Secure Connections for Branch Offices to the Central Network

Growth and globalization are putting enterprises under increasing pressure to orientate themselves internationally and show global presence. It is in most cases no longer usual to concentrate all work in just one corporate location. Additionally, in many areas, branch office activity has always been an important part of business. Among these are banks, insurance companies and public administration. In many other industries, too, branch offices, subsidiaries and the like are part of daily business. Especially in the fields of data processing and IT, connecting these locations to the central network requires organizational and technological high performance. This is because not only the fast and efficient exchange of data, but also their security are of the highest importance. In order to ensure both, most enterprises deploy VPN tunnels, which usually use IPsec, and not SSL, encryption.

HOB Ensures Security

IPsec solutions are considered especially well-suited for permanent and secure site-to-site connections for branch offices. Connections that use the alternative SSL encryption, on the other hand, are predominant in the field of remote access. With these, access to centrally stored data is had from changing locations via a Java RDP client. HOB offers, in addition to classic IPsec solutions, a patented alternative to a VPN tunnel, which combines the benefits of both solutions. (Click here for more information on HOB Net Access).

Advantages for Your Enterprise


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