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VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN by Golden Frog is a Swiss-based company, which began back in 2011. Since then, it claims to have racked up 2 million users around the globe.

Part of their marketing claims they are the ‘Most trusted VPN service,’ and with this many users that could hold true. They even used to offer a discount on a password manager, although that offer has now been and gone.

We decided not to only take other Vypr VPN reviews as a basis; we put the VPN through our comprehensive suite of tests to see how it matches their claims and what VyprVPN offers users.

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The company was built in response to NSA snooping, and since then has been enabling users to take back their online privacy.

By the end of this review, we will see how well it does all this and more. How it stacks up against other market leaders, and if it is a VPN for the masses or it is another load of marketing hype.

The main question is if the Golden Frog VPN based in Switzerland makes it any different or better from the masses of other alternatives out there. There is more to a VPN than a revamp; it is under the glossy coating, which makes all the difference.

Recommended For:

  • Accessing geo-blocked services
  • Security-conscious individuals
  • Now allows torrenting
  • Streaming 4K video


  • Audited privacy policy
  • Live chat support
  • Unblocks many streaming services
  • Secure connections
  • Vypr owns and maintains all their servers


  • No crypto payments for anonymity
  • Small server network
  • Not the fastest download speeds

Plans and Pricing

Since the revamp of this VPN provider, there are many changes, and one of the main ones being their pricing structure.

Now, there are no different plans, and there is just a basic plan, but with differing lock-in periods, and no premium plan. You will see this falls in line with many other providers.

2 Years $2.50 Billed $60 for 24 months
1 year $3.75 Billed $45 for 12 months
1 Month $12.95 Billed $12.95 for 1 month

The 2-year plan is highly affordable; however, they are having a limited time offer. At present, this rate faces an 81% reduction.

The 1-year plan comes with a 71% reduction, and the monthly rate has no change. You can see this is on the higher end and is more than many other top VPN providers. Rates this high are more than what you expect to pay for a renowned premium service.

Potential subscribers like to test the VPN features before they commit, and with no Vypr free trial, they will be out of luck.

However, Vypr does explain the reason for this on their website. They claim a ‘Free Trial’ often appears to be too good to be true.

They also mention about free services not delivering on security, and you often don’t receive long-enough to test the platform.

As a means of justifying themselves, a VyprVPN subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unlike most other VPN services who wish to fix problems before issuing a refund, they offer a no-questions-asked refund on all of their plans.

Payment options are credit card, PayPal, and UnionPay. In comparison, these may be limited for users who wish to keep their identity even more private. (Looking for a Bitcoin VPN?)

Key Features


In other VPN reviews from a while back. One area VyprVPN and online privacy, came under scrutiny as their privacy policy. However, things have changed.

Based in Switzerland (founders located in the United States), the company is outside any 5-eyes, 9-eyes, or 14-eyes jurisdiction.

They chose this region because of its neutral stance when the company began in response to the infamous Room 641a scandal.

They were taking user privacy back from the NSA, who was carrying out mass surveillance on AT&T’s network. So much was the effort; they even own their equipment and manage the entire network.

Encryption protocols include the default of OpenVPN along with L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP. Solid encryption like AES-256 bit makes sure no one can see your data.

These are the same as the spying agencies such as the NSA, FBI, and CIA use, so if it is good enough for them.

You will see later, they have another protocol, but this we have under ‘advanced features,’ so keep on reading.

For added privacy and security, Vypr has a bespoke encrypted, zero-knowledge DNS service. Many VPNs offer their DNS services, yet as these are encrypted, they are a way to stop ‘man in the middle attacks without doing anything extra.

This helps to prevent any DNS leaks or other snooping strategies that may be in place. Users can change this back to third-party DNS services if they wish.

As standard, and what you expect is a kill switch. Vypr doesn’t disappoint and does have one in
place. This means users won’t face any IPv6 leaks or other data leaks if their VPN connection drops.

One thing to note is they were not officially blocking IPv6 by default. However, during testing, there were no leaks on any internet traffic, and you can enable this if you do use IPv6 addresses.


Logging is one area where this VPN review saw the most significant change. In the past, Vypr was logging user data; however, in a complete turnaround, they introduced a zero-logging policy.

To make sure users know they no longer carry out logging, they undergo third-party audits to make sure the VyprVPN logs are not outside what they claim.

The company has gone transparent, and if you visit VyprVPN website, you can see how much information they deliver.

There are details on the owners who come from Texas, where the company bases itself (Switzerland), and the history. Here they mention the NSA surveillance etc. as well as going through all their logging claims in detail.

Now, you can see their stance on what they used to be. Vypr shows:

  • They don’t log any user’s source IP address (ISP assigned)
  • No logging of the user assigned IP addresses
  • No logging of connection or disconnection times
  • No logging of traffic from a user or communication content
  • No discrimination of protocols, devices or applications
  • No connection throttling or limiting of internet connection

Any personal data may be held for as long as is necessary (name, email address, phone number, payment information). Additionally, they may use personal data to maintain their services and to provide customer support.

Adding to this, they can use it to deliver news, special offers, and information regarding services and goods similar to those already purchased.

This is where they could offer the password managers at a discounted rate. You can, though, opt-out of receiving this kind of information.

One thing to note is in the case of a criminal investigation, and they are required by law not to inform the subscriber there is an investigation against them. Other VPN’s are more than likely under the same rules.

There are many changes in their privacy policy, and they are now in line with many other VPN reviews, so there isn’t much for users to worry about.

Ease of Use

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Supported Devices

Users can find they have five simultaneous connections when they sign up for VyprVPN.


Users of this VPN can cover most devices with the range Vypr covers. There apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV’s, and routers. There are some obscure devices, which have client apps such as QNAP, Blackphone, and Anonabox.

Other devices come with detailed manual setup such as routers, Blackberry, Boxee, and Synology NAS.

One omission here is Linux systems, although there aren’t many VPN’s that offer these as standard.


Once you head to the main website, you have two options to begin the sign-up procedure. There is currently a button with ‘Get 80% Off’ or another in the middle of the page that says ‘Hurry. Offer Ends Soon.’

Both take you to the page with the plan details. There is a time-limited banner, yet this doesn’t change much, so the offer may be on for longer than the number of hours it claims.

Next, you select your plan from the 2-years, 1-year, or monthly and then drop down to create your account.

Add your first name, last name, email address, and create a password. From here, select your billing country and postal code.

As there are limited payment methods, select from the three, and you are taken to your payment provider.

To get to the VyprVPN download page, click on VPN Apps on the home page and then select the grayed out symbol under the large image.

This will take you to the download page for that device. Click download, and it automatically starts.


Once you have your client app, you install it in the same manner as any other application. Once installed, you are presented with a small window.

  1. Select the Log In button on the main window
  2. Type in your user credentials
  3. Click on the connect button

The interface is basic and shows your server location and length of the connection. Under this is a connect or disconnect button.

Along the bottom of the interface is a ribbon bar that has three options.

  • Customize: You have several options to choose from. Public Wi-Fi protection, Block malicious sites, Connection per app (split tunneling), Kill-switch, protocol, or the DNS system you wish to use. You can also configure auto-reconnect, startup options and others.
  • Connection: This shows the connection status as you see when you first log in.
  • Servers: You can click on the fastest server, so this will connect you to the closest. Under this are the servers, which you can sort by country and set as favorites. The client app also shows the ping times.

In one area of the app, you can also see the download speed of your connection via a standard graph.

Advanced Features

Most of the advanced features are geared toward security and bypassing censorship. The Chameleon protocol technology allows users to use the internet as intended.

Chameleon used to be available to VyprVPN premium subscribers, yet it is now available on all plans. With this protocol, users can obfuscate their connections.

Now, it is easy to use this VPN in countries, which enforce censorship such as China, Russia, Iran, and some Middle Eastern countries.

The reason this helps is that these countries and some streaming services carry out Deep packet inspection.

Checking metadata, they look to see if there are any telltale signs a VPN is in use. Chameleon scrambles this data, so it isn’t possible to tell a VPN is in use.

One downside here is that because of the way Apple allows or disallows VPN’s. Chameleon isn’t available on iOS and Mac devices. Windows and Android devices are fine.

One other thing to note with Chameleon is. It is set by default over OpenVPN; it can, though, be changed if you delve into the settings menu.

You can also change between 256-bit and 160-bit encryption with OpenVPN. The lower encryption delivering slightly faster connection speeds.

VyprVPN Cloud is another user-friendly feature. Users can add an additional layer of security when using cloud servers. This is available for Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and VirtualBox.

Business users who take advantage of this do have a chance to make use of a 7-day free period. The business cloud offers a dedicated server and a dedicated IP address.

NAT Firewall stops incoming unrequested connections, so it adds another layer of protection. This doesn’t need any configuration because it runs on the Vypr servers.

Bots and hackers scan devices, which are unprotected. Applications leave access to your devices open. Here, they can install malware, or do as they wish.

Wireless routers are one area where the NAT Firewall is invaluable. A wireless access point uses NAT (Network address translation) to allow multiple users to connect.

The issue comes from these wireless devices, not knowing who should be the receiver. Once this happens, the scan is rejected.

Your Vypr won’t be shared, and you can bypass these scans. This means none of your requests are blocked.

This part of the service is of more use on mobile devices when you are away from home and using public hotspots.

If you are on a wired connection and using Vypr, then this NAT Firewall kicks into action well before your system firewall, which is your last line of defense.

Browser Extensions

At one stage, it was possible to use browser extensions. However, the parent company decided an extension wasn’t delivering the right levels of VyprVPN security to users. It was then; they decided to discontinue their add-ons.


Speed Test

VyprVPN, at one point, was keen on saying they were the world’s fastest VPN. They changed the wording a little and now claim to have the quickest VPN servers worldwide. A subtle change that takes away any finger-pointing if they can’t deliver.

Lots of VPNs make this claim and can in no way deliver on their promises. Much of this, you can see from user reviews online.

In testing, we saw from the start, the connection speeds are quick, but they are not as fast as marketing makes you believe.

Before looking at the results of the VyprVPN speed test. It is worth knowing that with only 70 server locations, and no complete number of servers, there can be limits on the speeds they can deliver. Other providers have over 3,000 servers in nearly 100 countries.

In testing, we looked at nearby servers, and then remote areas. Where servers are numerous (Europe and USA) speeds were above average. On average, we saw around a 15-20% drop-off, which is decent for a network of such size.

Looking for the best VPN for Europe?

Long-distance servers saw more reduction in the VyprVPN speed. When comparing, these saw an additional ten to fifteen percent reduction in speeds.

It is still fast enough to deliver streaming at 4K without stuttering or starting to buffer. This does depend on your base connection.

One other area was the reliability of the connections. There were hardly and drops in the VPN connection, and you can see why we had to force the Kill-switch manually to kick in during the speed test.

At differing times of the day, there wasn’t any slowdown because of user numbers going up. If it is correct, they have a couple of million subscribers on a network this small, then that is a testament to how they manage servers. One other reason this can be, and which is a little talked about feature.

Vypr uses a dynamic server system; this means servers are switched automatically if they show signs of being overloaded.

Along with this, and a feature not found on other VPN’s is the Dynamic Name System. This expands on the DNS feature, which is common, yet not as flexible with changing IP addresses.

If they increase network size, they may be one of the best VPN’s for overall speeds.

Customer Service

Any good VPN will have good support for their customers, and if anything, this is an easy test to see how well the VPN performs on the whole.

To start with, the support pages are available in German, Spanish, French, English, and others. This is a good start, and it gets better. There is a great improvement with their live chat support in comparison to how they used to be.

From the website, you can easily click on the support button at the bottom of any page without the need to head to the support page.

On the first click, a VyprVPN bot greets you, yet there is another button to ‘Get in Touch.’ Click on this, and you are given the option to leave a message or for Live Chat.

Replies come in a minute or so, and unless they are in-depth, they answer them on the first or second attempt.

Further, down the page, there are links to setup guides for any device you can think of, account management sections, and other helpful links.

Customer service is taken seriously, and now there is this much information, you can see they deliver more than some other larger named VPN’s.

One thing to note is as soon as you land on this page, there is a notice from early November about the use of VyprVPN in China.

This relates to the Vypr iOS app not working behind the Great Firewall of China, and they are still working on a solution.

Learn how to unblock Facebook in China here

Apart from that, it is hard to see how any user can find themselves lacking and being stuck for a resolution to their issues for an extended period. One final thing to note is the live option is 24/7 and in house staff who answer.

Many other VPN’s subcontract this out and follow local office hours. Vypr needs a pat on the back for this part of their service.


If there is a top test of how good a VPN is, then it is bypassing restrictions in place by Netflix. So, does Vypr work with Netflix? The simple answer is yes and no.

If you don’t require any other Netflix library apart from US Netflix and the Australian library, then it serves you well. If you need access to any other libraries, Vypr cannot unblock Netflix.

One thing Vypr does that many other providers don’t is they offer instructions on how to access services like:

  • US Netflix
  • Sky Go
  • US Amazon Prime Video
  • US Hulu, and more.

One thing to mention here is the BBC iPlayer now carries out Deep packet inspection on incoming connections. Thankfully, the Chameleon from Vypr does allow BBC iPlayer access.

If there are continual issues with any streaming service? It takes a second or two on their chat feature, and you can ask support staff on how to get around any restrictions.

Kodi receives minimal support; however, there are no issues if you have a VPN client covering your entire device or your router. (Find out more about Kodi)

Speeds for streaming were all-sufficient regardless of what platform is accessed through the VPN.

When streaming 1080p, there is no lag or buffering, so the majority of platforms have full support. Even starting the stream, there was no pixilation like the ones you get from other services.

It is a shame that Vypr cannot access every streaming service from any region. Then, the picture would be very different from a VPN, which can bypass some geo-restrictions.


In the first look at VyprVPN a while ago, torrenting was frowned upon, and they actively discouraged users from doing so. Back then, it wasn’t a VPN for torrenting, but now, things are different.

If there was a best VPN for torrenting in the words of the company, then what Golden Frog has to say in their support box is great.

Here is what they have to say, “We do not log or retain any information from VPN sessions. As we treat all traffic the same, P2P and BitTorrent traffic is allowed.”

That is more than enough to say they allow torrenting. Although, if you check the terms of service, they prohibit copyright, trademark, and patent infringement. Because most torrent downloads are infringing on copyrights, this is open to debate.

You can delve deeper and read the company copyright policy. A lot of the onus falls on the user, and though Vypr won’t do anything to a point, if there are copyright notices, then they won’t hesitate to cancel accounts (which they have supposedly already done).

As it stands, they allow torrenting until someone complains.

Wrap Up

There is plenty to like about VyprVPN, and in some respects, it offers more than a lot of other providers. It has a decent set of features, and with the sale on at present, it is an affordable and likable solution.

It is easy to recommend, yet on the other hand, it is just as easy to recommend other VPN’s first.

There are many minor quibbles, you can find, yet the service betters many VPN’s even now. If you are after security, then this does lots to keep you safe as you go about your online activities.

It does deliver in most areas, but it, unfortunately, isn’t the best VPN out there. It is close to being one of the top contenders, but the biggest niggle being they have a small network.

We have seen with others of this size; they go under the radar for streaming detection.

While it doesn’t unblock every Netflix library, it shows there are weaknesses. It won’t take much for these streaming platforms to prevent Vypr from having any access at all.

Bottom Line

A good solid VPN that delivers lots of privacy and features for casual streamers and downloaders. Get VyprVPN and SAVE 80% here.


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