Troubleshooting – Anywhere and Any Time

Complex IT infrastructures need continuous maintenance from suppliers, service providers and administrators. Regardless of whether they are "jump boxes," on premise applications or public cloud systems – everything should be quickly and easily accessible. The corresponding access solution itself should be secure and easy to administrate. Ideally, it also has extras such as remote access to Macs. HOB has this appropriate access solution, which is described below.

IT, in any enterprise, is one of the central systems. Complex structures needing a usually great amount of administrative effort are necessary to care for all users and application cases. In the event of a failure, the fastest possible reaction is required. In such an event, it can occur that an administrator may have to immediately access his or her workstation remotely, as they are not in the office, yet must react promptly. This may be necessary because only from that workstation can the administrator access the proper network resources that are needed for quick troubleshooting.

HOB Reduces Administrative Costs

To properly meet these demands, enterprises usually have to provide enormous, often redundant, labor and financial resources. With the HOB solutions, however, significant savings can be realized. The software-based SSL-VPN solutions such as the comprehensive secure remote access suite HOB RD VPN, are centrally installed and administrated. All transmitted data are SSL-encrypted. With HOB solutions, a VPN tunnel can be set up very easily. Installation and administration on the client device is not necessary, as the roles and rights system is centrally managed. A special advantage of this approach is that administrators can intervene in the system at any time in order to change settings and fix problems. Thanks to the Wake-on-LAN functionality, this can be done any time, from anywhere, even outside the corporate campus: for example, from a home office or a remote worker on standby. All the required tools are centrally installed and thus available from any computer. This allows enterprises to sustainably reduce cost.

Benefits for your Enterprise