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Spectrum App on Roku is Now Available for Installation

Spectrum TV brings over 200 popular live channels and thousands of on demand options to Roku devices. This guide will explain how to install Spectrum, troubleshoot issues, and get the most out of the cable provider on your Roku.

Spectrum is one of the largest cable television and internet companies in the United States. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Stamford, CT, they provide service to over 31 million subscribers nationwide. Beyond TV, Spectrum also offers home phone and broadband internet plans.

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Roku has dominated the streaming device market, especially in North America. Holding 30% market share in the US, Roku powers 1 in 3 smart TVs sold. Their portfolio includes a variety of streaming players, smart TVs, audio products and more all running the Roku OS. Known for ease of use, flexible app selection and affordability, over 63 million active Roku accounts stream content daily.

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Previously, Spectrum offered a streaming app within Roku‘s channel store. However in December 2020, they removed support due to a failure to reach agreement during contract renewal negotiations. This impacted millions of customers who relied on Roku devices to view their Spectrum TV subscription.

According to industry reports, Spectrum wanted more user data sharing and search functionality than Roku was willing to provide. After a year of negotiations, the companies reached a compromise in late 2021. This allowed the Spectrum TV app to return to the Roku platform, restoring access for their mutual customers.

Below are step-by-step instructions to install and activate the Spectrum app on your compatible Roku streaming player or smart TV:

  1. From Roku‘s home screen, scroll down and select the "Streaming Channels" option to access the Channel Store.

  2. Use the Search function to find "Spectrum". Make sure it is the Spectrum TV app published by Charter Communications.

  3. Choose "Add Channel" to begin installation of the Spectrum app. This typically only takes a few moments.

  4. Once complete, you will receive a notification that Spectrum was successfully added to your Roku device. Select OK.

  5. Return to the Home Screen, then launch the newly installed Spectrum app.

  6. Enter your Spectrum credentials when prompted to log in and activate your subscription access.

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The Spectrum TV app on Roku grants access to the full functionality of a Spectrum TV subscription including:

  • Live Television – Stream over 200 popular live channels such as ESPN, CNN, AMC, HGTV, and more.

  • On Demand – Access thousands of hours of shows, movies, originals, sports and events from both Spectrum and other networks.

  • Cloud DVR – Record your favorite programs to watch later and access your recordings from any location or device.

  • Lookback – Rewind shows up to 3 days after they originally aired live on certain major networks.

  • Account Management – Handle your Spectrum services like adding channels or packages directly through the app.

Some of the top channels available via Spectrum are:

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Spectrum offers multiple TV packages at different price points such as:

[Insert table with 3 columns: Package Name, Channels, Price – Outline Spectrum Gold, Silver, Bronze tiers]

In order to effectively stream through the Spectrum app on your Roku setup, take note of these minimum technical requirements:

  • Internet Connection: Minimum 25 Mbps broadband recommended

  • WiFi: Modern router capable of 802.11ac dual band wireless

  • HD Streaming: Plan for 3 GB per hour of streaming in HD quality

  • 4K Streaming: 7 GB per hour is needed for viewing in Ultra HD 4K

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Some users have reported issues installing, logging in, or streaming through the Spectrum Roku app. Here are solutions to the most common problems:

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Overall, Roku devices provide the best way to stream Spectrum TV. When compared to platforms like Fire TV or Apple TV, Roku‘s easy-to-use software, broader app support, and vast device ecosystem give it the advantage for Spectrum subscribers.

Based on performance testing, the Roku Ultra and Streaming Stick+ are ideal for using Spectrum TV. These models offer faster processors and WiFi capabilities to deliver smooth, high-quality streaming. The added Ethernet port on the Ultra also provides more reliable connectivity.

The return of the Spectrum app to Roku benefits millions of consumers who want cable content on their streaming devices. As cord-cutting rises, Spectrum needed distribution on platforms like Roku to reach this growing market that favors streaming flexibility over traditional pay TV.

Industry analysts believe Spectrum leveraged renewed interest in live sports and events to strike a deal with Roku and boost their subscriber base through streaming. Roku also needed to appease Spectrum to retain a top-tier content provider during ongoing disputes with other media companies.

Ultimately, the Spectrum TV app enables Roku owners to cut the cord, save money, and customize their TV experience. Take the steps above to install Spectrum on your Roku device and unlock hundreds of live channels plus thousands of on demand options through this cable subscription service.


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