Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery

In today’s workaday world, data and services have to be available 24/7. The highest efficiency and permanent availability of important information are indispensable for smoothly running business activities. Natural catastrophes, epidemics or a collapse of transportation are events that could occur at any time and for which every enterprise should be prepared. Especially banks or insurance companies are dependent on having continuous, uninterrupted access to up-to-data data. Accordingly, an interruption of data availability can result in dramatic losses. IT plays an especially large role in this context. If it fails due to overloaded capacities or any other reason, this could lead to a financial catastrophe.

Secure Your Business Continuity with HOB – Create Resilience

Enterprises have to make preparations ahead of time in order to ensure business continuity during or after an IT breakdown or catastrophic event. Remote Access solutions from HOB equip companies to deal with emergencies. The software solutions enable business processes to continue running, even under the most adverse conditions. Employees use a browser and IPsec- or SSL-encrypted connections from anywhere to remotely access all relevant data and applications on the enterprise servers. This makes it possible to work from anywhere and on any platform: From home or a hotel, no matter which device you have at hand. You can also have secure access to the company’s internal Web server. Roles and rights for individual users can be assigned, further increasing security. Central installation and administration minimize administrative effort. The high availability of the system, indispensable for business continuity, is assured by the integrated clustering solution.

Benefits for Your Enterprise

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