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TotalAV vs. Norton 2023: Which Guards Your Devices Better?

Choosing antivirus software is an important decision. You want a program that will protect your devices from the latest malware and cyber threats. Two popular options are TotalAV and Norton 360 Antivirus. But which one does a better job securing your data and privacy?

In this guide, we‘ll compare TotalAV and Norton side-by-side across several categories to help you decide which antivirus is right for you.

TotalAV vs. Norton: Key Differences

Here‘s a quick overview of how these two antivirus programs differ:

  • TotalAV focuses more on device optimization in addition to malware protection. It offers tools to tune up your system and clean out junk files.

  • Norton provides broader security services beyond virus scanning. This includes a VPN, dark web monitoring, password manager, parental controls and more.

  • TotalAV tends to be cheaper in year one, while Norton has more affordable renewal pricing.

  • Norton scored slightly better in independent lab tests for malware protection.

  • Norton has more extensive customer support options compared to TotalAV.

So in summary, TotalAV is ideal if you want device optimization plus antivirus, while Norton is better for an all-in-one security solution. Keep reading for more details!

TotalAV vs. Norton: Pricing

Here‘s how the costs of these two antivirus softwares compare:

TotalAV Norton 360 Antivirus (Our Top Pick)
Starting Price $29.00 first year $19.99 first year
Renewal Price Jumps to $179.00 $114.99
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 60 days
Best Value Plan TotalAV Internet Security $39.00/year Norton 360 Deluxe $49.99/year

Norton 360 Antivirus has cheaper pricing overall, especially when you look at renewal costs. TotalAV doubles in price after the first year, while Norton remains affordable.

Norton‘s higher-tier plans also beat TotalAV‘s pricing. For example, Norton 360 Deluxe provides tons of extra features for just $49.99 the first year.

So when it comes to cost, Norton comes out ahead. But TotalAV isn‘t badly priced either, especially in year one.

TotalAV vs Norton: Features Compared

Next let‘s look at the specific features included with each antivirus:

Malware Protection

  • TotalAV and Norton both include: antivirus engine, malware scanning, real-time protection

  • Additional Norton features: Intrusion Prevention System, Proactive Exploit Protection

Norton has a slight edge when it comes to malware blocking technology. Independent labs give it top scores for protecting against the latest threats.

Internet Security Tools

  • TotalAV and Norton both include: Phishing protection, firewall, VPN

  • Additional TotalAV features: Ad blocker

  • Additional Norton features: Dark web monitoring, cloud storage, parental controls

Norton provides more security tools to keep your online activities safe across all devices. From monitoring your identity to blocking inappropriate content for kids, Norton is the more full-service option here.

System Tools

  • Additional TotalAV features: Disk clean-up, duplicate file finder, speedup tools

  • Additional Norton features: Password manager, backup software

TotalAV is better than Norton if you want antivirus paired with device optimization and tune-up utilities. But Norton has more features focused on identity protection.

Customer Support

  • TotalAV: Email and live chat support

  • Norton: Phone, chat, support forums, how-to guides

Norton offers more extensive customer service through multiple channels. TotalAV‘s options are more limited.

Overall for features, Norton provides the more well-rounded security package out of these two antivirus providers. But TotalAV isn‘t lacking either – it covers the essentials along with handy bonus tools.

TotalAV vs Norton: Malware Protection Scores

According to tests by AV-Test, Norton scores a perfect 6/6 for malware protection on Windows 10. TotalAV comes close with a 5/6 score, meaning it missed some malware samples.

On Android, both TotalAV and Norton receive flawless 6/6 protection ratings.

For reference, AV-Test is an independent lab that rigorously tests antivirus products against huge samples of brand new malware. A 6/6 score means the antivirus caught 100% of threats with no false positives.

So Norton has a slight edge in malware detection based on AV-Test‘s intensive evaluation. But TotalAV also performs well, just not quite flawlessly.

TotalAV vs. Norton: Ease of Use and Compatibility

TotalAV Norton 360
Platforms Supported Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Browser Extensions Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Ease of Installation Straightforward Very simple

Both TotalAV and Norton are compatible with the latest Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. They also offer browser extensions that boost security while surfing the web.

We found Norton just a bit simpler to download, install and set up. But TotalAV was also easy to get running. Both provide a smooth antivirus experience.

For customer support, Norton again has an advantage with phone, chat, email and community forums available. TotalAV relies primarily on email and live chat.

Bottom Line: Norton is the Better Antivirus Overall

While TotalAV is a decent antivirus solution, Norton 360 Antivirus beats it out as the stronger choice in 2023. Here‘s a quick recap of our major findings:

  • Prices – Norton has cheaper starting costs and renewal rates compared to TotalAV.

  • Features – Norton provides more security tools beyond just antivirus. These include a VPN, dark web monitoring, backup software and more.

  • Protection Scores – Independent testing gave Norton slightly higher marks for malware detection.

  • Customer Support – Norton offers more support channels like phone and community forums.

That said, TotalAV remains a solid mid-range antivirus option if you like the extra device optimization tools it provides. It passed most malware tests with flying colors.

So Norton takes the win here, but evaluate your needs. Click the buttons below for links to learn more or sign up for the best antivirus for you!


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