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How to Watch Cricket Live

While Cricket isn’t quite popular in the US, many want to enjoy and watch cricket online. Even though they don’t have a team yet, people there are fans of high-in-entertainment India vs Pakistan matches. And while the World Cup is on, the feeling only gets worse, the feeling of missing the fun.

Moreover, with the launch of IPL – Indian Premier League – fan base of Cricket has increased not only in the US but many countries. It’s time to end the drought and here’s how to watch online cricket in US.

Where to watch Cricket online?

Cricket is a game that originated in England, and even though it’s played only in few countries (officially), it’s famous almost everywhere.

And in some countries like India and Pakistan, Cricket is a religion – people pray and have fast. Cricket has an effect similar to what Football has on Europeans – yes, a fan-war.

There are teams from Australia, England and South Africa among others but the heat in the matches of the Indian subcontinent is beyond imagination.

The games between the trio – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – is sure to raise your adrenaline levels, and don’t forget Sri Lanka there.

There are quite a number of sports channels which broadcast those games, but most of the cricket live streaming online is available with Star Sports.

It delivers the services online through its streaming service Hotstar. Hotstar is your one-stop destination for everything about cricket.

It has the rights to show all the matches played by India, but not only the events in Cricket. There are a number of badminton, kabaddi and hockey (the national sport of India) leagues in the books of Hotstar.

There, of course, is IPL – the national level international league. The Indian Premier League sees players from different countries playing together.

The feather in the crown is added by the range of free content available on Hotstar. You can watch match highlights, replays, expert talks and others for free.

But the live matches need you to pay Hotstar. It has the All Sports Pack available at ₹299 for a year-long fun. ₹299 rounds up to only about $4.5.

At the cost of a cup of coffee, you get Hotstar Sports subscription for a year. What else could you ask for?

Watch Cricket live in USA

While all these sound tempting, they are not available here. You may get some amount of content, with the US Hotstar but to enjoy it to full, you have to be with Hotstar India.

Why? Because of the licensing terms, most of the Hotstar videos are available for access only in India.

You don’t have to be physically in India, all you need is the best cricket VPN. VPNs are designed to give you privacy while having remote access to resources.

It masks your original IP address with its address, and you can then watch games live from anywhere in the US.

You will have to connect to an Indian VPN server, and some of the best VPNs have them in India. After connection with the Indian VPN server, your device gets an Indian IP address, and Star Sports (as well as Hotstar) won’t block you then. ExpressVPN is one of the reliable service providers with their servers in India.

When you have the access, you can then watch not only cricket but also other content from its free catalogue.

There are Indian movies and TV shows available, either live or on-demand. Hotstar has programmes available from all the Star India channels and is available in seven regional languages other than Hindi and English.

You can also go for its premium plan which is available at $3 per month. After you pay for it, you will even get programmes from the US channels like HBO and Fox among others. Very affordable, isn’t it?

Watching Cricket with VPN

Apart from bypassing geo-restrictions, VPNs offer other benefits too. With a single VPN service provider, you can unblock content available anywhere in the world and watch them in privacy.

A VPN server encrypts the data and keeps your activity hidden. ExpressVPN is good with that and doesn’t slow down your network speed.

Also, ExpressVPN download is available for a range of devices from Android and iOS to Amazon devices, set-top boxes and even gaming consoles.

Thus, no matter what you use as your preferred tool, you can watch Cricket online without changing your favorite streaming device.

Which one is your favorite team, by the way?


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