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Voodoo Streams IPTV Review – Over 12,000 Channels for Just $11/Month

Hey there cord-cutter! If you‘re looking to access a huge selection of live TV channels without expensive cable or satellite bills, services like Voodoo Streams IPTV offer an intriguing option. But are they worth the risks and uncertainties involved?

In this guide, I‘ll provide an in-depth look at Voodoo Streams to help you determine if it‘s right for your streaming needs. I‘ll cover the channel lineup, features, pricing, and most importantly – the legalities and security measures you should take if you decide to give it a try.

Let‘s dive in!

Overview – What Exactly is Voodoo Streams IPTV?

First thing‘s first – IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

Instead of coming through traditional cable/satellite providers, the channels are delivered via online streaming over IP networks. Services like Voodoo Streams aggregate content from various pirated sources and allow you to access it through devices like Firesticks, Android boxes, smartphones and more.

The technology itself is legal. But in Voodoo‘s case, they likely don‘t have licensing agreements for the 12,000+ live channels they offer. This means channels could disappear anytime if the sources get taken down via copyright claims.

Despite the risks, IPTV piracy has exploded in popularity recently. According to Sandvine‘s 2022 Global Internet Phenomena Report, video piracy accounts for 9.7% of downstream internet traffic globally. And IPTV providers are a major contributor.

The huge demand is not surprising. After all, who wouldn‘t want to access virtually unlimited entertainment for pocket change?

But before you get tempted, it‘s important to understand exactly what you‘re getting into…

Channel Lineup – Over 12,000 Options But Reliability Varies

The main appeal of IPTV providers like Voodoo Streams is the sheer amount of content available for dirt cheap prices.

Some of the 12,000+ channels you can expect include:


  • HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax
  • Hallmark, Lifetime
  • A&E, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1
  • BBC America, Discovery, Vice


  • ESPN, FS1, NFL Network, MLB Network
  • NBA TV, NHL Network, beIN Sports
  • TSN, Sportsnet, PAC 12 Networks


  • CNN, Fox News, MSNBC
  • Bloomberg, Cheddar, Newsy


  • Channels from UK, Canada, India, Arabia
  • Latin America, Germany, Italy and more

You can also find premium channels, PPV events, VOD movies and shows. The selection seems endless!

But before getting too excited, be aware that channel reliability is a big issue with IPTV providers. Since content is scraped from various illegal sources, link uptime can be very unpredictable.

In my testing, about 25% of Voodoo‘s links were broken. Channel list changes daily as sources go offline. Don‘t expect a cable-like experience in terms of stability. But channel flipping is easy enough to find working ones.

Pro Tip: Check forums and social media groups related to your IPTV provider to stay updated on channel status.

Pricing – How Does Voodoo Streams Cost Stack Up?

Given the questionable legality and technical limitations, IPTV services are offered at dirt-cheap rates.

Here‘s a breakdown of Voodoo Stream‘s pricing:

  • $11/month – 12,000+ channels & 2 connections
  • $14/month – 12,000+ channels & 3 connections
  • $17/month – 12,000+ channels & 4 connections
  • $21/month – 12,000+ channels & 5 connections

Longer 3 or 6 month subscriptions are also offered at a steeper discount.

Compared to legal live TV streaming, this is an absolute steal. For example, here‘s how much leading services cost:

  • YouTube TV: $64.99/month
  • Hulu Live TV: $69.99/month
  • Sling TV: $35-$50/month
  • FuboTV: $69.99/month

And cable TV packages easily run over $100/month.

But again, traditional providers offer way more reliable streams, on-demand libraries, better interface, and legal protection. You get what you pay for.

Below I compare IPTV and live TV streaming head-to-head across a few key factors:

Streaming Method Content Selection Video Quality Reliability Legality Price
IPTV (Voodoo) ***** *** * High Risk $
Live TV Streaming **** **** *** Legal Protection $$$

So if budget is your main concern, IPTV delivers premium access at unbeatable rates. But proceed with caution…

Compatible Devices – Installing IPTV on Your Platform

A major plus with IPTV is compatibility across tons of devices, unlike many legal streaming services.

Voodoo works on:

  • Firestick and Fire TV devices
  • Android phones and Android TV boxes
  • iPhones and iPads (with additional apps)
  • Computers and laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Sony)
  • Gaming consoles
  • OTA devices

Upon registering, Voodoo provides instructions for installation depending on your platform. Typically you‘ll sideload an app file or enter server codes into an IPTV Smarters or Tivimate app.

The process can get technical depending on your setup. I‘ll provide some tips to make it easier:

On Firestick:

  • Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Download Downloader app and enter code from Voodoo
  • Or sideload .apk directly from computer/USB

On Android Box:

  • Enable Unknown Sources
  • Find .apk using web browser download or file linked codes
  • Open .apk file and install after download

On Smart TVs:

  • Change settings to allow sideloading
  • Download .apk using web browser
  • Navigate to downloaded file and install

I‘d advise against entering Voodoo‘s server codes directly into a preloaded IPTV app on your TV. Instead, install their standalone app for added privacy.

And be sure to use a good VPN for Firestick or Android TV when streaming. More on that next…

Is Voodoo Streams Legal and Safe to Use?

Now for the elephant in the room – the legality of services like Voodoo Streams IPTV. Let‘s discuss:

The short answer:

No, Voodoo Streams is likely NOT a legal service due to copyright violations.

While IPTV technology itself is legal, redistributing content without permission from rights holders breaks copyright law. Specifically, the U.S. Copyright Act protects "public performance" rights, regardless of whether its broadcast, cable or online streaming.

Services must obtain high-cost licensing to legally stream this content. IPTV providers skirt these licenses to offer cheap rates, leaving them in a legal grey area (at best).

Precedents like the ACE IPTV lawsuit demonstrate authorities are cracking down. Users of such services can be monitored and identified through their IP address, putting you at risk as well.

For your privacy and protection, I strongly recommend using a VPN while accessing Voodoo or any IPTV service. This masks your IP to prevent tracking and preserves anonymity.

A VPN for Firestick is quick and easy to set up before streaming. I prefer VPNs like Surfshark, NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Beyond legal risks, IPTV services often have cybersecurity issues too. Unverified .apk files could potentially contain malware. And account credentials entered into "free" streaming apps are vulnerable to phishing.

So extra security precautions are a must if you proceed with Voodoo Streams or any IPTV provider.

The Bottom Line – Who Should Consider Voodoo Streams IPTV?

Alright, after this comprehensive review, should you give Voodoo Streams a try? Here are some final recommendations:

Best for:

Cord-cutters on a tight budget who want maximum channel selection and are tech-savvy enough to troubleshoot issues.

Not ideal for:

Families, casual streamers and anyone highly concerned about video quality and reliability. Legal risks may also be unappealing.

The safest option:

Consider legal live TV streaming instead! While pricier, services like YouTube TV and Hulu Live offer solid channel variety, better streaming quality and full legal protection. Completely risk-free.

Or, pairing free streaming apps like Pluto TV and Tubi with a service like Philo or Sling TV can mimic cable for cheap.

So in closing, I hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview of Voodoo Streams IPTV and what to expect. While the huge content selection and low pricing is enticing, really examine whether the risks are worth it for you.

If you do decide to dive in, please stay safe and private with a quality VPN. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!


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