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How to Get Spectrum TV App on Firestick Right Now (Two Methods)

Spectrum TV casting success!

Hey there! If you‘re a Spectrum cable TV subscriber but want to watch on your Firestick instead of being stuck on the couch in front of the traditional cable box, I‘ve got some good news for you.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly how to get the Spectrum TV app running on your Firestick or Fire TV in just a few easy steps. I know how frustrating it can be that the Spectrum TV app isn‘t natively available in the Amazon App Store for Firestick — but don‘t worry, I‘ve figured out a couple different workarounds to get it up and running.

Spectrum TV on Firestick

First off, let me give you a quick overview of why the Firestick makes for such a great streaming device. The Firestick and Fire TV devices from Amazon have quickly become the most popular streaming media players. As of 2022, Amazon Fire TV had over 50 million active users!

A big reason for the Firestick‘s popularity is its super low price (you can often find it for under $25 on sale!), ease of use, and ability to install extra apps and channels beyond what‘s available in the Amazon App Store. This is often called "sideloading" or "jailbreaking" your Firestick to get more out of it.

However, one major streaming app that‘s missing from the Firestick is Spectrum TV. Spectrum is one of the largest cable TV providers in the US, so if you‘re a current subscriber, not being able to access their app on your Firestick is a huge bummer.

The good news is, I‘ve figured out a couple of workarounds to get the Spectrum TV app working on Firestick anyway. Below, I‘ll walk through two different methods:

  1. Casting from your mobile device
  2. Using a third-party app called Stremium

Both methods have their pros and cons which I‘ll explain more throughout this guide. But first, let‘s look at why the Spectrum TV app isn‘t normally available for Firestick and Fire TV.

Why Isn‘t Spectrum TV App Available on Firestick?

If you search for the Spectrum TV app within the Amazon App Store on your Fire TV, you‘ll see the following message:

Spectrum app not on Amazon App Store

This is because Spectrum has not made their app available for download on Firestick or Fire TV devices. I‘ve seen some tutorials out there claiming you can simply download and install the Spectrum TV APK file onto Firestick.

However, in my experience, this doesn‘t work correctly. Even if you get the app installed, it‘s unstable and doesn‘t stream properly. Here‘s what I got when trying to use a direct APK install:

Spectrum APK errors

So the direct APK route is a no-go. This is because Spectrum has not optimized their app to run on Fire OS, Amazon‘s operating system. Unfortunately, Spectrum and Amazon have not yet reached an agreement to get the official Spectrum TV app added to the Amazon App Store.

But don‘t worry – just because the official app isn‘t available doesn‘t mean we‘re out of luck. Keep reading and I‘ll walk you through the two best methods I‘ve found to access Spectrum TV on your Firestick.

Method 1: Cast from Your Mobile Device

The easiest way to get the Spectrum TV app on your Firestick is to cast it from another device where the app is available, like your mobile phone or tablet.

The Spectrum TV app is readily available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Here are direct links to download it from the app stores:

Google Play store Apple App Store

Once you have the Spectrum TV app installed on your mobile device, you can use a screen mirroring or casting app to project your mobile screen over to your Firestick.

Here are the steps to cast Spectrum from an iPhone or iPad using the AirScreen app:

  1. Install AirScreen on your Firestick from the Amazon App Store. This is the app that will receive the cast from your iPhone.

Airscreen app

  1. Open the AirScreen app on your Firestick. It will show a QR code. Scan this code with your iPhone camera.

Airscreen QR code

  1. On your iPhone, swipe down from the top right to open Control Center, then tap Screen Mirroring.

iPhone Control Center

  1. Select your Firestick device from the list.

Select Firestick

  1. Your iPhone screen will now be cast to the Firestick! Open the Spectrum TV app on your iPhone and enjoy.

Spectrum TV casting success!

The process is very similar if you want to cast from an Android device:

  1. On your Android phone, swipe down from the top to open Quick Settings.

  2. Tap on Smart View or Screen Mirroring.

  3. Select your Firestick device from the list to connect.

  4. You‘re all set! Open the Spectrum TV app on your Android and start streaming.

Casting Spectrum TV from your mobile device to Firestick works great in my experience. You get the full Spectrum app experience, with access to both live TV and Spectrum On Demand content.

The only catch is that you do have to keep your mobile device on and nearby for casting. Some benefits of casting vs. using a standalone app:


  • Free (aside from cost of AirScreen or Smart View app)
  • Full Spectrum TV app experience
  • Works with both iPhone and Android


  • Must keep phone nearby while casting
  • Some lag or stutter since it‘s casting over WiFi

Next, let‘s look at another method to get Spectrum TV as a standalone app right on your Firestick.

Method 2: Spectrum TV on Firestick with Stremium

If you want a more seamless experience without having to cast, you can use a third-party live TV streaming service called Stremium.

Stremium allows you to integrate your existing Spectrum TV subscription into their app on Firestick. This gives you access to live channels and some on-demand content right within Stremium.

Here are the steps to use Stremium for Spectrum on Firestick:

  1. Install the Stremium app from the Amazon App Store.

Stremium app

  1. Create a Stremium account at or using the mobile app. This is needed to integrate Spectrum.

  2. Within the Stremium app, go to Settings > Add/Remove TV Provider

  3. Select Spectrum and enter your Spectrum account credentials when prompted.

Connect Spectrum account

  1. Spectrum should now be successfully linked to your Stremium account. Enjoy live TV and streaming!

The key thing to know here is that Stremium does charge a $5/month subscription fee. But in return you get a slick unified streaming interface and the ability to integrate services like Spectrum, Netflix, Hulu and more in one spot.

Some pros and cons of using Stremium for Spectrum on Firestick:


  • No casting required
  • Unified streaming interface
  • Cloud DVR included


  • $5 monthly fee for Stremium service
  • More limited than full Spectrum app

Overall, I think the casting method is best if you want to avoid any additional fees. But Stremium is worth considering for the convenience if you don‘t mind paying a small amount.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some quick troubleshooting tips in case you run into any issues getting your Spectrum TV service working on Firestick:

  • Make sure your Firestick and mobile device are on the same WiFi network for casting.
  • Try force closing and reopening both the casting app and Spectrum app.
  • For Stremium, unlink Spectrum and re-link your account if you encounter issues.
  • Restart both your Firestick and mobile device – this often fixes connectivity problems.
  • Check that you have the latest versions of all apps involved.
  • If all else fails, factory reset your Firestick and set up Spectrum again from scratch.

And remember – you can always reach out to Spectrum customer support for help getting their service up and running on supported devices.

FAQs About Spectrum TV on Firestick

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting Spectrum on Firestick:

Is there an official Spectrum TV app for Firestick?

Unfortunately no. Spectrum has not released their app in the Amazon App Store for Firestick and Fire TV.

What devices support the Spectrum TV app?

The Spectrum TV app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, and several smart TV platforms.

Can I get Spectrum on Firestick with just the APK file?

You can try sideloading the Spectrum APK on Firestick, but in my experience it doesn‘t work properly due to software incompatibilities. I recommend casting or using Stremium instead.

Does Spectrum TV work on Firestick?

Yes! You can get Spectrum TV working on Firestick by casting from a mobile device or using the Stremium app. This guide provides instructions for both methods.

Do I need Spectrum Internet for this to work?

Yes, you need an active Spectrum Internet subscription to use their TV service on any device, including Firestick. The streaming won‘t work without being connected to Spectrum Internet.

Is there a free way to get Spectrum on Firestick?

Casting from your mobile device is free other than the cost of an app like AirScreen. The Stremium service has a $5 monthly fee.

Can I use my Spectrum login on Firestick?

Yes, by using your Spectrum credentials with the casting or Stremium methods outlined here, you can access Spectrum on Firestick!

And there you have it! I hope this guide helped explain exactly how to get up and running with Spectrum TV on your Firestick. If you tried either of these methods, let me know how it went in the comments! I‘m always happy to help troubleshoot any issues. Enjoy streaming!


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