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The Best Stremio Addons for 2023

Stremio is a new type of media streaming and organization app that follows in the footsteps of Kodi.

Whereas Kodi can be hard for some users to configure and the clampdowns on the Kodi add-ons and repos for delivering illegal content.

Users are looking for an easier alternative, and Stremio fits the bill. Until it gains the same sort of attention as Kodi, you can make full use of this application and access free content with or without using an official Stremio add-on.

This new guide shows the best Stremio add-ons you can find, how to install them and how to do this while maintaining your privacy.

Is Stremio Legal?

Just like Kodi, there is nothing illegal about using Stremio. However, when you begin watching copyrighted content, and then it falls into the same murky waters.

Some of the community add-ons stream content from torrent sources; the legality of watching these free movies and TV shows comes into play.

For this reason, the use of a VPN is highly advisable. These let you have the full Stremio experience without worrying about any government agency watching what you are accessing when you use these community Stremio add-ons.

Here are the top Stremio add ons you can find in 2019.

Official Stremio Add-ons

1. Netflix

Although this is a third-party Stremio add-on, you still need a subscription to access Netflix via this add-on.

It does enable you to access the entire collection of movies, TV shows, and everything else you can find on Netflix.

With this add-on, you don’t need to sign into Netflix through Stremio. It redirects you to the official site for signing in.

To get full use, you will need a VPN that can bypass any geo-restrictions that will cover some of the content from the US Netflix library.

2. DTube

The DTube add-on is a YouTube alternative. It allows you to do much the same so that you can watch, upload videos, comment, or share.

All this comes from a decentralized blockchain streaming platform, so much of the videos are ad-free.

One thing to note is YouTube does come pre-installed, as it is one of the official Stremio add-ons you can use. You can access many live sports using this add-on.

Top Third-Party Add-ons for Stremio


1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time connects viewers to the EZTV and YTS libraries. This means you have access to lots of high-quality on-demand content, which is continually updated.

For watching movies and series, there is no other Stremio add-on, which makes this as easy.

2. RARBG Add-on

The RARBG Stremio add-on takes its content directly from the RARBG website. This means you have lots of choices, and you are certain it will be the best quality.

The RARBG torrent website is full of content from users who pride themselves on high-quality movies and shows.

This is a couple of clicks away. Because this add-on makes use of torrents, it is another, which makes the use of a VPN invaluable.

3. Stremio Add-on Juan Carlos 2

There are many entries for Juan Carlos when you begin searching the Stremio unofficial add-ons. Be sure it is Juan Carlos 2, as this is the better one of the bunch.

This add-on delivers a massive amount of video content like TV shows and movies, so there are lots to access.

4. Film On VOD

This add-on delivers hours of Live TV Channels that are free to access.

5. Film On

Like the above, you get access to live IPTV channels with this official add-on. Both of these add-ons may need a VPN to access live TV because the sources may face geo-restrictions.

Installing Stremio Add-ons

The Stremio installation procedure is similar for all addons.
Stremio becomes more powerful when you have access to the Stremio add-ons repository for 3rd party add-ons.

  1. Click on Community Add-ons
  2. You will see a list of 3rd party add-ons
  3. Browse for the add-on you want
  4. Once you find the add-on you want, click it, and you see the screen with more information. Just click the Install Add-on button.

Using a VPN with Stremio

One of the best ways to install Stremio is on the FireStick or the Fire TV. This delivers a full TV experience.

To be sure, you safely do this and protect your privacy against all those who can see you are watching copyrighted material. You do need a VPN.

ExpressVPN is the best recommendation, and you can either sideload this to your FireStick/TV or install it on your router.

This VPN delivers the fastest speeds and military-grade encryption. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try this VPN before you need to pay a penny.

Before long, you will see it is the best VPN for streaming compared to all the others.


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