easy to sign up for, then to create a Netflix account before changing the recommended server to one inside the USA.

Users can sit back and watch Dexter online free before deciding to cancel, or they can carry on and watch the wealth of content from the service.


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