Convenient, Secure Operation for Mobile Employees

In today's business world the term "mobility" has been firmly established and, due to globalization and our high-tech society, is gaining in importance. What it refers to is, in addition to mental and temporal mobility, especially spatial mobility. Mobile employees (sales representatives, freelancers, etc.) are constantly on the road, carrying out their companies' business: at customers' locations, those of business partners, in trains, hotels, etc.
High-performance smartphones and laptops enable people to work conveniently from anywhere. Hereby the efficient, secure connection of these clients to the corporate network has the highest priority. Furthermore, uninterrupted access to the central enterprise resources must be ensured. For this, SSL-encrypted connections are especially well-suited.

Work with HOB Mobile Solutions as if You Were in the Office

HOB solutions allow mobile employees to work anywhere as if they were in the office. Platform-independent access to enterprise resources can be achieved from their own or a third party’s computer – this is provided by the HOB Java RDP client. As the software and access rights are centrally administrated, nothing has to be installed on the client device. This eliminates the need for the expensive administration of VPN tunnels and managed clients through your administrators. The access to centrally stored data avoids redundancies and facilitates smooth teamwork. The sandbox solution HOBLink Mobile enables access to Exchange Servers, without saving any data to the client device. Thus all Outlook functions can be used without having to implement a complicated MDM. There are also functional and secure solutions for working with an iPad, which bring the familiar work environment, including the complete Windows keyboard, to your mobile device. Furthermore, we also have intelligent solutions for data exchange amongst your team members. Hereby, diverse authentication methods and SSL-encrypted data transmission ensure comprehensive security.

Benefits for Your Enterprise

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