Remote Access Software for Cloud Service Providers

To have lasting success in the market, cloud service providers must be able to guarantee their customers will receive reliable secure and permanent availability. New customers must be given the appropriate solution without delay. They also need a flexible solution, with which they can react immediately to changes in the market or demand. The secure remote access solutions from HOB always offer cloud service providers the best service. HOB has secure, universal and cost-effective solutions for every situation under attractive and flexible conditions.

Maximum Flexibility with Secure Remote Access Software from HOB

HOB’s pure software solutions meet cloud service providers’ highest demands on security, flexibility and efficiency. The software-based SSL and IPsec products from HOB are hardware-independent, fully scalable and can be deployed on almost any server. For clientless access to Windows-based workstations, the performant Java RDP client from HOB is used. Thus, on the client devices, neither software nor administrator rights need to be installed, and new customers can connect themselves quickly and easily to the network. The comprehensive SSL VPN solution HOB RD VPN (LINK) provides highest security through the complete separation of customer data and the proprietary SSL encryption for data transmission. Numerous authentication options round out the optimum protection. HOB solutions are extremely cost-efficient, as there are no additional costs for hardware and only the user licenses that are actually needed need to be paid for. As no VPN tunnel has to be established, the connection is made very quickly. Thanks to the wide range of available products, cloud service provider can meet all of their customers’ needs.

Benefits for Your Enterprise



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