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How to Access Bet365 abroad with a VPN

For anyone who wishes to gamble on some sporting action, there is no other site as well known and used as Bet365.

It allows betting on all manner of sporting events 24 hours per day. While this makes it an excellent choice for many individuals, it is the reason it has been frowned upon by many governments, who think the effects of this are too much and thus block anyone from being able to access Bet365 in that particular location.

Read on, and you will learn what Bet365 is and what it offers. Most importantly, you will learn how you can get access to from any country using the best site unblocking VPN service.

What is Bet365?

Bet365 is one of the largest online gambling websites for popular sporting action and casino games. Since its inception in 2000 in the United Kingdom, it has built up a vast number of sports and games anyone with a Bet365 account can wager on. (Read our Best VPN for the UK Guide)

With over 35 million account holders, there is plenty to keep everyone excited and to keep coming back to the site.

Sports included are:

  • Golf
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Handball
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • MMA
  • Athletics
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Horseracing
  • Snooker

This is just a handful, and aside from the casino slots, there is live poker, bingo, political bets, TV show betting, and placing a wager on some financial markets.

For different reasons, it can be hard to give a full list of countries where Bet365 is available. Besides, the company often withdraws from specific markets.

To be sure you have access to the Bet365 website from any country, you are better to use a safe VPN and access the site in the UK.

How Do Countries Block Bet365?

ISPs have three ways to prevent access to gambling websites, or other sites they wish to restrict access (streaming services work the same way).

The first is address filtering, where an ISP will have a list of websites that are prohibited. If Bet365 is banned in that country, the ISP will drop the requests that pass through their servers for that site.

All computers on the Internet have a unique IP address. Some filtering systems maintain lists of these prohibited IP addresses, so they ignore requests for the IP address of the Bet365 server.

The Domain Name System (DNS) does the conversion between web addresses and IP addresses. To find the IP address for any given URL, the DNS server translates anything you type in your browser.

The third method used by the ISP is content filtering. The ISP reads the messages that you send out, as well as the content of incoming messages. If there are any prohibited words, it prevents access.

What’s Good About Bet365?

There are many reasons why people like to open Bet365 website account. Here is a quick rundown of its features.

Great customer support. This is 24/7 and responsive with live chat, email, phone, and email options.

Easy to deposit and withdraw money. Credit, debit cards, and crypto payments are accepted as well as other payment options.

Great depth of markets. As above, there is a wealth of sporting options and casino games to choose from.

In-Play betting. Users can pick live betting as the action takes place.

Bet365 live stream schedule. The live stream services are one of the biggest attractions. As long as any user of the site has a funded account, or they have placed a bet in the previous day, they have access to the available sports.

Not every sport is on the live streaming schedule, but there is enough to cover most tastes of sporting action from the UK, the USA, and any other major matches around the globe. Bet365 live streaming can be a great way to watch sports cheaper than subscribing to a sports streaming service.

Connecting to Bet365 with a VPN

Anyone who is abroad and trying to access the site may be upset; they are unable to get access. Although it is not always the country that restricts access.

Any company, which wishes to operate, will need a gambling license to do so. Instead of allowing anyone to join, Bet365 does need to know where users of their services are located.

As a result, they have in place the same kinds of geo-restrictions as the likes of Netflix, and the BBC iPlayer makes use of to prevent overseas users accessing the service.

Staying on the right side of the law can make or break a company if they go against the regulator’s stipulations. It could be a case of a hefty fine, although having your business shutdown is not what any person would want.

If there is no license to operate, it won’t be possible to unblock Bet365 without the use of a VPN. Users of the site, who are on vacation, can find this unfair, and this is one of the primary reasons they use a VPN.

A VPN works by hiding your online activities from any prying eyes. All your data passes through a secure tunnel on the virtual private network. Within the client, you can select a server in a different country, and doing so will hide your IP address from view. (Want more privacy? Read our Ultimate Privacy guide)

Also, you are given a new IP, which will be from the server that is located inside another country. This spoofs your location; and will bypass the geo-restrictions.

One thing to note is that if you are accessing Bet365 in a country where the service is banned, then it is classed as illegal. It is up to the user if they wish to access the site with a VPN or not.

One thing is sure, with the best VPN, which uses military-grade AES-256 bit encryption, any user will know they have no IP or DNS leaks.

This not only grants them access but also keeps them on the side of the law where no one can see.

Best VPN for Bet365

Not all VPN providers deliver the same services. While they may often market themselves as doing so, it isn’t always the case in reality.

One of the first things any person wishing to access Bet365 needs to know is that their VPN provider doesn’t retain any user data. A company claiming to have zero logging doesn’t automatically make you safe.

The location of the company can play a large part in this. Some VPN’s are based in the USA, which is a founder of the 5-eyes jurisdiction. Other countries also have mandatory laws in place, where they can request user data.

The better VPN companies place themselves outside any governing jurisdiction. Taking this to the extreme is ExpressVPN; all their servers use the TrustedServer technology.

Now, rather than using a conventional hard disk, the server runs in RAM after booting up. If there is a loss of power or anyone tried to seize the server, then all user data vanishes from RAM.

Large server networks are vital and do need to cover as many countries as possible. The number of countries varies from 20 to almost 100. A high number of servers will also mean there is plenty of download speeds to watch live sports from anywhere without buffering.

To sign up for the ultimate in VPN services, it takes a couple of minutes with these instructions. We use ExpressVPN for this example.

  1. Head to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Enter an email address
  3. Select from the appropriate plan. 1-month, 6-months or 12-months (3-months free)
  4. Choose from the many payment options
  5. Receive a confirmation email with license key and download link
  6. Install and run the client
  7. Add your license key and other login details

Once the client is open, you can quickly change the country to one of the UK servers. Once it connects, you can head to the Bet365 website or use your app.

You are now secure, and you can watch Bet365 live, or place your bets.


Anyone who uses Bet365 or any other service where there is money involved. They should invest in a premium VPN service.

There are many online threats, and even with all the mass surveillance on top of countries where Bet365 faces blocks. Personal data can be used for a multitude of purposes, be it targeted ads, or being sold on for further marketing purposes.

Unfortunately, staying safe and anonymous online now need fighting for, instead of being given.

If you wish to see how well this VPN performs, it does come with a no-argument 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are traveling abroad and want to place the odd bet here and there while you are away. You can sign up and cancel before the time is up without paying anything.


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