Private Cloud Solutions for the Highest Security

Contrary to the popular opinion that a private cloud is basically just an enterprise computing center, in actuality, it is much more. Especially the degree of automation in the provision of IT services, resolving inter-departmental billing issues, and the “cloud-like” remote access to the services make the difference. In the last case, the IT must be able to provide a simple interface or “portal” for all access options – ideally the same for onsite as well as for offsite employees. HOB has the fitting universal access solution described below.

Flexibility and Security with HOB

HOB solutions enable you to set up a secure and highly flexible private cloud. The SSL-VPN solutions provide access to enterprise servers over the Internet. This allows data to be stored centrally and securely in the company network and not exposed to the risks of the public cloud. Its advantages, flexibility, individuality and user-friendliness, however, are, thanks to HOB, still available. Data are transmitted securely encrypted with IPsec or SSL encryption. You can also allow business partners easy access to specific data via the HOB Java Remote Desktop Client, without compromising at all on security. These pure software solutions are centrally administrated, keeping time and effort for management to a minimum.

Benefits for Your Enterprise