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How to Watch Ashes Cricket In USA

Cricket is now one of the oldest and most popular sports globally, but it isn’t easy to find it on television in the USA.

It may be because there aren’t any great American teams, but there are many international and regional cricket matches to catch if you can figure out where to find them.

Whether you want to watch international cricket teams and tournaments or regional championships, you have options.

One of the most significant cricket events is the Ashes, which attracts millions of fans worldwide.

It takes place every two years and is England vs. Australia. With the Ashes 2021 being the last event, the next one is safe from being canceled this year, and it’s scheduled to hit the crease with The 2021 Ashes.

There is lots more cricket for fans in the United States or any other country.

Here you can find out how to broadcast any rights reserved World Cup cricket, The Ashes schedule, and how you can find a free live stream cricket of The Ashes without paying for any streaming services option.

Where Can I Watch Cricket in the USA?

To watch cricket in the USA, there are a few options. However, all these are online, yet they offer lots of cricketing action for die-hard fans of the sport.

Willow TV

TV Willow is the ultimate option for both men’s and women’s cricket all year round. It provides live games, replays, game highlights, cricket news, and much more.

It serves extensive coverage of the International Cricket Council (ICC); thus, Willow TV is the best choice to keep up with the Cricket World Cup Super League 2020-22 ICC.

The channel has many other regional broadcasts. You can watch live matches and league coverage, consisting of the Indian Premier League, the ECB Premier League, the Caribbean Premier League, and many more.

Access to Willow TV is simple, and you can access the streaming platform with a subscription of $9.99 per month.

You can stream on browsers, Android and iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google TV, and Xbox One. (Read Willow TV Live Online)

If you have a Sling TV account, you can add WillowTV as an affordable option.


You will find international cricket coverage, such as the Ashes 2019 or another World Cup cricket. It doesn’t, however, have other smaller cricket competitions.

ESPN begins at $4.99 per month and can be a gateway to many other sports besides cricket. In addition, you can have this as part of a subscription to another service in many cases.

Where Can I Watch IPL in the USA

While Willow does have the IPL, if you access the channel through Sling, there is no live streaming of the Indian Premier League because of broadcasting rights.

The best option is through Hotstar (Part of Disney). The IPL kicked off in September 2020 after a delay.

The rights holder is Star Sports, where Disney + Hotstar are the official streaming partners.

Hotstar US costs around $49.99 per year and is highly affordable. After you live, it also offers tons of other exciting content to stream the cricket action. (Read How to Watch Hotstar in the USA)

Which Channel is Showing the Ashes?

If you look at the channels that offer the chance to watch the cricket Ashes live stream, you are quite restricted in certain areas, as you could see from the Ashes 2019 and who gave coverage.

Sky Sports have the rights in England and Ireland, and because of this, there is no free to air. However, you can sign up to Sky Sports via the NowTV in England to watch Ashes live on TV. It also offers cricket against South Africa and many other test matches.

South Africa has Supersport that offers a live stream for Ashes 2019 and other South Africa vs. England cricket coverage.

India has Hotstar, as just mentioned, and SonyLiv as a second option, which you can also sign up for a premium account and obtain more live sporting action.

Where Can I Watch the Ashes Online?

Any cricket fan would love to watch England vs. Australia in The Ashes, no matter where they can watch the various tests.

Watch the Ashes and follow the teams around some of the most significant cricket grounds in Australia. It kicks off in Brisbane at the Gabba as England does their best to take back the Ashes.

We then move to Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sydney Cricket Ground as England try their most challenging over the New Year.

For fans who can’t travel, the key is how to watch the Ashes online. It is far easier than you imagine and much cheaper than any option to have cricket live on your devices using the options above.

Channel Nine has the rights to England and Australia, and online, you can watch the Ashes on 9Now, the streaming partner.

To access this streaming partner, you only need a few necessary details and an Australian postcode. However, as it is region-locked, you need a premium streaming VPN that is perfect to deliver fast connection speeds from Australia to wherever you are.

Sign up for a VPN and set the server inside Australia close to the cricket grounds.

Whether you are in England or the USA, you have the ideal place to watch Australia vs. England on home turf as they try to retain the Ashes in what is the best cricket tournament on the planet.

Using the best VPN, you have the ultimate unblocking capability, and with the fastest speeds, you won’t miss and strike the ball because of buffering.


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