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Most Popular Twitch Streamers in Every State

Chart showing top subbed streamers for top categories

Have you ever wondered who the most popular streamers are on Twitch? With so many entertaining gaming and lifestyle channels to choose from, tastes vary across the country.

As an expert on online privacy and streaming trends, I analyzed data on the most searched for and subscribed to streamers state-by-state. Keep reading to learn more about the top channels dominating Twitch today.

Key Findings on Twitch Streaming Popularity

Before diving into the state-by-state breakdown, here are some of the key patterns that emerged from the data:

  • Comedy streamer KaiCenat scored the #1 spot in 8 different states – more than any other creator. His engaging personality earns him over 3 million followers.
  • Jynxzi tops the list of most subscribed channels with over 74,000 active subs supporting him. His elite skills on Rainbow Six Siege help attract his loyal fanbase.
  • The casual Just Chatting category is the most widespread, leading among top streamers in 19 states.
  • First person shooters like Call of Duty and Apex Legends each ranked as the top game played in 7 different states.

Now let‘s explore the streaming stars leading each state.

Mapping Out the Most Popular Twitch Streamers by State

Using Google Trends data, I compiled which streamer is searched for the most in each state. The results showcase a diverse mix of gaming personalities and IRL streamers.

Map of most viewed Twitch streamers by state

As you can see, content creator KaiCenat dominated much of the Eastern and Southern regions. His comedy commentary videos translate well to live streaming, where he garners over 60,000 subscribers and 3.3 million followers. Fans love his energetic personality and niche sense of humor.

Meanwhile, pro gamer NICKMERCS took the Western states by storm. He established himself back in the early days of streaming by showcasing his skills across games like Fortnite, CoD, and Gears of War. Today, he averages 11,000+ concurrent viewers and earns millions per year through his partnership with FaZe Clan.

Other top streamers leading multiple states include:

  • ohnePixel as the go-to guy for CS:GO skins and cosmetics
  • Jynxzi bringing elite Rainbow Six Siege skills
  • HasanAbi dishing political talk and commentary
  • xQc as one of the most followed streamers ever

Who Are the Most Subscribed Streamers on Twitch?

Subscriptions are a way fans can directly support their favorite streamers through monthly payments. Let‘s look at who is earning the most subscriber support right now:

  • Jynxzi – 74,000+ subscribers
  • Gaules – 69,500+ subscribers
  • xQc – 62,000+ subscribers
  • KaiCenat – 60,000+ subscribers
  • HasanAbi – 56,000+ subscribers

As you can see, these top creators have built immense communities of loyal supporters. For example, pro gamer xQc has over 11 million followers thanks to his high-level play across Overwatch, CS:GO, Minecraft, and other titles mixed with an over-the-top personality.

Meanwhile, political commentator HasanAbi leverages his commentary on news events and left-leaning views to attract his broad subscriber base. Even banned streamers like KaiCenat retain their legions of fans.

Breaking Down the Most Subscribed Channels by Category

Now let‘s analyze the streamers earning the most subscriptions within major streaming categories:

Chart showing top subbed streamers for top categories

The data reveals:

  • For IRL Just Chatting streams, KaiCenat leads with 60k subs
  • In the popular game GTA V, loud_coringa tops out at 36k subs
  • For League of Legends, pro gamer Baiano earns 34k subs
  • Clix takes first for Fortnite with 29k loyal supporters
  • And in tactical shooter Valorant, streamer Tarik has 27k subscribers

Keep in mind that even "Family Friendly" streams may not always be kid-friendly. Check out content yourself before allowing young viewers.

Final Thoughts on Finding Your Favorite Streamers

Thanks for letting me share these insights into the streaming stars currently dominating Twitch! The platform makes it easy to see why live streaming has become so popular.

Here are a few parting thoughts if you want to get the most out of Twitch:

  • Consider a VPN for gaming to improve connection speeds and security. I recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Upgrade your internet plan to get the fastest speeds for HD streaming.
  • Turn off ad blockers when watching free streams to let creators earn revenue.
  • Follow channels you find entertaining and engaging – the community is what makes Twitch so fun!

Now get out there and start streaming or spectating. The world of live content creation awaits!


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