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Walmart Appears to be Preparing an Affordable New onn. Google TV Streaming Stick

Walmart‘s popular electronics brand onn. seems to be developing a new streaming stick featuring Google‘s excellent Google TV software platform. This budget-friendly HD streaming dongle could disrupt the affordable streamer market when it‘s released later this year.

I‘ve dug into the details emerging from an FCC filing to provide an in-depth preview of what customers can expect from this intriguing new device.

onn. Brand Seeks to Compete with Leading Streamers

Walmart established the onn. line of affordable tech gadgets and accessories in 2019. onn. aims to undercut the prices of mainstream brands like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV in the streaming device space while still delivering robust functionality.

Already, onn.‘s24% market share trails only Roku‘s commanding 38% share among streaming device brands as of Q1 2022 according to Statista. Impressively, over half of Walmart customers who purchased a media streamer in 2022 opted for an onn. device.

Clearly, the brand has found success with its strategy of maximizing value. This new onn. Google TV stick appears poised to continue that trajectory.

Google TV: A Superior Smart TV Experience

Rather than utilizing the stock Android TV interface, this new onn. streamer will run the excellent Google TV software. This provides a much more robust smart TV streaming platform.

Google TV improves upon Android TV in a few key ways:

  • Intuitive content discovery with personalized recommendations
  • Content aggregation with results from installed apps
  • Handy watchlist to track movies and shows
  • Support for multiple user profiles
  • Attractive UI with rich metadata and trailers

Compared to the dated Android TV OS on the previous onn. stick, Google TV represents a massive upgrade in the user experience department.

Specs and Features

Based on the FCC leak, here are the key specs and attributes of the onn. Google TV streaming stick:

The 1080p resolution indicates this will be a more affordable HD streaming alternative to the onn. 4K Google TV box. However, it retains modern connectivity with Bluetooth 5 and dual-band WiFi 5 wireless.

Given the specs, this streamer will compete directly with the Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Express, and Chromecast with Google TV in the budget streaming space.

Intriguing Price Point Likely Under $20

onn.‘s streamers have broken price barriers before, like the $25 onn. Android TV Stick. The onn. Google TV stick is likely to continue this trend with an even lower price tag.

Considering the onn. Google TV 4K box sells for just $18, analysts speculate this 1080p model could cost as little as $15. That would be an absolute bargain for a solid Google TV streamer.

Pricing it under $20 could make it a popular impulse buy item near checkout lines. Not to mention a great gift idea for the holidays.

Improved Performance Over Troubled Previous Model

The onn. Android TV Stick released in 2021 received negative reviews from users due to wifi connectivity problems and remote lag.

Thankfully, it appears Walmart has learned from those mistakes. The specs of the Google TV stick suggest much improved wireless performance:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 vs Bluetooth 4.2 in old model
  • Dual-band WiFi 5 vs WiFi 4 in old model

These hardware upgrades should provide a smooth streaming experience free of the bugs that plagued the last generation.

Promising Launch in Late 2023

An official launch date remains under wraps for now. However, FCC documents point to a release likely before the end of 2023 based on confidentiality terms expiring on December 29.

I‘ll be sure to share updates on availability once Walmart announces a firm launch. With its tantalizing price point and feature set, this streamer is shaping up to be a blockbuster holiday item.

Ideal for Travel and Secondary TVs

The onn. Google TV Stick seems optimized for portability and convenience.

Its tiny form factor makes it easy to pack in bags for vacations and business trips where you still want access to your streaming apps.

For households with multiple TVs, it could be the perfect way to add smart capabilities to a guest room or kitchen television on a budget.

Parents may also appreciate the ability to outfit kids‘ rooms with the streamer to access child-friendly content without handing over the expensive flatscreen.

Game Streaming Potential

While not as capable for gaming as the Nvidia Shield, this streamer could be suitable for cloud game streaming services.

The Google TV platform supports Google Stadia, allowing users to stream Stadia games they‘ve purchased. Xcloud and GeForce Now are also potential options for cloud gaming.

Bluetooth 5.0 enables pairing Xbox or Playstation controllers to round out the basic gaming setup. Serious gamers will still want a dedicated console, but casual gaming seems feasible.

No 4K or HDR Like onn.‘s High-End Model

One compromise of the onn. Google TV Stick compared to the onn. 4K Google TV box is the max 1080p resolution with no high dynamic range (HDR) support.

However, for small TVs or non-HDR displays, the 1080p video quality should still look decent. And it helps keep costs down.

Those wanting the best video quality will still benefit from the company‘s higher-end Google TV model with 4K and HDR. But this stick aims to provide good enough performance for most budget buyers.

Closing Thoughts

onn.‘s upcoming Google TV stick has all the makings of a hit budget streaming device. Assuming Walmart meets the expected under $20 price point, it could become one of the most popular impulse add-to-cart items this holiday season.

I‘ll be eagerly awaiting official launch details. In the meantime, the affordable Google TV experience this streamer offers makes it a product to watch in the crowded streaming space.

What do you think of this new onn. Google TV offering? Let me know in the comments!


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